Mirrors can make such a dramatic difference in any room. Whether you’re looking to open up a small space, add a touch of glamour, or make a bold decorative statement, the right mirror can completely transform a room. As one of the most versatile home decor items, mirrors come in a stunning range of styles, sizes, and designs to match any taste or meet any need. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to find exactly the right mirror for your space. Luckily, Hobby Lobby has an incredible selection of beautiful mirrors to explore, making it easier than ever to find your dream mirror!

As an avid interior decor enthusiast and bargain hunter, I often find myself perusing the aisles and exploring the inventory at my local Hobby Lobby. During a recent visit, I was quite impressed by their wide variety of stylish and affordable mirrors across all different styles – from modern and contemporary to farmhouse, vintage, rustic, and more. They really do offer an amazing range of options in their mirror department! I thought it would be helpful to share my insights after spending some time reviewing the fabulous mirror selection at Hobby Lobby, in case you are currently on the hunt for a new showstopping mirror yourself.

A Mirror for Every Style

One of the things I love most about Hobby Lobby is that they truly offer mirrors and home decor to suit pretty much any taste or style. If your home leans modern and sleek, you’ll find lots of clean-lined rectangular, square, round, and oval mirrors in metallic frames like silver, gold, rose gold, bronze, and chrome. These unfussy mirrors with simple, straight lines add nice pops of shine and style to contemporary spaces.

For farmhouse, rustic, or cottage-style homes, Hobby Lobby has plenty of distressed wood and antique-inspired mirrors. Keep an eye out for mirrors with reclaimed wood frames, whitewashed finishes, chippy paint, and vintage shapes like sunbursts, ovals, and arched tops. I also spotted some mirrors framed with vine, twig, string, and other natural textures for a casual, earthy feel.

If your taste runs more glam and feminine, you’re sure to adore Hobby Lobby’s embellished mirrors featuring delicate textures, soft colors, and hints of sparkle and shine. Look for beautifully carved frames, metallic gold/silver leafing, floral motifs, jewels, and other opulent decorative touches. And for those drawn to all things vintage and retro, there are gorgeous full-length leaner mirrors, decorative wall mirrors with unique shapes, fabric-framed vanity mirrors, and more.

No matter your preferred decor style, exploring the diverse options at Hobby Lobby makes it easy to find a mirror that perfectly reflects your personal tastes and home aesthetic. Keep reading for more of my tips and discoveries about Hobby Lobby’s fabulous mirror selection!

Mirrors to Fit Any Budget

Another great thing about shopping at Hobby Lobby for mirrors is that they offer trendy, attractive options at really affordable prices compared to many home stores. I was pleasantly surprised by how stylish and good quality many of their mid-priced mirrors were. Of course they do offer some more high-end designer mirrors as well, but I appreciated the wide selection of budget-friendly pieces under $150.

Some of their most inexpensive mirrors (under $50) include small acrylic makeup mirrors, simple metal hoop mirrors, wood circle mirrors, and mini dome mirrors. These are nice options for squeezing in a little reflective decor without spending much. I spotted lots of versatile square, rectangle, round, and oval mirrors priced affordably under $100 in the mid-range category. These came in trendy matte black and brass finishes, rustic driftwood frames, antiqued silver, and more.

If your budget allows, definitely browse Hobby Lobby’s selection of gorgeous statement mirrors over $200 as well. They have stunning oversized wall mirrors with bold frames, unique shapes like stars and sunbursts, distressed finishes, and eye-catching details like crystals and metallic gold leafing. While more of an investment, these dazzling mirrors are sure to become stunning focal points wherever you place them.

No matter your budget or existing decor, you can find beautiful, on-trend mirror styles at Hobby Lobby for less than you might pay elsewhere. Just keep an eye out for sales, coupons, and clearance options to save even more. With a little hunting, you can likely find your dream mirror for bargain prices.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Sizing Options Abound

Another important factor to consider when selecting a mirror is finding the right size and proportions for your space. I was thrilled to discover Hobby Lobby offers an extensive range of mirror sizes, from itty bitty 4” mini mirrors to huge 50”+ statement mirrors. Having so many diverse sizing options makes it easy to find the perfect scale.

