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Add A Touch of Natural Charm to Your Home Décor with KEILEOHO Jute Webbing Tape




Give your home décor and craft projects an earthy, rustic touch with KEILEOHO’s jute webbing tape. This versatile craft supply features high-strength, natural jute fiber construction with attention-grabbing red stripes for a pop of color.

At 33 yards long and 3.5 inches wide, this jute roll provides ample vibrant jute webbing to use for a variety of furniture repair, home decorative, and crafting needs. Read on to discover the many ways to utilize this materials must-have.

High-Strength Jute Fiber for Long-Lasting Repairs and Crafts

KEILEOHO upholstery webbing tape contains durable, woven jute fiber, delivering high tensile strength and resistance to everyday wear and tear. This makes the jute webbing ideal for repairing and reinforcing furniture like couches, chairs, headboards, and more.

Simply cut the jute webbing tape to size and tightly weave onto any loose or damaged upholstery seams and edges needing more support. The natural jute material blend into your furniture, providing long-lasting strength without detracting from your décor.

Beyond furnishing fixes, the sturdy jute fiber construction ensures your handmade arts, crafts, and home accents withstand busy households and hold up well over time.

Add Natural Charm to Table Runners, Pillows, Wall Hangings and More

Allow your creativity to run wild with this versatile jute roll! Cut to your desired length and easily sew the edges of the jute webbing tape onto table runners, accent pillows, wall hangings and other home décor items. The natural striped pattern effortlessly enhances rustic, farmhouse, coastal, boho, and eclectic decor themes.

For table runners, stitch along the placemats’ sides, allowing the stripes to cascade down the edges for beautiful dimensional detail.

Bring in natural texture and color to pillows and wall hangings by neatly tacking on pieces of the jute webbing tape to the outer edges or as stripes across the fabric. Mix and match the red stripes with solid jute webbing or fabric ribbons for even more visual interest.

Craft Sturdy Straps, Ties and Handles for Bags, Baskets and Buckets

The jute webbing tape rolls make quick work of crafting durable straps, ties, and handles to embellish your homemade bags, baskets, buckets and more.

Simply measure and cut the jute webbing to your desired length, fold over the edges, and tightly stitch together. Attach your sturdy jute handles to tote bags, picnic baskets, storage buckets and other handcrafted items. The striped pattern adds artisan-quality detail.

Sew the jute webbing tape into long ties for casually cinching cloth tote bags or using as closure ties for burlap sacks. Braid, twist or wrap the jute material into an extra thick strap or rope handle for large, heavy-duty bags and baskets.

Fashion One-of-a-Kind Garlands, Wreaths, and Bows

Create beautiful garlands and wreaths for the home by cutting the jute webbing tape into long strips and gathering them together with floral wire or jute twine. Wrap around doorway frames, stair banisters, fireplace mantels and more to define spaces with natural charm.

For fun holiday and special occasion decor, fashion giant jute bows! Cut long strips of the webbing tape, fold over the ends, and securely stitch together into an oversized bow shape. Adorn wrapped gifts, wreaths, and other decorations.

Use curling ribbon to make spiraled streamers and curly accents to your jute bows and wreaths for extra flair.

Endless Possibilities for Arts, Crafts, Apparel and More

The uses for this versatile jute roll are endless! Beyond home décor projects, integrate the striped webbing tape into wearable fashions and accessories. Sew onto edges of boho skirts and dresses or as straps for sundresses. Weave strips into chunky, natural fiber sandals.

Cut into hair ties, bracelets, necklace cords, hatbands and other accessories. Durable jute takes textile dye well for custom coloring.

Incorporate the jute webbing tape into children’s arts and crafts too! Its simple striped pattern and natural fiber make wonderful borders for youth art pieces. Help kids learn sewing, weaving, knot tying and other handcraft skills while making one-of-a-kind creations with the jute tape.

Why Choose KEILEOHO Jute Webbing Tape?

KEILEOHO jute webbing tape provides crafters, furniture fixers and home decorators an ample 33 yard roll of high-quality, versatile jute webbing tape to utilize for a huge variety of projects! Key benefits include:

  • Durable natural jute fiber construction
  • Attention-grabbing red stripes pattern
  • Generous 33 yard x 3.5 inch size
  • Ideal for reinforcing furniture, décor, crafts, accessories, apparel and more
  • Easy to cut, sew and shape
  • Enhances farmhouse, rustic, coastal and boho design themes

With unlimited possibilities for use, this jute webbing tape roll eliminates the need for multiple rolls of plain jute, pre-made bows, ready-made handles and other single-use supplies. Enjoy ample vibrantly patterned jute webbing in one convenient roll!

Buy with Confidence and Creativity from KEILEOHO

KEILEOHO wants every customer to be completely satisfied with their jute webbing tape purchase. We offer a 30-day return policy, no questions asked. Simply contact us if you need help or have any issues with your order.

Our friendly customer service team is ready to promptly answer any questions about how to best use the jute webbing tape for your specific project needs. We can’t wait to see all the amazing ways you utilize this striped jute tape!

Time to let your creativity loose! Add natural style to your home, fashions, crafts and more with the versatile KEILEOHO Jute Webbing Tape today.


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