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144 Black & White Prewound Bobbins for Brother Babylock Janome Bernina Pfaff Husqvarna Embroidery




Never run out of prewound bobbins for your embroidery projects again with this value pack of 144 plastic sided bobbins from HimaPro. 72 perfectly wound black polyester threads and 72 white are ready to load into your embroidery machine.

Compatible with popular brands like Brother, Babylock, Janome, Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff and more. The SA155 size L fits a wide variety of home and commercial embroidery machines.

144 Prewound Bobbins

This convenient bulk pack contains 144 prewound bobbins to keep your embroidery projects moving along without interruption.

72 of the bobbins are wound with black polyester embroidery thread and 72 are wound with white thread. These two versatile colors are essentials for any embroiderer.

The prewound bobbins are ready to load directly into your machine. You can spend less time winding and prepping and more time creating beautiful embroidery designs.

Durable Plastic Sided Design

These high quality bobbins feature a plastic sided design that is more durable than paper sided bobbins. The plastic sides help the bobbin maintain structure and prevent tangles.

The plastic sides also make the bobbins reusable. When the original thread runs out, you can rewind the bobbin yourself with a new thread color.

An engraved center hole provides smooth rotation and feeding of the thread through the bobbin case. Quality construction prevents skipped stitches as you embroider.

Size L SA155 Bobbins

With a diameter of 1.4 inches, these are size L or SA155 bobbins. They are compatible with a wide range of home embroidery machines including:

– Brother PE770 PE780D PE800 PE820 PE1500 PE1550D PE1900
– Babylock Ellisimo Gold 2
– Janome 350E Memory Craft 400E
– Bernina Deco 650 750 850
– Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Designer I Designer II

And many other models from major brands like Simplicity, EverSewn, Juki and more. Refer to your manual for correct bobbin size.

Premium 50 Weight Polyester Thread

The bobbins are wound with 100% polyester thread that is ideal for embroidery. Polyester has a continuous filament construction that helps prevent breakage at high embroidery speeds.

The thread is 50 weight which provides excellent coverage on designs. The fine thread helps achieve smooth satin stitch fills and crisp fine details.

Each bobbin is wound with 140 yards of premium embroidery thread ready for stitching. No need to wind any bobbins yourself!

Money Saving Bulk Pack

Purchasing embroidery bobbins in bulk is the most economical way to purchase them. This pack of 144 bobbins provides enough for multiple large projects while saving you money.

You’ll always have plenty of full bobbins on hand for uninterrupted embroidery work. No more paying retail prices for 2 or 3 bobbins at a time. The bulk pack allows your machine to run nonstop.

The money you save on bobbins can be used to buy more thread colors, stabilizer and other important supplies!

Jam Free Reliable Embroidery

These prewound bobbins are manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure flawless stitching and uninterrupted embroidery.

The uniform winding prevents nested or loose threads on the bobbin that can cause thread jams, uneven tension, skipped stitches and embroidery defects.

You can trust these bobbins will provide tangle-free embroidery without headaches. Your machine will run smoothly as you take on embroidery projects big and small.

Wide Range of Applications

Black and white thread wound on plastic sided bobbins is useful for so many embroidery designs and techniques:

– Outlining design details
– Quilting backgrounds
– Underlay and fill stitches
– Adding dimension with black applique edges
– Shading effects
– Lace designs
– Stippling
– Cross hatching
– Monochromatic logos

Load up with these essential black and white bobbins to expand your abilities!

Take Your Embroidery to the Next Level

Step up your embroidery with this bundle of 144 prewound bobbins compatible with Brother, Babylock, Janome, Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff and more. The plastic sided SA155 size L bobbins are wound with premium 50 weight black & white polyester thread ready for beautiful embroidery.


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