For small spaces like powder rooms, vanities, and entryways, petite mirrors less than 20” wide are great choices to save visual space. Look for cute round faceted mirrors, simple metal hoops, and rustic wood circles. Medium rectangular mirrors around 30” wide are versatile options that work well in most rooms. Extra-large mirrors make great focal points in big spaces like living rooms. I loved some of the oversized square, rectangular, and round wall mirrors measuring 40” and up—talk about drama!

Hobby Lobby also has a nice range of long leaner and full-length mirrors perfect for dressing, gallery walls, and opening up smaller rooms. I even spotted a few mirrors with adjustable sizing so you can tweak them to fit your needs. With all the size options available, you’re sure to find the ideal mirror scale and proportions to enhance any area and fit any decor scheme.

Framed vs. Frameless

Mirrors framed with decorative borders can provide a bold design statement and visual interest. Hobby Lobby offers so many creative framed mirror styles, like chunky rustic wood frames, metallic textured frames, beautiful vine details, floral motifs, and more. Framed mirrors really do add personality, texture, and style.

That said, the clean simplicity of a frameless mirror is also stunning, and helps the gorgeous mirror itself take center stage. Hobby Lobby has a nice selection of frameless oval, round, rectangular, and square wall mirrors in various sizes. Without added ornamentation, these mirrors beautifully amplify light to open up space. Frameless beveled mirrors also create pretty reflective effects.

Whether you prefer framed or unframed mirrors, Hobby Lobby has plenty of options. Frameless mirrors impress with sleek, streamlined style, while unique framed mirrors provide added decorative flair. Choose based on your existing decor and the visual statement you hope to achieve. Both look gorgeous!

Finding Savings on Mirrors

As a bargain shopper, I always love saving money, so finding Hobby Lobby’s great deals on clearance mirrors and mirror sales was probably my favorite part of shopping there. I uncovered some absolute steals during my last trip thanks to their clearance section and weekly sales. Here are a few of my top money-saving tips for mirror shopping at Hobby Lobby:

With a little strategic shopping, you can easily save big on stylish mirrors at Hobby Lobby. And finding a clearance dream mirror feels amazing! Just stay flexible and keep hunting for deals. Happy bargain mirror hunting!

Frame Materials – Wood, Metal, Acrylic & More

The frame material surrounding a mirror makes a huge impact on its overall style, texture, and visual appeal. Hobby Lobby offers an awesome range of mirror frame materials to suit any preference. Here are some of my favorite frame finds:

Wooden frames – Rustic, distressed wood frames are trendy choices that feel warm and natural. Hobby Lobby has some gorgeous reclaimed wood, whitewashed wood, and stain-finished wood mirror frames in shapes like arches, sunbursts, and squares.

Metal frames – For modern flair, metallic frames like brass, silver, black metal, and antiqued gold are perfect. I saw lots of rectangular and circular mirrors with sleek, shiny metal frames in all different finishes.

Acrylic frames – Plastic acrylic frames have a contemporary vibe and come in fun, bold colors like ruby red, sea green, and warm amber. Great for adding a pop of color!

Fabric frames – Soft fabric frame materials like burlap, jute, velvet, or embroidered tapestries create a cozy, tactile feel. Perfect for bedrooms and dressing spaces.

Crystal frames – Glitzy, glamorous frames encrusted in jewels and crystals impress for a touch of luxury. Stunning for special spaces like bathrooms.

With all these options, it’s easy to find the ideal frame material to complement your existing space and furniture. Browse in person to get a feel for textures and quality. The frame really defines the mirror’s look and style, so choose thoughtfully!

