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Clover 240 Quilting Fork Pins – 35 Count, Angled Straight Pins for Quilting and Sewing (0.56 x 40mm)




Quilting and sewing projects require stability and precision. Proper straight pinning keeps fabric layers from shifting while you stitch. But the process can be frustrating if pins are difficult to grip and cause finger strain. Upgrade your pinning experience with the innovative Clover 240 Fork Pins!

The unique forked head design provides an angled gripping surface that makes these straight pins easy to pick up and handle. No more struggling with flat pin heads that hurt your fingers. The forked head is bent for ergonomic comfort and control.

Experience smoother, more enjoyable pinning that protects your fabric from damage. The thin, sturdy pins slide through layers cleanly and sit perfectly flush against the fabric. Take your quilting, sewing and crafting to the next level with these game changing quilting straight pins!

Innovative Forked Head for Ergonomic Handling

The patented forked head sets these pins apart from standard straight pins. While the pin shafts are straight, the top of the head has a gentle angle. This angled surface gives your fingers the ideal gripping leverage needed to smoothly insert and remove the pins.

The innovative head design eliminates hand and finger strain caused by flat-headed straight pins. Enjoy comfortable precision pinning even when working on large projects requiring hundreds of pins.

The forked head also provides excellent visibility of each pin against the fabric. The angled fork stands out clearly so you can easily locate pins when removing them.

Superior Sharpness for Damage-Free Pinning

These high carbon steel pins are precisely manufactured for super sharp tips that pierce layers cleanly without fraying delicate fabrics. Protect your fabrics from damage while keeping them perfectly aligned for quilting, sewing or crafts.

The ultra-fine 0.56mm diameter shaft leaves smallest hole possible, minimizing the number and size of pinhole marks on the fabric surface.

Rust-resistant chrome plating keeps pins sharp and smooth through repeated use. Pin with confidence knowing these straight pins will glide smoothly through fabric without snagging or distorting the weave.

Length & Thickness for Secure Hold

With a 40mm (1.57 inch) long shaft, these pins are the ideal length to secure multiple layers of fabric and batting. The shorter length also prevents pins from being a hindrance while working on the project.

The 0.56mm diameter provides medium thickness – thin enough to reduce fabric punctures but thick enough for a secure, wobble-free hold even on heavy quilts and dense fabric.

Precision Manufacturing for Strength & Durability

Skillfully manufactured from high carbon steel using state-of-the-art facilities in Japan, these straight pins deliver exceptional durability, strength and longevity.

The high quality build ensures pins remain perfectly straight through repeated use without bending, breaking or rusting. Enjoy a smooth, low friction glide on every pass thanks to expert engineering.

Clover’s stringent quality control checks ensure consistently flawless pins across every pack. Trust these straight pins to maintain their sharp precision project after project.

Trusted by Quilters, Sewists and Crafters Worldwide

For generations, Clover has supplied quilters, sewists, crafters, and sewing professionals around the world with innovative, quality tools. These superior straight pins are trusted worldwide for smooth handling, durability and damage-free fabric piercing.

Quilters love these forked pins for keeping quilt layers and blocks perfectly aligned while working on intricate quilting designs. The combo of comfort grip and secure hold makes these pins perfect for hand and machine quilting.

Sewists choose these straight pins for fitting and pinning garment fabrics. The grippy forked head and thin shaft make pinning faster, while the sharp tip prevents unwanted holes in the finished piece.

Crafters reach for these pins for perfectly securing felt, burlap, leather and other craft materials. The smooth glide and flawless hold keeps projects aligned for arts, crafts and DIY home decor.

Experience the Clover 240 Difference!

Renew your love of sewing, quilting and crafting by upgrading to the revolutionary Clover 240 Forked Pins! With ergonomic grip, unparalleled sharpness and superior rust-resistant durability, these straight pins deliver comfort, control and consistently flawless results.

Stock up on this quilting and sewing essential today. You’ll quickly understand why countless quilters, sewists and crafters worldwide swear by Clover 240 pins!


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