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BARVA Weighted Yarn Ball Holder with Advanced Bearing for Smooth Unwinding – Two Sizes for All Your Knitting and Crochet Projects




Tired of yarn balls rolling all over and getting tangled while you knit or crochet? The BARVA Weighted Yarn Ball Holder keeps your yarn neatly in place and makes unwinding a breeze. With its advanced bearing and anti-slip pads, this yarn dispenser allows the ball to spin smoothly as you pull yarn from it. No more snags or frustrating tangles!

This innovative yarn holder is weighted to keep even large, heavy yarn balls stable. The sturdy metal construction prevents tipping and slipping. Extra-strong suction pads on the base grip your tabletop securely. Two size options accommodate skeins of any size – standard or jumbo.

Suitable for all types of yarn including wool, cotton, acrylic, alpaca, silk and more, this ball winder works with any weight and texture. The smooth 360 degree rotation prevents delicate yarns from catching and breaking.

With its tall upright design, this yarn dispenser is ideal for knitting projects like sweaters, afghans and scarves that use a lot of yarn. The weighted base takes up minimal space so you can keep your work area neat and organized. No more chasing escaped yarn balls on the floor!

This indispensable knitting and crochet accessory makes an excellent gift for the crafter in your life. They’ll appreciate having an easy way to manage yarn and prevent tangles. The sleek, minimalist design looks elegant in any craft room.

For beginners just starting out, the BARVA yarn holder provides a frustration-free way to learn knitting or crochet. The tangle-free experience helps build confidence. Advanced makers will enjoy the convenience of quickly unwinding different colors of yarn for complex patterns and textures.

Key Features:

  • Weighted base up to 1kg keeps yarn balls stable
  • Tall vertical design saves space
  • Advanced ball bearing allows smooth, kink-free unwinding
  • Strong suction pads prevent sliding or tipping
  • Two size options for standard and jumbo yarn balls
  • Sleek stainless steel construction

For knitters and crocheters who are tired of fighting with unruly yarn, the BARVA yarn holder is a game changer. The frustration of tangled yarn disrupting your projects is a thing of the past.

This genius device allows you to unwind yarn smoothly and tangle-free. Just place your yarn ball on the holder, pull yarn as needed, and enjoy snag-free feeding every time. The advanced bearing provides fluid, flawless spinning without any catches or snags.

The weighted base gives stability to prevent tipping, sliding, or rolls across your workspace. At 1kg, this substantial metal base grip your tabletop firmly. Four anti-slip pads add further security, protecting wood or vinyl surfaces from scratches.

Two size options allow you to store standard yarn skeins up to 5 inches, or jumbo 8 inch super size balls. With capacity for 6-8 ounces up to a full 1 pound skein, this holder accommodates all types of yarn.

The tall vertical design means this dispenser stands just 8 inches high but takes up minimal footprint. Keep your knitting area tidy and organized, with immediate access to yarn within arm’s reach.

This indispensable tool makes knitting and crocheting portable. Take it anywhere – your patio, living room, office, or park – and always have neatly unwinding yarn available. The compact weighted base frees your hands from constantly having to manage unrolling yarn.

With its minimalist stainless steel design, this yarn holder looks elegant and professional on any tabletop. The gleaming metal finish and smoothly rotating ball complement your yarn’s colors.

For knitting, crocheting, weaving, and any project requiring unwound yarn, the BARVA Yarn Ball Holder eliminates hassles and tangles. It’s the perfect accessory for savvy crafters who want to focus on creating instead of fighting yarn. Make every project enjoyable and unwind with ease.


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