Lighting up Your Walls with Mirrors

When I first walked into the Hobby Lobby mirror department, I was amazed by the incredible selection of gorgeous wall mirrors across all different styles. Wall mirrors can completely transform a boring blank wall and bring major design power to any room. After checking out the options, these wall mirror styles emerged as some of my favorites:

Full-length leaner mirrors – These tall thin mirrors are perfect for creating the illusion of more space. Prop them against any wall for instant glamour.

Oversized round mirrors – For major modern drama, bold round mirrors 40” or larger make stunning focal points.

Clustered floating mirrors – Groupings of frames in different shapes and sizes add lots of visual interest.

Backlit LED mirrors – Mirrors with built-in lighting create a beautiful illuminated glow. Stunning in dimmer spaces.

Antiqued mirror panels – Mirrored wall panels with antique brown, gray, or distressed finishes look rich and sophisticated.

Sunburst mirrors – The sun-like shape of these mirrors adds great texture. I saw some gorgeous framed rustic and modern versions.

Salvaged window mirrors – Old window frames reused as mirrors have a wonderful vintage vibe. Love these!

Hobby Lobby makes it so easy to find beautiful, high-quality wall mirrors to light up your space and enhance any empty wall. There are so many creative styles to explore. Happy mirror wall hunting!

Stylish Floor Mirrors to Reflect On

While wall mirrors primarily serve decorative purposes, floor mirrors have more practical applications, like providing a way to check out your full outfit. Hobby Lobby offers a wonderful selection of elegant full-length and half-length floor mirrors suited to different spaces. Here are some of my favorites:

Full-length floor mirrors – These extra tall mirrors are essential for dressing rooms and bedrooms. Hobby Lobby has simple framed versions, tri-fold mirrors, and adjustable hinge styles.

Half-length floor mirrors – For smaller spaces like hallways and bedrooms, half-length mirrors around 50-60” tall are great. These are easier to move and often include storage shelves.

Standing leaner mirrors – This popular modern style is slim and tall, designed to lean against a wall for stability. Great for getting ready without mounting.

Angled dressing mirrors – The angled full-length mirrors tilt offering both front and rear views. Awesome for outfit planning!

Framed floor mirrors – Many floor mirrors at Hobby Lobby have wide decorative frames that give them more presence as decor items.

Mirrored furniture – Free-standing mirrored cabinets and dressers serve both form and function. Bonus storage!

With such a wide variety of sizes and styles, Hobby Lobby makes it easy to find the perfect floor mirror to serve both decorative and practical purposes in your home. Be sure to evaluate your space to choose the right proportions.

Bathroom Mirrors to Put Your Best Reflection Forward

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful statement mirror in the bathroom to make getting ready feel that much more luxurious. During my last trip to Hobby Lobby, I took some time to admire their gorgeous assortment of bathroom mirrors in all different shapes and styles. Here are some of my favorite finds:

LED lighting mirrors – These make putting on makeup so much easier with built-in lights around the frame. I saw round, rectangular, and even magnifying options.

Pivoting bathroom mirrors – If you need to share a mirror, these swing or tilt so multiple people can use it. Nifty space-saving solution!

Framed statement mirrors – Super-sized rectangular, arched, or circular mirrors with wide decorative frames look so elegant over vanities.

Mounted wall mirrors – Floating wall mirrors with integrated storage shelves help keep vanity surfaces clear.

Beveled-edge mirrors – The angled edge gives a nice visual accent that sparkles. Great for making small bathrooms feel more spacious.

Backlit mirrors – For a glam touch, mirrors with LED lights around the edges create a pretty halo glow.

Mirrored medicine cabinets – These combine storage for bathroom essentials with a mirror in one handy piece.

Hobby Lobby definitely has the statement mirrors to turn any ordinary bathroom into a relaxing, spa-like oasis. The key is finding the right style and shape to complement your space and fixtures. Happy mirror hunting!

Decorative Accent Mirrors to Reflect Your Style

In addition to larger wall mirrors and floor mirrors, Hobby Lobby also has a fab selection of smaller decorative accent mirrors perfect for displaying around the home. These mini mirrors can be grouped into pretty arrangements or hung solo to add a touch of refined style. Here are some of my favorite decorative mirrors I came across:

Ornate round mirrors – Etched circular mirrors with gilded frames have a glamorous Hollywood Regency vibe.

