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Clover 3105 Yarn Cutter Pendant – Antique Gold




Keep Your Knitting or Crochet Flow with This Stylish On-the-Go Yarn Cutter

Tired of interrupting your knitting or crochet flow to search for scissors? End the hunt for a yarn cutter with this convenient pendant. Clover’s antique gold-plated necklace brings tiny scissors wherever your yarn work takes you.

The 1.5 inch yarn cutter hangs from an 18 inch rolo chain so it’s always within reach. The smooth, oval design even adds a hint of jewelry flair. Safely snip yarn while keeping up with your stitches, no matter where you get crafty.

Portable Yarn Cutter for Knitters, Crocheters & Crafters

Knitters and crocheters know the importance of keeping yarn cutters handy. Without one, you’re stuck unraveling rows or even abandoning projects until you can find a pair of scissors.

Stop letting a lack of scissors slow you down! Clover’s mini yarn cutter pendant ensures you’re prepared to clip yarn whether you’re:

– Settling in on the couch
– Heading to a yarn circle
– Crafting outdoors
– Riding in the car
– Lounging on vacation

Wherever wanderlust takes you and your yarn work, this pendant keeps a cutter close. The 18 inch chain allows the petite scissor pendant to hang around your neck or comfortably on your wrist.

Designed for Safe, Effective Yarn Cutting

This isn’t just a cutesy pendant – the scissors truly cut! The cutter’s sharp blade slices through yarn with clean precision.

Safety remains priority #1. The scissor handle features a latch to keep the micro cutter securely closed when not in use. Simply unlatch the handle to reveal the sharp edge hidden inside.

Once your yarn is cut, the latch clicks back into place to cover the small blade. The child-safe design provides reliable protection.

Premium Materials Built to Withstand Years of Snipping

Clover crafted this pendant yarn cutter to become your knitting or crochet companion for years to come. The cutter’s gold-plated brass case housing the steel cutting blade adds refined style.

Specially designed hinges connect the scissor handle to the base, allowing hundreds of smooth cuts without loosening over time. The 18 inch rolo chain features durable links that won’t easily snag or unravel.

Treat this yarn cutting pendant as an everyday essential, not just a novelty. The quality materials withstand repeated use,keeping your pendant in peak condition.

Clover Quality You Can Trust

With over 60 years of experience crafting innovative knitting, crochet and sewing tools, Clover has earned recognition as a top notch brand. They aim to inspire crafters and make handicrafts more convenient.

The Clover seal ensures that meticulous Japanese craftsmanship and precision went into this pendant yarn cutter’s design. It adheres to Clover’s high standards for performance and longevity.

Trust Clover’s experience and commitment to quality. This on-the-go yarn cutting pendant helps knitting and crochet go smoothly wherever you are.

Keep Your Groove Going Without Interruption

Trying to get into the rhythm of a new stitch pattern or complex project? Constantly pausing to find your yarn cutter throws off your flow. This pendant keeps your mojo going strong.

Rather than interrupting rows or stitches to rummage for scissors, simply grab your yarn cutting necklace. Snip in one quick motion without losing focus. The cutter hangs patiently at your fingertips until needed again.

You can move from skein to skein, color to color without breaking concentration. Keep up your work’s rhythm and watch your project progress exponentially faster!

Technical Details

– Materials: Gold-plated brass, steel blade

– Cutter dimensions: 1.5 x 0.6 x 0.3 inches

– Chain length: 18 inches

– Hinged design withsafety latch closure

– Hand wash gently with mild soap and lay flat to dry

Keep Momentum and Creativity Flowing

Don’t let a lack of scissors slow your roll – keep this portable yarn cutter close by! With a quick snip, you’ll be back in your project’s rhythm in no time.

Feel free to move around, switch locations and stay on-the-go with this handy pendant. Wherever your yarn work takes you, efficient snipping is now possible. Just unlatch the safety closure and cut.

Get ready to be more productive and creative than ever! Let this crafter’s must-have pendant remove roadblocks so you can keep the creative flow going strong.


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