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Creatively Customizable Polyurethane Foam Pads for Packing, Storage and Crafts – 3 Black 16″ x 12″ x 2.2″ Foam Inserts




Tired of inadequate packing materials failing to properly protect your valuables? Struggling to find the perfect foam for your DIY projects? Search no more! This 3-pack of premium polyurethane foam pads is the versatile solution you need.

Measuring 16″ x 12″ x 2.2″, these rectangular foam sheets provide abundant material to shield your items from damage. The black color allows you to easily cut them to any shape without the foam discoloring. Each pad can be trimmed and customized for a perfect fit inside your boxes, cases, and containers. No more dealing with bulky foam taking up excess space or wasting material that doesn’t conform to your products.

The superior polyurethane foam construction delivers unbeatable resilience and durability. Unlike cheap foam that easily compresses, deforms, and collapses, our foam pads maintain their protective cushioning and rebound back to their original shape. They can withstand repeated compression and shocks without breaking down.

Weighing only 1 pound per sheet, the foam pads add protective padding without burdening you with excessive weight. The soft, pliable foam effortlessly conforms around delicate objects to prevent jostling and cushion against bumps. Valuables like electronics, makeup, tools, and jewelry stay safely in place and protected within the snug foam cavity.

These foam inserts work wonders for securing items during shipping and storage. Just place your breakables in the center and trim the foam to create a form-fitting liner that immobilizes the contents. The foam walls absorb vibrations and keep your valuables isolated from crushing forces.

For storage, simply line your toolboxes, makeup cases, camera bags, and other containers with the foam. The soft barrier prevents rattling and collisions that can damage gear over time. It also transforms hard cases into stylish shockproof enclosures for jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and more. The foam adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Beyond packaging and storage, this versatile foam enables unlimited creative applications:

Arts & Crafts

Shape into stamps, stencils, 3D letters, and other patterns for printmaking, scrapbooking, decorating, and more. Sculpt intricate shapes using hot wires and carving tools.

Costumes & Props
The lightweight foam is perfect for cosplay armor, movie props, and costume elements. Shape it into bold accents and detailing.

Use the white surface as a practice canvas for painting, drawing, writing exercises, and cutting drills in schools or at home.

Prop up backdrops, products, and lighting rigs securely and without shake or vibrations during shoots.

Model Making
Carve lightweight scenery, architectural forms, and other detailed miniatures out of the foam with precision.

With the included 3 pads, you’ll have an abundant foam supply for all your packing, storing, and creating needs. Avoid flimsy foam scraps that easily tear and deteriorate. Our durable foam sheets withstand repeated use so you can complete projects and protect items without constantly purchasing replacements.

The polyurethane material is also non-abrasive and safe for direct contact with valuables. It won’t scratch or scuff like some foams, making it ideal for delicate items.

Give your valuables the first-class treatment they deserve. Safely pack electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, and fragile collectibles with form-fitting foam buffers. Line storage containers to prevent jostling and damage. Bring creative ideas to life with crafts, props, models and more! With unlimited possibilities, the only limit is your imagination.


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