Discover Endless Jewelry Design Possibilities with This Ultimate Crimp Beads Kit




Are you ready to unlock your inner jewelry designer? This comprehensive 1200 piece crimp beads kit equips you with all the essentials to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with professional finishes.

With 400 brass crimp tubes, 200 crimp covers, 60 knot covers, 200 wire guardians, 40 lobster clasps, 40 jump rings, crimping pliers, and flexible beading wire, your jewelry visions can fully come to life. No more flimsy homemade pieces – this kit lets you craft jewelry that looks and feels luxurious.

Securely Connect Jewelry Components for Long-Lasting Designs

Crimp beads are the secret to constructing jewelry that withstands daily wear and tear. By compressing crimp tubes around string, thread, or wire, you form strong connections that won’t come loose over time.

The included high-precision crimping pliers ensure you achieve perfect crimps every time. Just center the crimp tube in the pliers, squeeze to flatten, then reposition the crimp to make the final compression. The pliers’ grooved jaws and anti-slip handles make crimping easy and comfortable.

Once crimped, simply slide a crimp cover over the crimp tube to conceal it within a clean, uniform bead. For the most discrete, seamless connections, cover knots with the knot covers. Your crimped joints will be virtually invisible!

Incorporate Stunning Design Accents

Take your jewelry from simple to stunning with the lobster clasps and jump rings included in this kit.

The claw-shaped lobster clasps provide a secure yet elegant closure for necklaces and bracelets. High-quality springs keep them firmly shut until you’re ready to put on or remove your piece.

Meanwhile, the jump rings can connect multiple components in endless configurations. Link charms, crystals, chains, pearls – let your imagination run wild!

The brass wire guardians are also excellent for adding detail. String them onto necklaces, bracelets or anklets to protect against friction and give your design an artistic touch.

Strong, Flexible Beading Wire for Any Jewelry Project

Also included is 65 feet of durable 0.38mm tiger tail beading wire, essential for stringing beads and pendants. Constructed from 7 strands of sturdy stainless steel, this wire offers strength along with good flexibility and kink resistance.

The nylon coating protects the wire while also allowing beads to smoothly glide into place. No catching, tangling or rough edges!

Use this high-quality beading wire as the base for necklaces, bracelets, anklets and more. It can easily handle heavier focal beads, chunky gemstones or pearls. Flow freely through intricate multi-strand designs knowing the wire can handle it.

Keep Supplies Neatly Organized for Crafting Convenience

The included compartment box keeps all those tiny crimp covers, knot covers and other small parts neatly sorted so they’re ready when inspiration strikes. No more hunting through messy containers or digging supplies out of bags.

With your jewelry tools and components organized and at your fingertips, you can focus on bringing beautiful designs to life!

Endless Possibilities for DIY Jewelry Lovers

If you love making your own jewelry or enjoy gifting heartfelt handmade pieces, this ultimate crimp beads kit is a must-have. The comprehensive selection of jewelry supplies empowers you to take your designs to the next level.

Crimp like a pro, incorporate decorative accents, and wire like a jewelry artist. With the included instruction guide, you’ll learn techniques and tips for stunning jewelry that looks hand-crafted.

Affordably priced, this is an incredible value for any crafter. Tap into your creativity and discover the joys of DIY jewelry making today!


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