Hanging terrariums – Tiny hanging planter terrariums with mirrored backings are so cute!

Faceted mirrors – The multifaceted effect adds amazing visual texture. Great on console tables and bookshelves.

Standing hand mirrors – Pretty, ornate handheld mirrors look lovely on dressers and vanities when placed upright.

Antique wall mirrors – Oval, round, and rectangular mirrors with aged, distressed finishes add vintage flair.

Crystal-encrusted mirrors – For sheer decadence, jewel- and crystal-covered mirror frames sparkle!

Mirrored trays – Use cute mirrored trays to display jewelry, perfumes, keys. So handy!

No matter your style, accenting with mirrors is such a chic, inexpensive way to amplify light and decor. Hobby Lobby offers so many creative small mirror designs to reflect your personal taste.

Buying Mirror Sets for Double the Impact

One clever mirror decorating tip I’ve picked up over the years is buying sets of two or three same-sized mirrors and grouping them together on a wall. The effect is so much more visually interesting than just one! At Hobby Lobby, I saw lots of affordable opportunities to try this mirror grouping trick:

Matching frames – Many of their rectangular, square, circular, and sunburst wall mirrors came in sets of 2 or 3 with identical frames. Perfect for quick groupings!

Varying frames – Some mirror sets had frames that coordinated but weren’t exactly the same, for a more collected look with variety.

Different shapes/sizes – Mixing together a few mirrors with similar finishes but different shapes like rounds, ovals, and rectangles creates drama.

Leaner mirror pairs – Group two tall leaner mirrors together against a wall for major modern style. A fun substitute for one large floor mirror.

Floating wall grids – Bold graphic impact can be made by arranging small mirrors in grid or scattered patterns on a wall.

With so many beautiful matching or coordinating mirror sets and options to mix and match, it’s easy and affordable to make a big statement. Double the mirrors, double the style!

Make It Your Own with DIY Mirrors

One of my favorite Hobby Lobby finds was their selection of DIY mirrors you can customize to match your space. They offer some great bare bones pieces like unfinished wood cutout mirrors or framing kits that you can paint, stain, decorate, and embellish however you’d like.

Some fun ways to make basic mirrors your own:

With a little imagination and effort, you can create a completely custom mirror tailored exactly to your personal taste. Embrace your crafty side and make it your own!

Professional Installation for Peace of Mind

Once you finally find the perfect stunning mirror for your space, you want to make sure it gets properly installed and mounted securely on the wall. Hobby Lobby offers professional mirror mounting and installation services in most locations to help with this important final step.

Having their trained installers handle the mirror mounting provides some great perks:

While DIY mirror hanging is definitely doable, letting the experts handle it can give real peace of mind! The small installation fee at Hobby Lobby is totally worth it for the security of knowing your beautiful new mirror is mounted the right way.

Artsy Mirrors to Spark Creativity

In the craft section of Hobby Lobby, I found the most amazing selection of unique arts and crafts mirrors perfect for inspiring creativity and enhancing DIY projects. These included:

The decorative crafting options are endless with this selection of artsy, DIY-friendly mirror blanks. Unleash your inner artist and create your own masterpiece mirror!

Mirror, Mirror On My Vanity

Pretty, functional vanity mirrors are absolute essentials for any dressing table or makeup station. Hobby Lobby offers wonderful vanity mirrors ranging from budget options under $20 to ultra-glam mirrors over $100. Here are some I loved:

Lighted makeup mirrors – These provide the brightest makeup application with dimmable LED lights surrounding the base or border.

Tabletop vanity mirrors – For portability, circular and rectangular mirrors in standing frames are easy to move and store.

Desktop vertical mirrors – Vertical standing mirrors take up minimal surface space while still providing a full-length view.

