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Bring Home the Adorable Clingy Corgi Embroidery Kit – An Easy and Fun Project for Beginners!




Bring home the cuteness and start stitching right away with the Clingy Corgi Embroidery Kit! This beginner-friendly embroidery project allows you to create a beautiful 16″ x 20″ wall décor or gift featuring an adorable clingy corgi dog motif. With its easy-to-follow instructions and included supplies, this embroidery kit makes learning and mastering basic stitches a breeze.

Everything You Need to Get Started with Embroidery

In this kit, you’ll find:

– Pre-printed high quality 11CT Egyptian cotton linen fabric with the corgi design featuring clear symbols and numbers to guide you
– 6 skeins of colorful embroidery floss in 22 shades
– 2 embroidery needles
– An easy-to-follow instruction guide

The high quality cotton fabric has a tight weave and just the right amount of thickness, making it easy to stitch through. The vibrant embroidery floss won’t fade or bleed. With the floss being 30% more than you need, you’ll have plenty for any oopsies!

The instructions included break down all the stitches used in this design. Follow along to learn essential embroidery skills like the backstitch, satin stitch, and French knot.

Relax and Unwind While Creating Something Beautiful

Embroidery is a relaxing, meditative hobby that reduces stress. As you mindfully stitch each section, you’ll find yourself becoming absorbed in the repetitive motion. Let your worries slip away as you bring this corgi to life one stitch at a time!

The pre-printed design takes the guesswork out of embroidery. Simply follow the clear symbols printed directly on the fabric. Use the color key to match up floss colors to areas of the design. The numbers let you tackle one section at a time.

You’ll gain a wonderful sense of accomplishment watching your stitches materialize into the sweet face of this clingy corgi. Once completed, you’ll have a custom wall art piece or handmade gift to be proud of!

The Perfect Introduction to Needlework for All Ages

Whether you’re trying embroidery for the first time or looking to revisit this gratifying hobby, this kit makes it easy to get started.

Kids will enjoy learning a new tactile skill while creating a cute picture of their favorite dog breed. The straightforward instructions allow children as young as 8 years old to complete this project with minimal supervision.

Adults of all ages will find this kit relaxing and fulfilling. No embroidery experience is required – the instructions cover all the basics. Follow along to learn four classic embroidery stitches to add to your crafty repertoire.

This kit also makes a wonderful gift for the crafty person in your life. Surprise them with everything they need to make their first embroidery masterpiece!

Display Your Masterpiece with Pride

Once completed, this beautiful corgi embroidery can be framed, made into a pillow, or displayed as is. The vibrant colors will make this pooch pop against any wall.

Imagine the joy of displaying your finished work and telling friends and family that you stitching it yourself! Your house guests won’t believe you’re a beginner.

Give this clingy corgi a special place where you can admire your handiwork and reflect on the relaxation the process brought you. Let it be a reminder of the creativity you can tap into when you try something new.

Embark on Your Embroidery Journey Today

Discover the magic of embroidery with this charming clingy corgi kit. With its thoughtful design and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be stitching up a cute masterpiece in no time! This satisfying project is perfect for beginners and makes a wonderful gift. Order your kit today and bring home the adorable clingy corgi!


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