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Add Beautiful Embroidered Accents to All Your Sewing Projects with This 44 Piece Embroidery Stabilizer Set




Embellish your sewing projects with beautiful embroidered accents using this convenient 44 piece embroidery stabilizer set. This set contains 2 sheets with 22 unique flower and plant designs that are pre-printed on water soluble stabilizer paper. With 44 individual stick-on patterns to choose from, you’ll have endless options for adding delicate and lively embroidered touches to any fabric item.

These embroidery stabilizers make it so easy to decorate clothing, bags, aprons, pillows, and more. Simply cut out the pattern you want to use, peel off the backing, and stick it onto your fabric. The stabilizer holds your fabric taut so you can neatly embroider the design. When you’re done embroidering, just rinse away the stabilizer in lukewarm water and you’re left with a beautiful stitched flower or leaf on your project.

With 44 different botanical designs to pick from, you can mix and match patterns for a custom embroidered look every time. The realistic flowers and leaves range from bold blooms to delicate vines. Choose vibrant sunflowers, roses, tulips, and daisies or go for a more subtle look with pretty pansies, ivy leaves, ferns, and more. You can even use these stabilizers to embroider accents onto kids’ clothes, linen, or repair holes in old t-shirts.

Details on the 44 Piece Embroidery Stabilizer Set:

– Contains 2 sheets of stabilizer with 22 unique flower and plant designs
– 44 individual embroidery patterns total
– Water soluble stabilizer washes away cleanly after embroidering
– Pre-printed sticky patterns for convenience
– Realistic flower and botanical designs
– Patterns range in size from 1” to 3”
– Sheets measure 8.3” x 11.7” (standard A4 size)

How to Use These Embroidery Stabilizers:

1. Cut out the desired pattern from the stabilizer sheet.

2. Peel off the paper backing to expose the adhesive.

3. Stick the pattern to the fabric you want to embroider. Smooth down gently.

4. Embroider over the design with thread using your preferred stitches.

5. When finished embroidering, rinse away the stabilizer by placing under warm running water.

6. Let the fabric dry to reveal your beautiful embroidered design.

Endless Possibilities for Embellishing Your Sewing Projects

The possibilities are endless when you use these pre-printed embroidery stabilizer patterns. Here are just some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

– Embroider flower wreaths, vines, or bouquets on clothing
– Add embroidered leaves, ferns, or succulents to jeans or jackets
– Sew pretty floral accents onto bags, purses, backpacks, and totes
– Embellish hand towels, wash cloths, curtains, and other linens
– Personalize aprons, kitchen items, pot holders, and table runners
– Decorate pillows and cushions with colorful embroidered flowers
– Stitch flower designs onto fabric shoes, boots, and slippers
– Repair holes in old t-shirts or jeans with embroidered accents
– Embellish kids’ clothing, accessories, backpacks, and more

With this embroidery stabilizer set, it’s easy for sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels to add artistic flair to projects. The pre-printed designs take the hassle out of transferring patterns, so you can jump right into embroidering. Simply unleash your creativity, mix and match the patterns, and watch your fabric come alive with beautiful results!


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