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Capture Unique Skin Tones and Textures with HOMSAILMO Alcohol Markers




Give life to your artistic visions with the HOMSAILMO Skin Tone Art Marker Set. This set of 30 realistic flesh-toned markers allows you to recreate subtle gradients and textures for natural-looking skin illustrations. Whether you’re an aspiring artist learning to render portraits or a professional illustrator breathing life into dynamic characters, these markers are essential for your toolkit.

Dual-Tip Design for Detail and Shading

Each marker features a brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other, providing versatility for both fine details and larger color-blocking. The brush tip is perfect for soft edges, blending, and creating texture. The chisel tip allows you to efficiently fill larger areas with flat color. Effortlessly transition between stippling, hatching, and cross-hatching to build up realistic skin textures.

Vibrant, Alcohol-Based Pigments

These markers feature professional-grade, alcohol-based pigments that deliver rich, vivid hues. The quick-drying ink is instantly blendable for seamless gradients. Layer and mix colors right on the page to achieve natural-looking dimension in your skin illustrations. The ink is also resistant to bleed-through, allowing you to layer colors without muddying your artwork.

30 Realistic Flesh Tones

This set was thoughtfully curated to provide a wide spectrum of natural skin colors. Neutral undertones like beige, tan, and brown allow you to render subtle contours. Pink and peach hues bring a lively glow to cheeks and lips. The specially formulated colors make it easy to illustrate skin in different lighting conditions and skin types. Reference photos to perfectly match skin colors or experiment with mixing your own custom flesh tones.

Perfect for Portraits, Comics, Illustrations

Bring your portraits and figures to life with nuanced skin textures. The skin tone markers are ideal for rendering facial features, creating a focal point for viewers. Give characters personality by illustrating features like freckles, birthmarks, and wrinkles. Use shading to sculpt convincing muscle and bone structure in figures. Comic artists can quickly lay flat color and define contours on faces and bodies. The possibilities are endless with this versatile set!

Odorless, Low-Odor Ink

The ink formula is not only vibrant, but also low-odor for a comfortable art experience. You can focus on perfecting techniques without unpleasant chemical smells. The odorless ink is also great for classrooms, beginners, and anyone looking for a more pleasant art medium.

Quick Color Identification

Each marker barrel displays the color name for easy selection. The included color chart allows you to quickly find and organize your most-used tones. The color-coded caps also help you identify groups of similar shades at a glance. Spend less time searching and more time creating lifelike textures.

Prevent Ink Drying with Secure Caps

The secure-fit caps provide an airtight seal to keep your markers juicy and ready to use for every art session. Simply cap your markers when not in use to prevent the alcohol ink from drying out. The ink won’t evaporate through the high-quality plastic barrel either. With proper storage, these markers will maintain a smooth, vivid flow.

Environmentally-Friendly and Safe

The marker barrels are crafted from premium plastic and the ink formula is non-toxic when dry. It’s completely safe for artists of all ages. Environmentally-conscious artists will also appreciate that the ink meets ASTM safety standards. Unleash your artistic potential without worries using this responsible art medium.

Complete Your Art Toolkit

Every artist needs a set of realistic skin markers in their toolkit. Use these alcohol-based markers standalone for quick sketches or combine them with watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils and more. Layer them under paint for vivid undertones or use them to refine details as a finishing touch. Watch your portraits and figures come to life with these essential skin markers.

Try Them Risk-Free!

We stand behind the quality of these markers. We want you to love your purchase, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy, simply contact us to return the markers with no questions asked. With such vibrant, blendable pigments, we’re sure you’ll be amazed by what you create. Add this skin marker set to your cart today!


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