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BEADIA Natural Amazonite Spacer Beads – Luxurious Semi-Precious Stone Perfect for Chic Statement Jewelry




Make a bold statement with the natural beauty of BEADIA’s Amazonite spacer beads. These glamorous 4mm rondelle beads are crafted from genuine Amazonite semi-precious stone for an elegant pop of color.

Each lustrous bead features a flattened disk shape with a height of 2mm, creating a trendy spaced effect when strung. Add an artful display of soothing light blue-green with these top-quality beads perfect for your next jewelry project.

Genuine Natural Semi-Precious Stone

BEADIA uses authentic untreated Amazonite for a display of true natural color and patterning. No dyes or artificial enhancements are used, showcasing the striking prismatic color variations found only in real Amazonite.

Amazonite is a fascinating feldspar mineral treasured for its pale aqua tones ranging from nearly white to deep teal blue-green. Flecks of white, grey, and black create distinctive veining and mottling that makes each bead truly one-of-a-kind.

Experience the mesmerizing depth and dimension of genuine semi-precious stone. BEADIA Amazonite beads make every creation genuinely unique.

Unique Healing Properties

In crystal healing traditions, Amazonite carries a refreshing energy that invigorates the spirit and soothes the soul. It is known for improving confidence, easing communication, and dissolving energy blockages.

Amazonite calms nerves and dispels negative energy. It brings a sense of hope, harmony, and emotional balance. With its cool azure tones, Amazonite provides a soothing antidote to the frenzied pace of modern life.

Add the healing benefits of natural stone to your jewelry designs with BEADIA beads. Let Amazonite infuse your creations with its inspirational energy.

Versatile Statement Beads

Measuring 38cm in total length, this strand is perfect for chokers, bracelets, lariats, and more. The flattened rondelle shape creates visual space between beads for a modern, artful look.

Use them as focal points or incorporate them throughout your design. Amazonite’s cool, elegant hue complements warm metals like gold and copper. Pair with crystal, wood, pearl or complimentary stones.

Make a boho chic statement necklace or bracelet. Accent a pendant wrap or tassel. Add pops of color to earrings and dangles. Get creative with these vividly hued natural stone beads!

Superior Quality

BEADIA sources only Grade A Amazonite known for its vibrant color saturation and distinctive patterning. Skilled artisans shape and polish each bead to a smooth, consistent finish.

The 4mm size is ideal for comfortable threading and knotting. Sturdy stringing holes prevent breakage during jewelry assembly and wear. Experience the superior quality of BEADIA in every handcrafted bead.

Share the Healing Power of Gemstones

Share the gift of natural stone with loved ones who could benefit from Amazonite’s inspiring, soothing energy.

Customize a bracelet with birthstones for a thoughtful gift. Craft a lariat necklace to display their favorite crystal healing stones. Design meaningful keepsakes with BEADIA beads.

Design and Create with Natural Stone

Let your inspiration run freely with artful beads crafted from genuine Amazonite. Add alluring light blue-green hues to your favorite jewelry designs.

Achieve the spaced bead look that’s in high demand using the conveniently shaped rondelle beads. Feel the soothing, optimistic energy of Amazonite elevate your creativity.

Discover the beauty, quality, and healing power of natural stone with BEADIA. Bring striking Amazonite statement pieces to life bead by bead.

Product Details

  • 38cm strand of 4mm x 2mm Amazonite rondelle spacer beads
  • Natural untreated genuine Amazonite stone
  • Unique mottling and veining in each bead
  • Soothing green-blue color
  • Crystal healing properties
  • Smooth polished finish
  • For jewelry making and crafting

Experience genuine Amazonite with BEADIA Natural Stone Spacer Beads. Create trendy boho statement jewelry with artful beads brimming with inspiring energy.


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