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Hobby Lobby takes care to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. We focus on stocking supplies for visual arts, fabric arts, baking and candy making, floral design, jewelry making, soap and candle making, paper crafting, and more.


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Welcome to Hobby Lobby – Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Creative!

Extensive Class & Workshop Offerings

Our robust schedule includes over 100 weekly classes and workshops so both beginners and experts in arts, crafts, and hobbies can develop their skills in a hands-on environment. On any given night in our three locations, you may find classes on painting, jewelry-making, sewing, knitting, woodworking, photography, baking, flower arranging, and so much more.

Taught by our talented team of professional artist-educators, each class strikes the perfect balance between guided instruction and open creative time for students to gain confidence while expressing their unique talents. And our workshops offer intensive technical skill-building over the course of a day or week in mediums like silversmithing, pottery, digital illustration, and beyond. There’s always an exciting new hobby or crafting technique to explore at Hobby Lobby!

Vibrant Community Events

In addition to our classes and workshops centered on teaching specialized skills, we also host regular community events to inspire creativity and connections. Monthly crafting circles bring together hobbyists over shared passions for knitting, jewelry design, paper crafts, and other interests to work on projects together and exchange tips.

Seasonal maker’s fairs offer the perfect opportunity to purchase handmade arts and crafts from dozens of local artisans while getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their creative processes. And our annual Creative Con convention attracts hobby lovers from across the region for a weekend of demonstrations, shopping, networking, and celebrating creativity without limits.

When it comes to community events, creativity is always in abundant supply at Hobby Lobby. From low-key crafting meetups to large-scale conventions, hobbyists from all backgrounds come together to learn, teach, inspire, and forge meaningful bonds over everything arts and crafts in an inclusive, uplifting environment.

Thoughtfully Curated Retail Selection

As much our classes, workshops, and events aim to equip hobbyists with new skills – having the right creative materials and tools on-hand is equally key for pursuing your passions. That’s why we meticulously curate our retail selection both in-store and online to provide endless inspiration.

Shopping at big box hobby stores often proves underwhelming due to homogenous options catering to mass-market interests. And sorting through the near infinite range of products online rarely replicates that spark of in-person discovery when spotting the perfect book, fabric, yarn, baking set, woodcarving kit, or other specialty item out of the corner of your eye.

At Hobby Lobby, our buyers carefully select over 50,000 products spanning across all hobby genres – from fine arts to baking, fiber arts to woodworking, floral design to jewelry and far beyond. We actively listen to customer input and observe the latest hobby trends to ensure our shelves remain stocked with exciting, intriguing items rather than just everyday commodities. And our online store allows for easy access to even more specialty niche products on-demand.

Most importantly, our staff maintains deep category expertise to help customers select the best book for learning watercolor techniques, the optimal sewing machine for quilting projects, or the right whittling knife suited for intricate wood carvings based on decades of hands-on experience. Discovering that perfect product with helpful guidance makes all the difference in inspiring our customers’ creativity.

Personalized Advice & Problem Solving

Speaking of knowledgeable guidance, the expertise our staff brings sets Hobby Lobby apart from competitors focused predominantly on just making sales. Across painting, baking, jewelry-making, knitting, woodcraft, floral arrangement, and photography, our employees personally pursue arts, crafts, and hobby interests with passion.

That first-hand experience proves invaluable when customers encounter obstacles in a DIY project or simply need pointed advice on taking their skills to the next level. Whether you’re struggling to master macrame knots, troubleshoot your sewing machine, achieve sharper focus on photography prints, or perfect your chocolate tempering technique – our staff brings thoughtful solutions to the table.

And while YouTube tutorials and Pinterest inspiration have a place in every hobbyist’s toolbox, nothing quite compares to in-depth back-and-forth exchanges with seasoned experts willing to mentor you through challenging moments on creative endeavors. At Hobby Lobby, we cultivate this culture of generous support from staff to customers so fleeing passions stay nurtured even when the DIY road gets bumpy.

Speaking from my own experience learning glassblowing and furniture building over the years, having an enthusiastic coach in your corner and a community to share ideas with makes all the difference in sticking with and growing rewarding hobby skills. Which is exactly the environment our staff strives to build and maintain daily.

Dedicated Kids Classes

Now you may have noticed my focus centered primarily on adult hobbyists and crafting enthusiasts so far. However, sparking creative confidence and skills in children represents an equally important part of Hobby Lobby’s mission through our kids class programming.

Research shows exposure to arts, crafts, and hands-on maker activities equip children with benefits spanning enhanced academic performance, improved focus, boosted self-confidence, superior fine motor skills, and more. Unfortunately, many public schools continue decreasing access to the arts due to budget constraints and emphasis on standardized test scores. And while parents try supplementing at home, facilitating engagement proves difficult with limited time and confidence teaching specialized hobby skills yourself.

