Finding My Happy Place in the Yarn Aisle

As a passionate knitter and crocheter, I’m constantly on the hunt for new and interesting yarns to fuel my crafting obsession. And without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite places to browse beautiful yarns is Hobby Lobby. Whenever I walk into a Hobby Lobby store and head straight for the yarn aisle, I feel like a kid in a candy store – overwhelmed with options but oh so excited!

In this blog post, I wanted to share my experiences with the wide world of Hobby Lobby yarn. From the incredible variety and brands to the unbeatable prices and sales, Hobby Lobby has become my go-to for satisfying my yarn needs and inspiring my next project. Grab your knitting needles and crochet hook and let’s dive in!

A Rainbow of Yarn Varieties, Weights, and Textures

One of the things I love most about Hobby Lobby’s yarn selection is the enormous range of varieties, weights, and textures available. It would take me hours to look through all the options and colors! Hobby Lobby carries all the basics like worsted weight acrylic yarns that are soft, affordable, and come in every color imaginable. These are perfect for beginner projects like scarves and blankets.

But if you’re looking to upgrade from regular old acrylic, Hobby Lobby also offers a nice variety of natural fiber yarns like wool, cotton, and bamboo. And the selection goes way beyond basic worsted weight; you can find fingering, sport, chunky, bulky, super bulky yarns and more. There are even luxury yarns like alpaca, cashmere, angora and novelty yarns with fun textures and colors like bouclés, thick & thin, variegated, and ombrés.

No matter what weight and fiber content your pattern calls for, you’re sure to find it in Hobby Lobby’s yarn wonderland. You might just discover a new favorite!

Top Quality Brands for Every Budget

Another great perk of shopping at Hobby Lobby for yarn is the wide range of brand options. They carry inexpensive basic brands like Red Heart, Caron, and Lion Brand which are ideal for practicing new stitches or making items that will get heavy use. The value on these big name brands can’t be beaten!

For nicer finished pieces, mid-range brands like Bernat, Lily Sugar’n Cream, and Vanna’s Choice offer excellent quality at reasonable prices. And Hobby Lobby also stocks luxurious high-end brands like Berroco, Cascade, and Plymouth – products typically found only at local yarn shops. I love having the option to splurge on these top-notch yarns for special heirloom projects.

Exclusive yarn brands found only at Hobby Lobby are another fun bonus. Their line of Crafter’s Secret yarns comes in every color and a range of fibers like acrylic, cotton, wool, alpaca, and bamboo. It’s their in-house brand so the prices are generally more budget-friendly.

With all these brands and prices points available, you really can find the perfect yarn for any project!

Score Serious Savings with Weekly Sales

As a bargain hunter always looking for a good deal, one of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby is their incredible weekly sales. Every week the sales ad comes out and I can’t wait to see what yarns they’ll have on promotion. I’ve snagged high-end skeins for as much as 50-90% off when they run a big yarn sale!

Some of the best sales I’ve found are on luxury yarn brands like Berroco Ultra Wool and Alpaca, regularly $13-15 a skein but got them for $4-7 on sale. I also watch for sales on cotton yarn since that can be pricy. My favorite, Lily Sugar n’ Cream, is often on sale for just $1.99 per skein.

For upcoming sales, I make sure to sign up for the Hobby Lobby email list and follow their Facebook page. They’ll send out sneak peeks of that week’s ad so I can plan what days to shop. The yarn savings are too good to miss!

Yarn Quality You Can Trust

When investing time and money in a craft project, you want to be sure you’re using high quality materials from a trusted source. That’s where Hobby Lobby yarn shines! They have strict standards for the brands and types of yarn they carry in stores. I’ve learned that as long as I stick to the well-known brands I recognize, I can trust the integrity of the yarn.

The Hobby Lobby website has tons of yarn reviews which are so helpful when deciding what to purchase. People share photos of finished objects, describe qualities like softness and durability, and would mention any issues like dye bleeding. I was delighted to see most yarns had glowing 4-5 star reviews.

