The most wonderful time of the year is finally here – it’s Christmas! As we deck our halls and trim our trees, Hobby Lobby is the perfect place to find beautiful Christmas trees to make your home merry and bright. From artificial to real, flocked to frosted, Hobby Lobby has it all when it comes to Christmas trees. Keep reading for everything you need to know about finding your perfect tree at Hobby Lobby this holiday season!

A Christmas Tree Wonderland

With aisles upon aisles of Christmas trees in all sizes, styles, and themes, walking into a Hobby Lobby store is like stepping into a winter wonderland forest. You’ll find a wide range of real and artificial trees, from traditional green firs to elegant white frosted options. No matter what your Christmas decor style may be, there’s a tree waiting for you at Hobby Lobby.

Whether you want an impressive 9 foot tall tree as the centerpiece of your living room or a tabletop tree under 3 feet for a cozy corner, Hobby Lobby has you covered. Choose from slim pencil trees to fill tight spaces or full, robust firs with lifelike branches – the options are seemingly endless. And with trees ranging from just $20 for mini tabletop versions up to hundreds of dollars for extra large statement trees, your budget will be accommodated too.

Flocking to Flocked Trees

One popular trend you’ll find at Hobby Lobby is flocked Christmas trees – artificial trees with branches tipped in a “flocked” snow-like coating. Available in both white and frosted varieties, these elegant winter-inspired trees add a touch of magic to your holiday decor. The frosted flocking even sparkles under the lights for an extra dose of Christmas cheer! Flocked trees range from around $59 for 3 foot trees up to $299 for 9 foot beauties.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

When it comes to Christmas tree styles, there’s truly something for everyone at Hobby Lobby. You’ll find all of the classic looks, like traditional full Douglas Firs, majestic Blue Spruces, and romantic Fraser Firs. There are various pine tree styles too, like stately Balsam Firs and bushy Scotch Pines.

For a unique twist, check out the tinsel Christmas trees dusted with shiny silver tinsel garland. Or add some color to your holiday with a rainbow or glittery pink artificial tree! There are even whimsical themed trees, like a woodland critter tree with animals nestled in the branches. Whether you want classic or quirky, Hobby Lobby has all of the Christmas tree styles to make your season bright.

Let There Be Light with Pre-Lit Trees

Avoid the hassle of stringing lights on your tree with Hobby Lobby’s wide selection of convenient pre-lit Christmas trees. Available in LED and incandescent lighting, you can find pre-lit trees in all sizes, from mini to extra tall. Prices start at just $59 for smaller trees and go up to around $499 for showstopping 12 foot pre-lit firs.

The lights are perfectly spaced on the branches to provide even, consistent lighting. Choose from multicolor lights, clear, or frosted for a more elegant glow. There are even pre-lit trees that change colors or have other fun lighting effects! With a pre-lit tree from Hobby Lobby ready to plug and play, decking your halls with lights has never been easier.

Saving up for Sales

Christmas trees can be a big investment, but thankfully Hobby Lobby makes it easier with their incredible holiday sales. Keep an eye out for Christmas tree sales starting in late November, with discounts around 40-50% off all Christmas trees. These seasonal savings make it the perfect time to score a showstopping Christmas tree at an unbeatable price.

In late December, watch for markdowns up to 75% off Christmas trees as Hobby Lobby clears out remaining seasonal inventory. You can grab deeply discounted trees to tuck away for next year’s decorating. Hobby Lobby’s holiday sales make Christmas trees much more affordable, so time your purchase right to save big!

Browsing Beautiful Trees In-Store

While Hobby Lobby does offer online shopping, there’s nothing quite like wandering the holiday-trimmed aisles and seeing the Christmas trees in person before you decide. Hobby Lobby displays a wide variety of artificial and fresh-cut trees throughout their stores so you can get up close to find the perfect fit.

See how grand that 9 foot fir would look in your living room or how the frosted flocking sparkles under store lighting. Check branch fullness and needle texture on various tree types side-by-side. Meander through whimsical themed trees and test out tree toppers. With so many options, being able to see and touch the trees makes a world of difference in finding your dream Christmas tree.

Click Online for Convenience

For added convenience, Hobby Lobby makes many of their Christmas trees available for purchase online. Browse artificial trees by style, height, lights, or theme and place your order with just a few clicks for easy home delivery. See detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to help guide your buying decision.

Online shopping allows you to find a bigger selection of trees that may not all be on display in your local store. You can also take advantage of timed sales without leaving your house or having to fight crowds. While the in-store experience is ideal for choosing your dream tree, online shopping at Hobby Lobby delivers added flexibility.

Fitting Themes with Decorative Trees

No matter what your Christmas decor theme may be, you can likely find a coordinating Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby. Adorn your tree with woodland creatures and rustic burlap bows for a cozy cabin-in-the-woods look. Opt for a bright candy-colored rainbow tree with whimsical baubles and pompoms for a sweet candy land theme.