That’s why over 300 children gather at Hobby Lobby every week for our wide breadth of kids classes intentionally designed by education specialists to inspire through playful, engaging instruction. With offerings spanning painting, sewing, robotics, magic, jewelry making, baking, photography, clay modeling, woodworking, and even more – children discover new passions while education objectives integrate seamlessly below the surface across math, science, literacy, and fine arts disciplines.

Watching young hobbyists build hand-stitched plush creatures in our sewing classes or design DIY board games from scratch in game design workshops makes all our effort opening Hobby Lobby worthwhile. We firmly believe the next generation of creative thinkers, makers, and community leaders get their start playing with paint sets, tinkering with circuits, and sharing their budding talents with classmates here each day after school.

Locally Sourced Supplies

So those represent the primary pillars – classes, community events, retail selection, staff expertise, and kids programming – forming the foundation of the welcoming, supportive hobby community we’ve built at Hobby Lobby over 15 years. However, one final element allows us to take that community commitment even further through our locally sourced supplies initiative.

With a robust community of artists, craftspeople, and small-scale makers in our region, we source over 15% of merchandise each year directly from local talent. Shoppers browsing our retail shelves discover one-of-a-kind pottery from renowned area ceramicists, watercolor prints and greeting cards featuring regional scenery by Painters down the road, all-natural soy candles and beauty products whipped up in small batches just a neighborhood away, and much more.

By providing a launchpad for talented hobbyists and craftspeople in our community to reach a wider customer base beyond farmers markets and craft fairs, everyone wins through this initiative. Artisans and makers generate supplemental income while customers gain access to locally made specialty goods unattainable elsewhere reflecting our region’s creative spirit. That proves particularly meaningful for tourists seeking authentic keepsakes during their visit.

And for aspiring hobby entrepreneurs ready to transform passion into profit, our staff provides invaluable coaching on pricing products correctly, establishing branding, identifying the best sales avenues, and exceeding customer expectations even on tight budgets. We actively nurture the next generation of artistic talent so our community continues blossoming as a haven for arts, crafts, and creativity.

The Hobby Lobby Difference

Stepping back, I hope sharing insights into Hobby Lobby’s day-to-day operations gives a clearer picture of what makes our hobby and craft community space so unique. In summary, we strive to uplift hobbyists’ passions through:

· Ongoing learning via classes, workshops + kids programs · Community via events, conventions + crafting circles · Creativity inspiration from curated retail selection · Problem-solving via personalized staff guidance · Community partnerships sourcing locally made products

While each piece proves vital on its own, combining them creates an unparalleled ecosystem where creativity and passions thrive daily.

Since opening our first location back in 2009, I look proudly at the thousands of hobbyists who discovered newfound talents, forged meaningful friendships, and even built fledging small businesses with support from Hobby Lobby’s welcoming community. And many familiar faces still swing by just to chat about their latest projects and give back by leading a workshop.

My own personal journey from wandering into a community art studio as a aimless 20-something to now owning a hobby hotspot bustling with classes, events, and passion projects each day seems surreal at times. But that journey also reminds me how empowering having access to resources, instruction, and encouragement can prove for creativity seeking an outlet to blossom.

Which is why I invite anyone reading this from our community who feels that itch to explore a new hobby, materialize a latent talent or passion, or simply connect with likeminded creatives to pay us a visit. Stop by any of our three locations, meet our talented staff, speak with community members about their experiences, and soak up the infectious creative energy in the air that makes Hobby Lobby so special.

We aim to depart wisdom, inspiration, and community far beyond any single class, event or purchase.

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At Hobby Lobby, you’ll find a wide selection of arts and crafts materials for all your creative projects. Our stores are filled with fabrics, yarn, floral supplies, framing, paintings and drawings materials, jewelry-making essentials, bakeware, party supplies, and much more. We carry trusted brands like Cricut, Wilton, Recollections, Strathmore, and Martha Stewart Crafts. Whether you enjoy sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, painting, or any type of DIY, you’ll find everything you need at everyday low prices. Discover new ideas and get inspired at your local Hobby Lobby store or shop online 24/7.

Absolutely! Bring your artwork, photos, memorabilia, and other treasured items to Hobby Lobby for professional custom framing. Our experienced framers will help you choose the perfect frame, mat, and glass to beautifully display and preserve your pieces. We offer quality custom framing services for items small and large. Visit our Frame Shop in-store to get a free quote on framing your cherished items with precision craftsmanship.

At Hobby Lobby, we aim to inspire creativity and make art accessible for all. That’s why we offer a wide variety of arts and crafts classes and workshops in our stores across the country. These classes allow you to explore new skills and hobbies in a fun, hands-on environment. You can find classes for painting, knitting, jewelry-making, paper crafts, holiday crafts, and more, taught by experienced artists and crafters. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels. Check our online class calendar to see the workshops offered at your local store. Unleash your inner artist with Hobby Lobby classes!

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