A Guide to Picture Framing Supplies and Services

I’ve always loved decorating my home with beautiful photos of friends, family, and favorite places. But finding just the right frame can be a real challenge. The framing options at large craft stores like Hobby Lobby make it easy to find decent quality frames at affordable prices. But with so many styles, sizes, and customization options, it can still feel overwhelming to find exactly what you need.

That’s why I decided to really dig into everything Hobby Lobby has to offer when it comes to framing. I scoped out all the choices in-store and online to get a full picture of what to expect. Whether you’re looking for simple, budget-friendly frames or customizable high-end options, read on for the inside scoop on hobby lobby frames!

Sizing Up the Options

Hobby Lobby stocks picture frames in just about every size you could need. For basic rectangular frames, you’ll find all the common sizes like 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20 inches. They also have small 4×4 frames perfect for grouping into a collage or gallery wall.

On the larger end, Hobby Lobby’s selection goes up to huge 30×40 inch poster-sized frames. I even saw long panoramic frames measuring 12×36 inches to beautifully display wide landscape photos or artwork. Beyond basic rectangles, there are circular, heart-shaped, hexagonal, and octagonal shaped frames too.

The framing department has a massive collection of shadow box frames with extra depth to showcase three-dimensional objects. Baseball card collectors will love the variety of trading card size frames. And tons of document frames are available for diplomas, certificates and other important papers.

So if you can’t find a ready-made frame in the size you need, Hobby Lobby’s custom framing services can create just about any custom size frame you want. All you need is the dimensions and they’ll cut a frame specifically for your piece.

Style and Design for Every Taste

When it comes to frame styles, Hobby Lobby has an eye-catching selection. There are classic polished metal frames in silver, gold, black, and white. For a natural look, choose from solid wood frames made of oak, maple, birch and more. Or go modern with colored acrylic frames in every hue.

Beyond the materials, you’ll find frames with elaborate molded designs, embellished corners, and other decorative touches. There are detailed vintage inspired frames plus some handcrafted options for extra charm. And kid-friendly frames come in every fun color with cute motifs.

Hobby Lobby makes it easy to match your home’s existing decor. Search for frames in on-trend styles like modern farmhouse, rustic chic, coastal, boho and more. If you’re planning a gallery wall, they have loads of frame sets and wall collages in coordinating colors and designs ready to hang.

And you’ll have no problem finding frames to fit any theme or occasion. Pick up festive frames to showcase holiday photos. Display vacation memories in beach-themed frames. Or use symbolic designs like hearts and flowers for special family pics.

Affordable Prices Meet Premium Quality

From basic budget options to intricate designer pieces, Hobby Lobby’s collection includes frames at every price point. Simple plastic and lightweight wood frames cost as little as $1-2 for the smallest sizes. Even the average mid-range frames measuring 8×10 inches or larger can be found for less than $10.

For specialized frame materials like canvas, leather, iron and solid hardwoods, prices go up to $20-60 on average. These feature unique textures and natural materials that enhance your photos or art. Hobby Lobby’s most high-end ornate frames with premium details run $100-200. While not cheap, they offer a seriously elegant way to display your most cherished images.

I worried the quality might suffer on some of the lower cost options. But across all price ranges, the frames felt sturdy in my hands. Many have thick solid wood moldings, strong reinforced corners, and shatterproof acrylic sheeting. With care, Hobby Lobby’s frames should maintain their integrity for many years. And they provide a way higher-end look than their price tags imply.

Convenient Ordering and Hassle-Free Returns

Hobby Lobby’s brick-and-mortar stores provide the best opportunity to see frames in person before you buy. But if a trip to the store isn’t practical, their full frame selection is available online for easy ordering. Browsing is a breeze with filters to refine your search by size, color, style, price, and more.

Orders over $59 ship free, and my frames arrived promptly and undamaged in packaging designed to protect the corners. Hobby Lobby also has an excellent return policy. Frames can be returned or exchanged at any time for any reason. So you can order multiple sizes or styles risk-free to see which option looks best in your space. Damaged frames are no problem to swap out too.

Let the Framing Experts Handle the Details

For an effortless experience from start to finish, take advantage of Hobby Lobby’s custom framing services. In store, the knowledgeable framing team can walk you through recommendations for color, matting, glazing, and other options to make your piece look its absolute best.

Bring in your special photo, artwork, jersey, or other prized possession. Select from quality mouldings in various styles. Add beautiful mats featuring eye-catching patterns, textures, and colored core boards. Then choose glass or acrylic glazing to protect your piece while minimizing reflections. It’s amazing what a difference high-end mats and professional mounting techniques make!

Hobby Lobby will cut everything to size, join frame corners precisely, mount and center your content, and complete the framing process with care and expertise. This includes fitting professional hanging hardware so your frame is ready to mount as soon as you get home. The final results will impress you.

Frame That Masterpiece

I’m so glad I explored Hobby Lobby’s full selection of framing supplies because I discovered way more options than I expected. They truly have a diverse range of sizes, styles, and prices to appeal to any project. Whether you’re a budget-conscious beginner or a custom framing enthusiast, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

Next time I have photos or artwork in need of framing, Hobby Lobby will definitely be my go-to. I love that I can order exactly what I want online or work with their knowledgeable in-store framing team for a custom experience. With the wide selection and great prices, it makes picking out the perfect frame for cherished memories an enjoyable process rather than a chore. Now I can’t wait to finally frame some family photos that have been sitting in a box way too long. It will be so fulfilling turning them into beautiful art to enhance my home’s style!

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