Trifold mirrors – Trifold mirrors tilt and extend for seeing your head-to-toe reflection in compact spaces.

Standing floor mirrors – Full-length leaner mirrors placed near the vanity give an unobstructed view of your look.

Mirrored furniture – Mirror-panel dressers and cabinets add storage and more reflective space.

Whatever your budget and vanity setup, Hobby Lobby has chic vanity mirrors suited for home salon pampering. The right mirror helps make getting gorgeous even more enjoyable!

Try Before You Buy with Hobby Lobby’s Return Policy

Making returns is always a hassle, but it’s reassuring to know Hobby Lobby offers a generous return timeframe in case that perfect mirror you picked just doesn’t work out as expected once you get it home. Here are some key points on Hobby Lobby’s mirror return policy:

It’s smart to carefully measure your space and visualize the scale before purchasing large mirrors. But if your new mirror arrives and just seems off, Hobby Lobby does allow returns and exchanges within a generous window. Just don’t toss that receipt!

Mirrors That Double as Storage

In addition to opening up rooms and elevating your decor, some clever mirrors at Hobby Lobby also incorporate extra storage or display space for keeping clutter under control. Here are some of my favorite mirrors with storage features:

By choosing a mirror that multitasks for storage, you can enjoy style and organization in one handy piece. Double duty mirrors are so useful!

Seasonal and Holiday Mirrors

To quickly give your home a fun festive refresh for holidays and seasons, Hobby Lobby offers a delightful array of themed seasonal mirrors. Here are some of the whimsical designs I spotted:

Spring – Floral mirrors with bright blossoms and birds, butterfly mirrors, garden-inspired mirrors

Summer – Sunny mirrors with ray shapes, sand dollar mirrors, seashell and coral mirrors

Fall – Leaf-shaped mirrors, pumpkin mirrors, mirrors with autumnal colors and plaids

Winter – Snowflake mirrors, icy branch mirrors, penguin and winter animal mirrors

Christmas – Greens, plaids, and red berry mirrors, Mr. & Mrs. Claus mirrors, sparkly snowy mirrors

Valentine’s Day – Heart-shaped mirrors, rose gold mirrors, lipstick kiss print mirrors

Halloween – Spiderweb mirrors, boo-phrase mirrors, flying bat mirrors, creepy eyes mirrors

Decorating with themed mirrors is such an easy way to help set the seasonal mood in your home. And the best part is that they can be swapped out and stowed away when the holiday has passed. Fun!

In-Store vs. Online: The Best Mirror Shopping

While buying home goods and furniture online is definitely convenient, when it comes to something like mirrors, I really think it’s worth the effort to see options in person at your local Hobby Lobby store.

There are a few key benefits to in-store mirror shopping:

That said, if you don’t live near a physical Hobby Lobby, the online store also has great selection and lots of photos to help visualize mirrors. You can even order online and pick up in store if you want to check it out before purchasing.

Either route works, but visiting a store allows you to scrutinize mirrors in detail before committing. Do what fits your situation best!

DIY Mirror Decor Projects

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you get your fabulous new mirror home! At Hobby Lobby, I found amazing supplies to customize the perfect mirror frame myself with a fun DIY decor project. Here are some ideas and supplies for mirror makeovers:

With Hobby Lobby’s amazing craft and home decor selection, you’re sure to find everything you need to DIY a mirror that’s distinctly you! Get inspired.

Mirror, Mirror – Your Dream Reflection Awaits at Hobby Lobby!

I hope these tips and discoveries are helpful inspiration as you hunt for the perfect mirror to elevate your home’s style! The mirror selection at Hobby Lobby is so extensive, you’re guaranteed to find beautiful options to reflect your unique taste. Just focus on the right size and style for your space, color/finish, and of course finding a budget-friendly price. And feel free to embrace your artsy side by starting with a basic DIY-friendly mirror blank and adding your own personalized flair. However you choose to mirror your decor personality, you’re sure to find stunning possibilities at Hobby Lobby. Happy treasure hunting for your dream mirror!

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