Add a Pop of Color to Your Creations with 6 Vibrant Candy-Colored Vinyl Sheets




These stunning translucent vinyl sheets in 6 bold candy colors are just what you need to make your DIY and crafting projects pop! Each set includes 1 sheet each of pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, and orange vinyl measuring 8 x 12 inches (21 x 30 cm).

At just 0.5 mm thick, these flexible vinyl sheets are perfect for sewing into bags, making decorative patches and appliques, designing hair bows, creating statement jewelry pieces, and any other craft or DIY project where you want to add a punch of color. Their translucency gives them a gorgeous jewel-tone look that seems to glow from within.

Vibrant, Lightweight, and Easy to Work With

These vinyl jelly sheets strike the perfect balance between vibrant color and translucent sheen. Their rich hues instantly catch the eye. Meanwhile, their see-through quality gives your designs dimension and shine.

The thin, flexible vinyl material is easy to cut and shape by hand or with scissors. It can also be sewn using a machine or by hand without risk of cracking. Shapes you cut or sew hold their form nicely without getting warped.

At just 0.5 mm thick, these vinyl sheets have a wonderful lightweight, smooth feel. They won’t add bulky thickness to your projects. Their flexibility also allows them to conform nicely to curved and 3D shapes.

Customize Shoes, Bags, Hair Accessories, Jewelry & More

Let your creativity run wild with these versatile vinyl sheets! Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Sew pieces onto shoes, bags, backpacks, and jackets
  • Make glittery belly dance costumes and accessories
  • Craft jeweled hair pins, headbands, scrunchies, and bows
  • Cut shapes and appliques for quilts and textile art
  • Make decorative emblems and patches for jeans, hats, and jackets
  • Cut earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces
  • Make vivid masquerade masks and cosplay props
  • Cover notebooks, photo albums, lampshades, and other home décor

The possibilities are endless! These sheets are a crafter’s dream for adding pops of translucent color to any kind of project.

Vibrant Jewel-Tone Hues

These vinyl sheets come in the following brilliant candy-inspired colors:

Pink: A bright fuchsia pink with blue undertones. Vivid, playful, and eye-catching.

Blue: A rich cobalt blue that makes a bold statement. Darker and more intense than regular royal blue.

Purple: A true violet purple that looks exotic and luxurious. Deep and mysterious jewel-tone shade.

Green: A kelly green with yellow undertones. Crisp, fresh, and cheerful like spring leaves.

Yellow: A bright golden lemon yellow. Warm and sunny with a neon glow.

Orange: A true orange with a juicy citrus flavor. Bursting with energy like a tropical sunset.

These colors are perfect for mixing and matching within a project or using individually as an accent shade. Their transparency gives them a unique glowing, iridescent effect.

Tips for Working with Vinyl Sheets

Vinyl sheets are easy to work with using just basic craft supplies and tools. Here are a few tips:

  • Use sharp scissors or a craft knife to cut smooth edges
  • Draw designs on with marker then cut out shapes
  • Use a straight edge as a guide when cutting long straight lines
  • Cut slowly and firmly in one smooth motion- don’t drag the blade
  • Use pinking shears for decorative zig zag edges
  • Secure with fabric glue for most materials or use hot glue for smooth surfaces like glass or metal
  • Use a low heat setting if ironing vinyl to seal appliques
  • For sewing vinyl sheets, use a sharp needle and polyester thread
  • Avoid pulling too tightly as vinyl can tear if put under too much stress

With the proper care, these vibrant translucent vinyl sheets will bring stunning color to all of your craft and DIY projects. Transform plain shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, bags, costumes, decorations, and more with just a snip or stitch of this colorful material. With 6 jewel-tone shades to mix and match, your creativity will shine bright!


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