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ArtBin 6947ZZ Photo & Craft Organizer Box – Keep Your Crafting Essentials Neatly Stored and Organized




Tired of rummaging through piles of craft supplies to find what you need? Struggling with messy drawers overflowing with ribbons, buttons, and embellishments? The ArtBin 6947ZZ Photo & Craft Organizer Set is the perfect solution for keeping all your crafting tools and materials neatly stored and easily accessible.

This organizer set includes one large 7.5″ x 7.2″ x 5.2″ clear plastic box and five smaller 4″ x 6″ clear plastic boxes that fit neatly inside the larger box. The sleek, transparent design allows you to quickly identify contents without having to open the boxes. The tightly sealing latches keep supplies secure inside, whether using the boxes at home or transporting them. With endless possibilities, this organizer set is ideal for crafters, artists, photographers, and hobbyists.

Keep Photos & Memorabilia Organized

The small boxes are perfectly sized for 4×6 photos, cards, and other flat paper memorabilia. Keep special photos protected from dust, damage, and moisture inside the clear boxes. Organize by event, year, or theme for quick access to pictures and cards. The portability of the set makes it easy to transport crafts or layout supplies to crop parties or classes.

Corral Embellishments & Stamping Supplies

Get overwhelmed trying to find that one perfect button or embellishment buried in a drawer? This set helps keep all those little extras handy and untangled. Use the small boxes to organize buttons, rhinestones, beads, pins, and any other small embellishments. Keep adhesive stamps, ink pads, and other stamping tools organized in the larger box. The clear design lets you see what you have before digging through a messy drawer.

Store Fabric & Crafting Materials

Fabric, ribbon, lace, and other soft crafting materials can be neatly folded and stacked inside these storage boxes. Keep different patterns, colors, and textures together yet separated from one another. The hard plastic sides help keep flexible materials from becoming a jumbled mess. Use the interior dividers in the small boxes to separate and organize bobbins, spools, and other winding craft supplies.

Protect Art & Craft Supplies

Paints, inks, adhesives, and other artistic mediums can be securely contained inside these tightly sealed boxes. Keep bottles upright and separated with the dividers to prevent spills or messes. The transparent design allows quick visual confirmation of box contents. Easily transport projects without worrying about leaks or spills inside bags or backpacks.

Key Features:

  • Set includes 6 total clear plastic organizer boxes – 1 large and 5 small
  • Latching lids keep contents securely contained
  • Transparent design allows easy viewing of contents
  • Small boxes feature movable dividers to customize compartments
  • Durable plastic construction protects contents
  • Portable for easy transport and storage
  • Endless uses for photos, cards, crafts, fabrics, art supplies, and more

Endless Organization Possibilities

This organizer set is perfect for any crafter, artist, or hobbyist in need of tidier storage solutions. Keep sewing notions sorted, art supplies separated, or photos protected. Use the boxes individually or stacked together for the ultimate organizational experience. With a sleek yet functional design, this set eliminates clutter while keeping crafting accessories within reach.

Give your craft room, office, or art supplies the order they deserve with the ArtBin 6947ZZ Photo & Craft Organizer Set. The storage possibilities are endless with these durable stacking organizer boxes. Click Add to Cart now to keep your crafting passions neat and organized!


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