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Beadalon 49-Strand Stainless Steel Jewelry Beading Wire – Flexible and Durable for All Beading Projects




Create Stunning Jewelry with Beadalon’s 49-Strand Stainless Steel Beading Wire

Beadalon’s 49-strand stainless steel beading wire is the ultimate jewelry making tool for crafters and designers. With incredible strength and unbeatable flexibility, this high-quality wire enables you to string beads of all types to create jewelry masterpieces.

Comprised of 49 micro-strands of .925 sterling silver, this jewelry wire provides superior durability for all your beading projects. The bright silver strands are coated in a clear nylon for smooth stringing and to prevent tarnishing.

String Any Bead with Ease

The fine 49-strand construction makes this beading wire the most flexible option available. Easily string beads and gemstones of all hole sizes onto this wire without friction or kinking. The slim diameter also allows you to create intricate multi-strand designs.

The flexibility ensures your finished pieces have a professional look with a nice drape. No more wavy, kinked necklaces and bracelets! This wire glides smoothly through bead holes for perfect results every time.

Built Tough for Secure Jewelry

While the 49 ultra-fine strands provide unbeatable pliability, the stainless steel offers incredible tensile strength. Pieces made with this high-quality beading wire will stand up to regular wear without stretching, deforming or breaking.

The sturdy wire also allows you to create chunky statement pieces using larger beads and pendants. Properly crimped, the strands will securely hold components to make heirloom-quality jewelry.

Protective Nylon Coating

The thin nylon coating serves two important purposes. First, it bundles the fine stainless steel strands together, providing a consistent diameter for easy stringing. Second, it protects the wire from tarnishing and abrasion during beading.

The clear coating is thin enough that crimp beads and tubes fit snugly over the wire. The nylon ensures smooth stringing and keeps your wire looking bright and new over time.

Versatile for All Jewelry Projects

This high-performing 49-strand stainless steel wire is perfect for:

– Necklaces
– Bracelets
– Anklets
– Lariats
– Headbands & hair accessories
– Bookmarks
– Key chains
– Zipper pulls
– Mask chains
– Pet collars

Use it to string:

– Gemstones like quartz, agate, jasper, etc.
– Glass beads
– Crystal beads
– Wood beads
– Metal beads
– Pearl beads
– Plastic beads

It can also handle small pendants, found objects, and jewelry charms. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for Success

– Select the smallest diameter wire that beads and findings will easily accommodate
– Use calipers to measure bead holes if unsure of fit
– Match wire diameter to size of crimp beads and tubes
– Limit wire exposure to 6-8 inches during stringing to prevent kinking
– Use crimp pliers to firmly secure crimps over wire
– Trim excess wire close to crimp with flush cutters

Shop with Confidence

Beadalon is passionate about providing high-quality materials for jewelry makers and designers. We manufacture our exceptional beading wire right here in the USA.

With proper stringing and finishing techniques, pieces made with this wire will become family treasures. Our customer service team is also ready to promptly answer any questions you may have.

Add this stainless steel stringing wire to your jewelry making toolbox and create spectacular designs!


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