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Castle Art Supplies 120+ Piece Mixed Media Art Pencil Collection – Unleash Your Creative Potential!




Are you an artist looking to push your creative boundaries and explore new mixed media techniques? Castle Art Supplies has you covered with the ultimate 120+ piece pencil set for mixed media mastery!

This all-in-one pencil set brings together the highest quality colored, watercolor, metallic, pastel, graphite, and charcoal pencils so you can orchestrate stunning works of art.

Explore the limitless possibilities of combining different pencil mediums. Achieve captivating contrasts, textures, details and dramatic effects. This versatile pencil collection gives you the creative freedom to discover your signature style.

Pencil Variety to Ignite Your Inspiration

The Castle Art Supplies 120+ Piece Pencil Collection includes:

  • 48 richly pigmented colored pencils for vivid, intense color
  • 12 vibrant watercolor pencils that activate with water
  • 12 shimmering metallic pencils for eye-catching accents
  • 12 soft pastel pencils for delicate blending
  • 6 precise graphite pencils ranging from 6B to 4H
  • 12 charcoal pencils for dramatic darks
  • Assorted water brushes, blenders and sharpeners for editing and blending

Mix and match all these professional art pencils to unlock a world of creative possibilities! Achieve spectacular tonal variation, contrast, details, and textures.

Master Mixed Media Artistry

Follow the step-by-step tutorials in the included instruction booklet to learn essential mixed media pencil techniques:

  • Combine colored and graphite pencils for vibrant, detailed drawings
  • Use watercolor pencils wet or dry for versatile effects
  • Incorporate pastels and charcoals for smudgy backgrounds
  • Add metallics for eye-catching accents and textures
  • Blend, burnish, and build up layers for depth
  • Use water brushes for smooth gradients and delicacy

This expansive pencil set empowers you to push your artistic talents and develop your own unique style. Explore and experiment fearlessly!

Premium Quality for Artist-Grade Results

Each pencil in this set is crafted to the highest standards for vibrant color, smooth laydown, and easy blending. The durable wood casings sharpen to a fine point for detail work.

Housed in a durable fabric zip case, this portable pencil set allows you to create anywhere inspiration strikes. Unleash your creative potential with the Castle Art Supplies 120+ Piece Mixed Media Collection today!


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