Craftzilla Colored Masking Tape – 11 Rolls of Vibrant Decorative Craft Tape for Arts, Crafts, Labeling and More




Give your next project a splash of color with this 11-pack of rainbow masking tape from Craftzilla. With 1,815 feet of tape spanning 11 vibrant shades, you’ll have plenty of options for adding personality and flair to crafts, organization, labeling, decorations, and more.

A Spectrum of Uses

From labeling storage bins to color coding your planner to creating cheerful wall art, this multi-pack of colored tape brings creativity and convenience. The variety of hues allows you to color coordinate projects or add a fun pop of color wherever you need it.

Use it to section off storage areas, categorize files and folders, mark wires, wrap gifts, make banners and garlands for parties, and anything else you can imagine. It sticks to most surfaces, yet peels off clean without leaving residue behind.

Perfect for Classrooms & Students

Teachers, students, and parents will love having this colorful tape on hand for assignments, posters, projects, organizing supplies, and decorating.

Mark the floor for activities and games in gym class, direct traffic flow in hallways, indicate special seating areas in the cafeteria, label class materials and lockers, and customize student folders and notebooks.

From preschool through college, this tape has limitless uses for boosting productivity and adding pizzazz to learning spaces.

Creativity for All Ages

Beyond school and office settings, people of all ages enjoy crafting and decorating with masking tape. Parents, kids, teens, college students, roommates, couples…anyone who wants to add personality to their living space will appreciate this multi-pack.

Use the tape for:
– Wall art
– Room signs
– Photo displays
– Labeling storage bins
– Customizing furniture
– Highlighting shelves and niches
– Marking moving boxes
– Temporary accent walls
– And so much more!

Let your imagination run wild with all the ways you can incorporate this colorful tape into your projects.

11 Vibrant Colors

With 605 yards of tape spanning nearly every color, you’ll have plenty of options for every occasion and theme. The 11 bold hues include:

– Pink
– Orange
– Yellow
– Green
– Teal
– Light Blue
– Dark Blue
– Purple
– Red
– Black
– White

Mix and match shades to perfectly suit your projects. With 55 yards per roll, you don’t have to worry about running out mid-project.

High Quality & Convenient

Craftzilla tape features a natural rubber adhesive that adheres securely yet peels up easily without leaving residue behind. The 1-inch width makes it quick and simple to work with.

Thanks to the dispenser boxes, the tape is protected from dust and damage when not in use. Simply tear off what you need and reseal the box to keep the rest of the roll clean.

Endless Inspiration

Whether you’re a parent prepping for back to school, a busy professional organizing your office, or a creative hobbyist with a vision, this colorful tape set has you covered.

The possibilities are endless when you have a spectrum of shades on hand to incorporate into any project. Let the vibrant hues spark inspiration as you create displays, murals, banners, signs, décor accents, and more.

Craftzilla Quality Guarantee

Craftzilla is dedicated to providing crafters, artists, students, and creatives of all kinds with exceptional value on essential supplies. Our high-quality colored tape removes cleanly, adheres securely, and brings personality to any space or project.

We stand behind our products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with your purchase, please contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Add a Splash of Color Wherever You Need It

Durable, versatile, and budget-friendly—this multi-pack of masking tape delivers on every front. With every color of the rainbow represented, the design possibilities are endless.

Let the bold hues inspire you as you organize, decorate, craft, and create. Express your unique style and make your mark with this vibrant Craftzilla tape.


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