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Bleached White 100% Cotton Muslin Fabric – 1 Yard of 60″ Wide Draping Cloth




Discover the versatile magic of muslin fabric with this high-quality bleached white cotton. At 60″ wide, this soft muslin is ideal for draping projects, mock-ups, backdrop curtains, and any application where a lightweight drape with natural stiffness is desired.

Muslin fabric has been relied on by sewists and designers for generations. The plain cotton weave has just enough body to hold gentle gathers and pleats. It’s the perfect fabric for creating no-fuss curtains, testing pattern designs, and bringing your creative visions to life.

This bleached muslin has gone through an extensive bleaching process to achieve an ultra-bright white color. No more struggling with off-whites or creams that photograph grey and dull! The clean, bright white looks crisp in any application.

Drape this fabric as a photo backdrop for crisp, professional shots. The finely woven cotton diffuses light beautifully without distracting backgrounds or shadows. Use it to create mock-ups of bridal gowns, theater costumes, or fashion designs. The neutral white shows the silhouette without obscuring details.


– 100% cotton
– Medium weight with balanced drape and stiffness
– Bleached ultra-white color
– Smooth surface, not slubbed or textured
– 60″ wide by 1 yard long
– Machine washable

Sewing & Quilting Projects

Bleached muslin is a quilter’s best friend. It provides an affordable solid fabric for piecing quilts, especially if you’ll be practicing a new technique. The lightweight fabric also works beautifully for quilt lining.

This easy-sewing cotton is perfect for mock-ups and fitting muslins. Adjust the fit on sewing patterns before cutting into your fashion fabric. Test out clothing designs and make alterations as needed until you achieve a flawless fit.

Make children’s clothing, casual summer apparel, and everyday pieces from this durable natural fiber. Muslin softens over time andlayers comfortably against skin. Hay you can even decorate apparel and accessories using fabric markers, stencils, tie-dye, and more.

Decor & Backdrops

Drape this cotton fabric to create DIY photo backdrops on a budget. The neutral white looks clean and modern, providing a versatile background for product or portrait shots. Avoid expensive studio rentals by building your own popup backdrop with PVC pipe and muslin.

Sew the fabric into curtains for a breezy layered look. Muslin diffuses light softly while providing sun protection. Use a rod pocket or tabs to hang simple curtain panels on your windows. Add character by layering multiple panels in varying lengths.

Stretch the fabric over wood frames to create abstract art pieces. Get creative with pleating, gathering, and fraying. Paint or spray bleach to add more visual interest. Display these fabric art pieces as alternative headboards, wall hangings, room dividers, and more.

Crafting & Prototyping

Achieve stunning results hand-dyeing this high-quality muslin. The lightweight cotton absorbs dye readily and evenly. Create ombre effects, tie-dyed patterns, or saturated solids.

Use it for embroidery projects, iron-on transfers, fabric markers, and other fabric crafts. The smooth weave provides an ideal base fabric for embellishing. The neutral white backdrop lets your stitching and designs take center stage.

Construct prototypes of sewing patterns, dolls, stuffed animals, and other crafts before using more expensive materials. Check proportions and make changes as needed to achieve your vision.

Designers trust muslin for mocking up visions before producing final products. Use it to create fashion prototypes, architectural models, theater sets, and interior decor concepts. Transform your ideas into reality with this fabric.

Trust Your Creations to High-Quality Muslin

This bleached white cotton offers the drape, handling, and performance needed for a huge range of textile applications. Sewists and creative professionals rely on the versatile utility of muslin fabric. Bring your sewing room dreams to life with this foundational material!


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