ANSOMO Black and Silver Party Supplies Kit – Must-Have Decorations for Milestone Birthday Celebrations




Make their special birthday one to remember with this complete party decorations kit by ANSOMO. Whether it’s their 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th or any age in between, these classic black and silver decorations will help you transform any space into a stylish celebration venue.

Everything You Need for a Picture-Perfect Party

This set comes with all the essentials to decorate for a momentous birthday bash. The high-quality materials and elegant yet fun designs will set the tone for an unforgettable event.

Decorative Happy Birthday Banner

The centerpiece of any birthday decor is a banner proudly displaying “Happy Birthday”. This set includes a lovely one with each letter flag measuring 4.5 x 6.9 inches. The letters are printed in black with silver accents on satiny material that will add a touch of sophistication. Easily hang the banner with the included ribbons.

Premium Balloons in Festive Hues

What’s a party without balloons? This kit includes 30 sturdy latex balloons in black, silver, white and silver speckled confetti patterns. Each balloon measures 12 inches across to make a bold statement. Arrange them on columns, walls, arches or ceilings with the provided 33 feet of ribbon.

Shimmering Fringe Curtain

Create a photo backdrop or accent wall with the included foil fringe curtain. At 3.3 x 6.5 feet, it’s large enough to draw attention wherever you hang it. The shiny silver strands sway gently to add movement and catch the light. Use it as the perfect focal point for your party space.

Coordinating Garland & Pom Poms

Bring the color scheme together with the matching 6.5 foot black and silver polka dot garland and 6 tissue pom poms. Use them to decorate food tables, gift displays, railings, fireplace mantels and more. Their versatile design makes it easy to tie in with any party style.

Endless Theme Possibilities

While black and silver decor inherently exudes sophistication, you can use this versatile kit to achieve a wide variety of looks:

  • Classic: For an elegant, timeless affair, use these decorations on their own. The colors and textures marry together beautifully for a clean and refined aesthetic.
  • Hollywood Glam: Channel old Hollywood with a black-tie optional dress code. Add touches of gold, crystal accents, feathers and sparkling backdrops.
  • Roaring 20s: For a throwback to the jazz age, incorporate fringe, sequins, feathers and beads. Serve cocktails and get the party dancing the Charleston.
  • Gatsby Chic: Channel a Great Gatsby soiree with art deco details. Add decadent flowers, strings of pearls, antique furniture and a champagne tower.
  • Gothic Romance: For a vampire or gothic masquerade, layer in black lace, candelabras, rich velvets and play moody music. Hand out masks and get your Dracula on.

Decorate in Minutes with Included Supplies

With everything you need in one convenient kit, party prep is a breeze. Use the 33 feet of included ribbons to easily hang the fringe curtain, garland, pom poms and balloons. Each balloon comes with a attached ribbon so you can customize the display. Hang the stylish banner with the attached satin ribbons in minutes.

Before you know it, you’ll have an elegantly decorated space ready for a black tie optional birthday bash. As guests arrive, watch their eyes light up when they see your gorgeous decor. After snapping some pictures and mingling over cocktails, it will be time for the guest of honor to make their grand entrance.

Surprise Them with an Unforgettable Celebration

They’ll be so delighted when they walk in to see all their loved ones ready to celebrate their big day. Lead them to the head table or cake display for a dramatic reveal. Capture their reaction on camera when they realize how decked out the venue is.

The beautiful decorations will make a lasting impression and show how much their special day means to you. They’re sure to feel like the star of the show all night long.

As the guest of honor makes their birthday wish and cuts into the cake, everyone will cheer. Pass out party hats, blowers and snacks to keep the fun going. The dance floor will be packed and the photo booth will have a line as guests capture all the memorable moments.

At the end of the night, they’ll be raving about how it was the best birthday ever. When you present them with photos from the party decor, balloons and all, they’ll be thrilled to relive each special moment.

Make Milestone Birthdays Unforgettable with ANSOMO

Give them a celebration they’ll always remember with this complete black and silver birthday decorations kit. The high-quality materials and trendy yet timeless design will elevate any soiree into an elegant affair. Use the included banners, balloons, pom poms, garland and fringe curtain to instantly transform your space. With a little creativity, you can match this versatile set to any theme. It has everything you need in one convenient pack to decorate in minutes. ANSOMO takes the guesswork out of party planning so you can relax and enjoy every moment with the guest of honor. Make their next landmark birthday one for the ages!


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