For their exclusive Crafter’s Secret brand, Hobby Lobby has really focused on providing quality comparable to higher end brands but at everyday low prices. The cotton yarns are soft and stitch definition is great. The wool and wool blend yarns are warm and durable, perfect for garments and accessories that will get used often. Acrylic and acrylic blends have wonderful stitch texture and the colors stay true. It’s become my new favorite budget yarn line!

Knowing that Hobby Lobby stands behind the products they sell gives me great confidence in any yarn purchase. I can relax knowing quality is guaranteed.

Every Color of the Rainbow Represented

As a color lover always looking for my next vibrant, vibrant project, I rely on Hobby Lobby’s incredible spectrum of yarn color options. They truly have every hue imaginable represented within their different yarn brands and weights. Vibrant, jewel-toned solids, neutrals, pastels, variegateds – they have it all!

Some of my favorite colorways I’ve found at Hobby Lobby are:

No matter what type of color palette you’re looking for, Hobby Lobby will have those shade needs covered. You might even discover a new favorite color!

Materials to Suit Every Project

Hobby Lobby’s selection includes natural fibers like cotton, wool, alpaca, and bamboo as well as synthetics like acrylic, polyester, nylon and blends. Having a range of materials helps me select the best yarn to get the drape, structure, and durability my project needs. Here are some of my favorite material options:

With Hobby Lobby’s spectrum of yarn materials, I never have to compromise quality or comfort to match the needs of my latest project vision.

Yarn Weight Guidance for Every Gauge

As an experienced knitter and crocheter, having a wide range of yarn weights and gauges is essential for starting new patterns. You need to know what weight yarn the pattern specifies so you can get the proper drape and structure. I appreciate that Hobby Lobby clearly labels all their yarns with a weight category and wraps-per-inch info.

Their selection includes all the common weights like lace, fingering, sport, DK, worsted, bulky, jumbo, and roving yarns. Within each weight, you can shop by fiber content and brand. They also have a chart on their website explaining the uses, appearance, and recommended needle/hook sizes for each category of yarn weight.

As long as I know what weight the pattern calls for, I can easily browse the Hobby Lobby options online or in store to match the gauge. This takes so much guesswork out of starting a new project! I never have to settle for subbing a mismatched yarn weight that won’t give the proper drape.

Demystifying Yarn Care

One of my least favorite surprises is finishing a project, washing it, and having the colors bleed or the yarn pill wildly. That’s why I love that most quality yarns at Hobby Lobby come with detailed care instructions on the yarn bands.

The band will explain ideal washing temperatures, if machine drying is allowed, and if dry cleaning is recommended. It’s also helpful when they mention if a yarn is prone to bleeding when washed and needs to be laundered separately the first time. Special instructions are included for yarns like wool and alpaca that are more delicate.

Learning how to properly care for and wash my finished pieces makes a world of difference in having the items maintain their beauty. And it takes the frustration out of spending weeks knitting something only to ruin it in the laundry! For future projects, I can just refer back to the yarn band for that item’s washing needs.

Pattern Inspiration at My Fingertips

One thing that delights me about Hobby Lobby is the incredible project ideas they include on their yarn pages online. For every yarn, they suggest coordinating patterns available on their site along with recommended needle sizes. This makes getting started on a project so easy!

They link to free patterns from various independent designers that perfectly complement the colors and texture of that specific yarn. And the patterns span all skill levels – beginner, easy, intermediate, and advanced.

Some of my favorites are: chunky knit pillow covers to show off variegated yarns, crochet shawls and lap blankets for ombré cakes, cabled knit hats and scarves for wool blends, and entrelac crochet blankets for multicolored cottons.

With Hobby Lobby’s manual suggestions and pattern links, I never have to aimlessly browse for the right project to pair with my yarn purchase. Finding pattern inspiration has never been easier!

