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Create Beautiful Jewelry with Flex Rite Beading Wire




Are you looking for high-quality beading wire to create stunning jewelry pieces and crafts? Look no further than Flex Rite Beading Wire. With its thin yet strong profile and flexibility, this wire makes an excellent choice for all your jewelry making needs.

Ultra-Thin and Flexible

At just 0.010 inches, this beading wire is incredibly thin and allows for a dainty look in your finished pieces. The wire is composed of 7 flexible stainless steel micro strand cores coated in a smooth nylon cover. This construction ensures that the wire is kink-resistant and won’t snag or fray. The flexibility allows the wire to mold perfectly to your design, whether curving around a wrist or dangling below a necklace.

High Tensile Strength

Despite its thin diameter, this beading wire is remarkably strong. With a tensile strength of over 9 pounds, it can easily handle having multiple beads strung on it without breaking. You can string pearls, gemstones, acrylic beads and more with total confidence. Even heavy beads like stone and crystal will be supported by this tough wire.

Easy Gliding Action

Thanks to its smooth nylon coating, beads will glide effortlessly along the wire rather than sticking. This makes stringing your beads a breeze, saving you time and frustration. The slick coating also resists tangling when storing your leftover wire, so it’s always ready to use for your next project.

Resists Kinks and Fraying

Durability is crucial for beading wire, and this product delivers. The tightly woven micro strand stainless steel cores flex rather than kink, maintaining smooth flow through your beads. And the nylon coating resists fraying and tangling even with heavy use. This wire will maintain its integrity for a long service life.

Versatile Uses

This beading wire is ideal for stringing all kinds of beads to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, anklets and more. It has the strength needed for stone beads like turquoise and agate, while remainding thin and flexible enough for pearl and acrylic beads. Use it to make personalized jewelry for yourself or unique handmade gifts for loved ones. Delicate multi-strand designs are also possible with this stringing wire.

Premium Quality from Flex Rite

With over 30 feet of beading wire per spool, you get plenty of premium stringing material for your money. Flex Rite is committed to providing crafters and jewelry makers with top quality beading supplies. Their beading wire is designed for performance, durability and ease of use.

Designed for Jewelry Makers

This beading wire is made with the needs of jewelry makers in mind. The thin diameter, tensile strength, and flexibility make it move smoothly through beads while resisting kinks. And the slick nylon coating prevents tangling and makes stringing faster. Everything about this wire is optimized for handcrafting beautiful jewelry designs and accessories.

Simple and Convenient Packaging

The spool packaging keeps the wire neatly contained and easily dispensed as needed for your projects. There’s no need to struggle with tangled coils of wire before you can even begin beading. Just unwind the desired length from the spool and get to work. Leftover wire coils back up neatly, ready for your next jewelry piece.

Start Creating Today

Designed for jewelry makers, crafters and hobbyists, this beading wire makes it effortless to string and design beautiful necklaces, bracelets, anklets and more. The ultra-thin diameter gives a delicate look while the 7 flexible micro strand cores offer remarkable strength for holding beads securely. Smooth gliding and kink resistance ensure flawless results every time. For premium quality beading wire that makes jewelry making a pleasure, choose Flex Rite.


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