100 Pack Sewing Bobbins – Class 15 Plastic




Keep your sewing projects moving along smoothly with this value pack of 100 class 15 plastic sewing bobbins. The durable, transparent bobbins provide a cost-effective way to have plenty of spares on hand for your sewing and embroidery machines.

Made of Sturdy Plastic for Reliability

These plastic class 15 bobbins are constructed of high quality plastic for durability and strength. The plastic material resists cracking or breaking even with regular use over time.

The transparent bobbins allow you to easily see how much thread is left. The plastic is also smooth without burrs that could catch thread when winding the bobbin.

Fits Most Home Sewing Machines

This set of universal plastic sewing bobbins fits most home sewing and embroidery machines that use class 15 bobbins. Brands like Singer, Brother, Janome, Baby Lock, and more.

They work with a variety of machines from older models to newer electronic machines. Refer to your manual to verify your machine’s bobbin class.

The universally sized bobbins eliminate the hassle of finding the right ones for your specific sewing machine model. Keep these on hand for convenience whether you have an all purpose machine or serger.

Quick and Easy Thread Winding

Thanks to the smooth plastic design, you can swiftly wind embroidery thread, regular thread, or any other needed threading onto the bobbins using your machine’s bobbin winder.

The lightweight yet sturdy plastic easily turns on the winder without slipping. The transverse winding design accommodates a variety of common sewing thread weights.

Take advantage of the clear bobbins to keep an eye on the thread level as you sew project after project. Easily monitor when it’s time to wind a new bobbin.

Convenient Sewing and Quilting Help

Having a stock of bobbins ready to load into your machine saves valuable time and frustration. You can keep sewing without having to stop mid-project to wind a new bobbin.

Simply swap out an empty bobbin for a pre-wound full one to keep machine embroidering, quilting, sewing garments, crafting, and more. Making 100 bobbins available means you’ll always have one within reach.

The plastic bobbins are also economical. You can re-use them over and over. It’s an affordable way to provide spares for numerous projects.

Keep Multiple Bobbins Organized

Included with the 100 pack are handy storage cases to help keep bobbins tidy. The plastic cases feature divided sections that hold multiple bobbins in an organized manner.

Use them to separate and identify bobbins by thread color or type. Some sewers also like to dedicate bobbins solely to certain threads or projects.

The cases snap closed securely so bobbins won’t spill out if knocked over. Their compact rectangular size takes up little space on a sewing table, cabinet, or shelf.

Bobbins not in use can be kept in the storage boxes to prevent them from getting lost. Keep them in their handy cases within easy access.

Designed for Versatile Sewing Projects

This assortment of bobbins is versatile enough for all kinds of sewing, embroidery, quilting, and crafting projects including:

  • Constructing quilts
  • Clothing construction and alterations
  • Decor projects like pillows and curtains
  • Embellishing garments and accessories
  • Crafty fabric items like plushies and pouches
  • Machine embroidering monograms and appliques
  • Mending and repairing existing items
  • And much more!

From elaborate creations to everyday repairs, these plastic sewing bobbins have you covered.

Reliable Quality for Smooth Sewing

With quality plastic construction and precision sizing, these are made to serve your sewing needs project after project. The bobbins offer smooth, dependable performance on par with original bobbins.

You can count on the bobbins to hold up to frequent use on your sewing machine without issues like jamming or slipping. The quality set gives you peace of mind that your bobbin needs are covered.

One Pack = Many Uses

Take advantage of this multi-bobbin pack in so many ways:

  • Keep a stash in your sewing room for quick bobbin changes
  • Store bobbin sets near each machine you own
  • Designate certain bobbins just for specialty threads
  • Separate bobbins by color to match your projects
  • Share extras with sewing friends and groups

However you utilize them, one 100 pack equals convenience and organization for all your sewing endeavors.

Experience Smooth Sewing with Quality Bobbins

Efficient sewing and embroidery starts with quality bobbins. Ensure your machines always have dependable bobbins on hand with this must-have set. The quantity is cost-effective so you can sew project after project with no need to stop and wind new bobbins.


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