Risk-Free Yarn Shopping

As much as I try to plan projects and yarn purchases carefully, I inevitably end up buying too much yarn or colors that don’t work as expected. That’s when I’m so grateful for Hobby Lobby’s generous return policy – they allow returns on all regular-priced yarn with the original receipt.

If I purchase too much of a certain yarn for a project or I find the colors look different knitted up than expected, I can easily return or exchange any unopened skeins. This gives me the freedom to stock up on yarns when they’re on sale without worrying I’ll be stuck with unusable inventory.

Hobby Lobby makes yarn shopping completely risk-free. I don’t have to be afraid of investing in quality materials even for large-scale projects. And if I change my mind on a color or yarn type, I can get a full refund. It lets me be adventurous with bold new yarns without hesitation!

Convenience of Online Yarn Shopping

While I love leisurely strolling the yarn aisles and feeling all the textures in person, sometimes it’s more convenient to purchase yarn online. Hobby Lobby’s website makes yarn shopping online incredibly easy!

Their online selection is organized clearly by brand, fiber, weight, and color features. I can filter selections and see all the available colors and coordinating projects. I’m never stuck with the limited options my local store might have in stock.

Ordering online allows me to take my time making color selections and ensures I can get the exact quantities I need. Hobby Lobby offers free shipping above $59 or free ship-to-store which is fantastic. There’s nothing more exciting than having a brand new bag of yarn shipped right to my doorstep, ready for my next creative adventure!

Yarn Inventory at Your Fingertips

The frustration of finding the perfect yarn for a new project only to discover your local Hobby Lobby is out of stock is something I’ve experienced too often. That’s why I love their online stock-checking feature!

For any yarn, you can enter your zip code and see color-coded inventory results for all locations nearby. If your preferred location is out of stock, you can check availability at other nearby stores and place a pickup order. This has been a game changer!

No more making a wasted trip just to browse empty shelves. I also love that you can have your online yarn order shipped to your local store for free. This allows me to get hard-to-find colors and take advantage of sales even if the item is out of stock near me.

Hobby Lobby’s robust inventory lookup makes yarn shopping truly stress-free. Finding my perfect yarns in-stock has never been simpler.

One-Stop Yarn Shopping: Tools, Notions & More

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting inspired to start a new project just to discover you’re missing necessary tools like needles, hooks, scissors, or stitch markers. That’s why I love that Hobby Lobby offers a full range of knitting and crochet accessories right alongside their yarn selection.

They carry an excellent variety of circular, straight, and double-pointed needles plus single crochet hooks, ergonomic sets, and interchangeable crochet hook sets. And the prices are very affordable, especially when they run sales on notions. I can easily stock up on all the stitch markers, row counters, needle caps, and grips I need.

With Hobby Lobby, yarn shopping becomes a convenient one-stop experience. I never have to make multiple trips to various craft stores when inspiration for a new project strikes. Hobby Lobby has everything I need all in one place!

Special Savings Opportunities

Beyond the incredible regular sales, I’m always on the lookout for Hobby Lobby’s limited-time special deals and clearance events. They often have flash sales of up to 80% off on their website and app.

Recently, I scored 10 skeins of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn for just $2.99 each as a daily deal. Around the holidays, they offer extra discounts like 15-20% off your entire regular-price purchase which applies to yarn too.

By signing up for their newsletter and emails, I always know when special clearance and coupon events are happening. For yarn enthusiasts, these limited offers are too good to ignore! Pairing them with regular weekly sales results in unbeatable savings.

Seasonal and Trendy Yarns

One of the most fun aspects of yarn shopping at Hobby Lobby is discovering their newest seasonal and limited edition yarns. They have whole sections devoted to Christmas, Halloween, and autumn harvest yarns in fabulous colors like burgundy, orange, lime green, and purple. These fly off the shelves!

Some of my favorite finds have been their Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Hayride, and Hocus Pocus-themed yarns in the fall. Around Christmas, it’s magical to see all the peppermint swirl and glittery snowflake yarns. And their vibrant Unicorn, mermaid, and galaxy novelty yarns are perfect for capturing trendy themes.

