AZURAOKEY Embroidery Floss Organizers – 36-Hole Acrylic Thread Storage for Cross Stitch, Knitting, Sewing




The Ultimate Embroidery Floss Organizer for Crafters

Keep your embroidery floss neat, organized, and easy to find with the AZURAOKEY Embroidery Floss Organizers. As any embroiderer knows, keeping your wide selection of floss tidily stored can be a challenge. No more hassle unwinding knots or struggling to find the right color. These acrylic floss storage boards smoothly organize your thread collection and save you valuable crafting time!

The set includes 2 acrylic boards, each with 36 conveniently labeled and sized holes to organize your floss. Group similar shades together or store your full inventory across both boards. Each hole evenly winds your thread to prevent tangling and keep it smooth flowing. No more spending time untangling knots when you’re ready to stitch! Locate any color or number instantly without the frustration of disorganized boxes or bags.

High-Quality Thick Acrylic for Durability

These acrylic floss boards are crafted from 5mm thick acrylic for durability you can rely on. The thick, high-quality plastic is resistant to breaking under the weight of your thread collection. Built to last through years of regular use.

The transparent acrylic allows you to easily see your thread colors for quick identification. Durable printing labels each hole from 1 to 72 so you can intuitively organize any floss brand’s numbering system. Keep DMC, Anchor, J&P Coats, or other embroidery thread neatly arranged.

Portable and Space-Saving

Take your organized embroidery projects on the go. These acrylic boards are lightweight yet sturdy. Easily pack them in your bag, craft tote, or sewing box. Two boards with 72 holes each allow you to keep your whole floss collection within arm’s reach for stitching anywhere.

At home, the compact acrylic boards sit neatly on tabletops or shelves without taking up much space. Stack multiple boards to expand your storage. Great for keeping your current colors handy in your work area or displaying your collection.

No More Knots and Tangles!

If you love embroidering but dread the hassle of untangling your floss, these boards are for you. Simply wind your thread evenly around the pins. The smooth, specially designed holes prevent knots, kinks, and snags.

Just unwind the floss as you stitch without tangling slowing you down. You’ll be amazed how much time it saves over struggling with knotted skeins. The frustration-free embroidery experience lets you fully enjoy immersing in your projects!

Keep Complex Patterns Organized

Intricate embroidery patterns call for many colors of floss. Keep them systematically arranged so you always know right where to find the next shade you need. No more squinting at knotted threads trying to identify ambiguous colors. Just glance at the boards to immediately pick your next floss.

Whether you’re embroidering detailed floral bouquets, animal portraits, landscapes, or motifs, staying organized helps keep your place as you move across the pattern. Minimize mistakes from picking up the wrong color. Create polished works you’ll be proud to display.

Designed for Any Skill Level

From beginners learning their first stitches to seasoned crafters creating intricate patterns, every embroiderer needs reliable floss storage. Keep your embroidery area neat and efficient no matter your skill level. The clearly labeled numbering helps new embroiderers get acquainted with floss identification.

The frustration-free tangle resistance keeps you in your creative flow without interruptions. Expert embroiderers can undertake more complex works with the full palette organized. Let these boards streamline your projects for pure stitching enjoyment!

Gift Your Favorite Embroiderer Hassle-Free Organization

Know someone who loves embroidering? These acrylic floss boards make a thoughtful gift to bring joy and convenience to their hobby. Upgrade any embroidery lover from jumbled boxes and bags to tidy, tangle-free storage. They’ll appreciate the time savings and organization for their cherished craft.

Give them more time to enjoy stitching and less untangling knots! See their workspace become neater and more efficient. A gift that keeps giving through years of crafting.

Embroider with ease and efficiency with the AZURAOKEY Floss Organizers. Tidy up your embroidery station and never struggle with knots and tangles again!


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