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AMZQNART EVA Foam Cosplay Foam Roll – 10mm Thick, 39 x 59in Sheet for DIY Costume Crafts




Bring your cosplay ideas to life with this premium EVA foam sheet from AMZQNART! Measuring a spacious 39 x 59 inches, this ultra-dense foam provides ample material for crafting large costumes and props with ease. The 10mm thickness offers a sturdy base for intricate designs that hold their shape beautifully. Sand, carve, paint, and decorate this resilient foam to create unique DIY cosplays that will turn heads at any comic con!

Massive Cosplay Crafting Potential

With 16 square feet of smooth, black EVA foam, creative cosplayers can craft almost anything imaginable for their next costume roleplay. Construct armor for medieval knights, robots, and sci-fi warriors. Shape intricate wings for fairies, angels, and dark monsters. Form flowing capes, menacing claws, mystical staffs, and more – the possibilities are endless!

The foam’s lightweight feel and flexibility allow for comfortable all-day wearability. Curve, bend, and manipulate the foam as needed to design costumes that move with your body. The ultra-high 90 kg/m3 density prevents creasing over time, enabling precise detail work.

Sturdy Structure, Smooth Finish

This top-quality EVA foam retains its form with minimal warping or denting during handling. The durable foam stands up to repeated sanding, cutting, and handling throughout the creation process. Sculpt smooth finishes and crisp edges for professional-looking costumes that mimic the source material.

Strong adhesion properties also let you securely glue pieces together for multi-part designs. Connect additional foam sheets using contact cement for even larger projects. The black foam color provides the perfect blank canvas for painting techniques to make designs pop.

Customizable Cosplay Crafting Material

Personalize your foam cosplay creations with paint, fabric, molded details, and more! Apply acrylic paints to color armor. Use puffy paints to add raised textures and dimension. Adhere faux fur or fabric with contact cement to add lifelike accents.

Seal finished foam pieces with plastidip spray to protect paintwork and strengthen the foam surface. Add straps, buckles, and other attachments to create wearable costume pieces. Insert LED lights to illuminate glowing costume elements.

Versatile Foam Sheet for All DIY Projects

This high-density EVA foam has endless applications beyond cosplay costuming. Use it for DIY crafts, theatrical props, architectural models, RC plane/boat building, and any project that requires a sturdy, carveable material.

The 10mm thickness provides just the right amount of strength and manipulation. Easily cut the foam to size using an electric carving knife, razor blade, or hot wire foam cutter. Create smooth beveled edges with a sanding block.

The foam’s texture also enables effortless painting, allowing vivid colors to pop. Adhere felt, sequins, and other materials to the surface to embellish projects. With the right tools and techniques, this foam brings any design concept to 3D life.

Why Choose Our EVA Foam Sheet?

  • Huge 39 x 59in size – No need to glue multiple sheets together!
  • 10mm thickness – Provides strength while still being pliable.
  • Ultra high 90 kg/m3 density – Holds shape and detail with minimal warping.
  • Smooth black foam – Ideal for paint adherence and hiding imperfections.
  • Lightweight and flexible – Comfortable for wearing and moving.

Customer Reviews

“This EVA foam sheet is perfect for DIY cosplay projects. The large size provides more than enough material for creating armor and props.” – Samantha R.

“I used this foam to create wings for my daughter’s angel Halloween costume. The foam cut well with an electric knife and held its shape while we painted it.” – Daniel T.

“I love how dense yet flexible this foam is. I created a Warcraft-inspired shoulder armor that moves comfortably with my body.” – Jacob P.

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