By releasing limited batches of these specialty yarns, Hobby Lobby makes yarn shopping exciting all year long. I never know what unique new options I might uncover during each visit. It satisfies my inner yarn magpie craving novel textures and colors!

Wish List for Yarn Subscription Services

My only wish for Hobby Lobby’s yarn selection would be some sort of monthly yarn club or subscription service. So many high-end indie yarn companies now offer subscriptions where they curate special colorways and mail them monthly to subscribers.

I would absolutely love if Hobby Lobby partnered with their premium brands like Berroco, Malabrigo, Madelinetosh or Classic Elite to offer exclusive subscription yarns each month. They could create special color palettes and offer a discount on the subscription.

It would be the perfect way for loyal Hobby Lobby yarn shoppers to conveniently receive special editions of our favorite yarns delivered each month. A girl can dream! This would truly take the Hobby Lobby yarn experience to the next level.

Expert Guidance Just A Click Away

When trying complex new techniques or unfamiliar fibers, I really appreciate having educational resources available. That’s why I love that Hobby Lobby’s website offers a whole “Yarn Crafts” learning section with articles, video guides, stitch glossaries, and pattern tutorials submitted by fans.

These resources are incredibly helpful for figuring out how to substitute yarn weights, learning how to read knitting charts, fixing mistakes, and mastering new skills. I’ve learned so many tips and tricks from the video tutorials.

For beginners, they have kits with pre-selected yarn and patternsalong with stitch technique videos. I wish I had these guides when I first learned to knit and crochet! Experienced crafters can also find useful tips and pattern inspiration.

Access to this educational content right on the Hobby Lobby website makes me feel supported as I continue growing my knitting and crochet skills.

Ethical and Sustainable Yarn Options

I care deeply about sustainability and ethical production practices, so I love that Hobby Lobby offers a few “green” eco-friendly yarn choices sourced responsibly. Brands like Berroco Remix and Classic Elite Song offer options made from recycled materials in earth-friendly dyes.

For peace of mind that the fibers in my yarn were humanely sourced, brands like Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky use certification programs to ensure responsible animal welfare practices were upheld. I’m glad to see these conscience-minded yarns at Hobby Lobby.

Though the selection is still limited compared to local yarn shops, I’m hopeful Hobby Lobby will continue expanding their selection of sustainable yarns. For now, it’s great having a few earth-friendly options available in an accessible mainstream retailer. Voting with my dollars helps increase demand!

Unparalleled Customer Service

With a craft as hands-on as knitting or crochet, having access to knowledgeable customer service can be so valuable when questions arise about needles sizes, yardage estimates, color substitutions, fiber content, and more. That’s why I’m consistently impressed with Hobby Lobby’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

The sales associates in store always happily walk me to the correct aisle to locate a certain yarn and will offer suggestions for complementary colors for a project I’m planning. Their resident classroom experts are fantastic for answering trickier questions on the best yarn types for certain items.

Even contacting customer service online with questions yields detailed responses within a day or two. They have a true passion for fiber arts! Whenever confusion strikes, I know I can rely on Hobby Lobby’s stellar customer service team to get me sorted out quickly.

My Happy Place Awaits!

For me, stepping into a Hobby Lobby store and seeing rows upon rows of vibrant colorful yarn waiting to be transformed into beautiful projects is truly like entering a happy place. The possibilities feel endless, and inspiration strikes at every turn. I can happily spend hours fondling the luxurious fibers, imagining what each skein might become.

With Hobby Lobby’s incredible variety, top brands, unbeatable prices, inspiring pattern links, and excellent service, I know I’ll always find exactly what I need to fuel my lifelong fiber art obsession. My stash runneth over thanks to their fabulous selection!

The next time inspiration strikes for a new knit or crochet adventure, you know where I’ll be heading. Come join me in the blissful yarn aisles of Hobby Lobby and let your creativity run wild! What will you make?

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