Add some southwestern flair with a tree decorated in geometric patterns, turquoise, and warm wood tones. There are also many classic traditional Christmas themed trees with red, green, and gold ornaments perfect for that nostalgic feel. With themed trees or customizable blank slates, your decor vision can come alive.

Easy Returns for Perfect Trees

Hobby Lobby makes it easy to get the perfect Christmas tree with their generous return policy. Artificial trees can be returned at any time, while fresh-cut trees can be returned within 14 days of purchase if they dry out or die. This allows you to easily exchange trees if you get it home and decide the height, fullness, or shape isn’t quite right.

You can also return holiday merchandise, including trees, from January 1st – January 31st with your receipt. So if your tree doesn’t make the holiday season cut, you can bring it back in the new year for an easy return. Hobby Lobby’s return policy takes the stress out of picking the ultimate Christmas tree.

Expert Assembly for a Festive Finish

While Hobby Lobby stocks Christmas trees in all sizes, the really big trees often require some assembly at home which can be daunting. But have no fear – you can select the expert assembly option at checkout and your new Christmas tree will arrive ready to decorate.

Hobby Lobby’s Christmas team will professionally put together and fluff your artificial tree at the store, so all you have to do is set it in place and string lights when it arrives. Expert assembly costs $59 for trees 7-9 feet tall and $19 for smaller trees, giving you a gorgeous hassle-free tree.

Decking Trees Out in Style

Of course, the tree itself is only part of the equation for gorgeous Christmas decor – you need beautiful ornaments and accents too! Along with trees, Hobby Lobby stocks a massive assortment of festive tree decor like twinkling lights, glitzy garland, charming stockings, and every type of ball, bulb, and bauble imaginable.

Shop glittering glass ornament collections, rustic wooden accents, or colorful beaded garlands and tinsel. Find unique themed ornaments to match your decor or personalized ornaments for each family member. Hobby Lobby is truly a one-stop shop for all things Christmas tree decorating.

Stand Choices for Showstopping Trees

A Christmas tree is only as good as the stand holding it up, so Hobby Lobby offers sturdy Christmas tree stands to complement their many tree options. You’ll find classic painted metal stands, solid wood stands, and plastic stands in colors to match your decor.

Look for heavy weighted stands like the $39.99 Holiday Aire Tree Stand that can hold up to a 12 foot tree steadily. Or select easy twist-and-lock stands like the $19.99 Holiday Grand Tree Stand for quick no-fuss set up. There are also convenient folding wood stands like the $79.99 Holiday Emporium Acacia Stand. With so many quality stand choices, you’ll find one to properly present your Hobby Lobby Christmas tree.

Safely Stowing Trees with Storage Bags

Once the season is over, you’ll need a proper way to store your Christmas tree for next year. Protect your investment and make storage easy with Hobby Lobby’s selection of Christmas tree storage bags and bins. Look for giant zippered canvas bags able to accommodate trees up to 12 feet tall for safe enclosure.

Hobby Lobby’s Holiday Emporium storage bags are a great value at just $39.99 for the XL 9-12 foot size. There are also plastic Christmas tree storage boxes and ornament storage totes so you can keep all your decorations safe but easily accessible. With good storage, you can enjoy your Hobby Lobby Christmas tree for many seasons to come.

Saving All Year with Loyalty Perks

As a loyal Hobby Lobby shopper, you can unlock exclusive perks through their HobbyPerks rewards program to save big on Christmas trees and all your seasonal decor. Simply sign up online for a HobbyPerks account to start earning reward points and receiving special offers and discounts.

During the holidays, watch for exclusive HobbyPerks discounted pricing on Christmas trees, holiday home decor, and more. You may also receive special members only coupons for additional savings on your tree and trimmings from Hobby Lobby. Joining HobbyPerks gives you insider access to deals to spread holiday cheer without breaking your budget.

Going Green with Eco-Friendly Options

Today’s eco-conscious consumers can still find crisp evergreen Christmas magic at Hobby Lobby. They carry a line of PEFC certified artificial trees made with recycled materials and safe non-toxic materials that meet stringent international environmental standards.

These lifelike flocked pine and spruce trees are a greener choice, specially designed to be reusable for 10-15 holiday seasons. Prices range from $199 for a 7.5 foot PEFC tree up to $499 for a majestic 12 foot option. By investing in one of these quality eco-trees, you can reduce waste while still enjoying a beautiful Christmas tree for years to come.

Christmas Made Merry and Bright with Hobby Lobby Trees

As you can see, when it comes to Christmas trees, Hobby Lobby truly delivers something for everyone. Their wide selection, quality construction, and seasonal savings make it the ideal destination for picking out your family’s perfect Christmas tree. Whether you’re looking for classic evergreen nostalgia or modern holiday whimsy, you’re sure to find a tree to make your days merry and bright at Hobby Lobby.

So head to your local store or shop online and start browsing today – your dream Christmas tree is waiting! Let Hobby Lobby provide the perfect centerpiece as you create new festive memories this holiday season.

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