Discover the Joy of Cross Stitching on PATIKIL’s Premium 14 Count Cotton Cloth




Cross stitching transports you to a world of creativity as you stitch spectacular designs one X at a time. PATIKIL’s high-quality cotton cloth provides the perfect foundation for your next cross stitch masterpiece.

Soft, Lightweight Cotton Cloth

Our cross stitch fabric is constructed from 100% soft cotton threads for a smooth, comfortable stitching experience. The lightweight cloth is easy to handle and manipulates smoothly under your needle without fraying or tearing.

The fine 14 count cotton canvas features evenly spaced square holes perfect for stitching intricate cross stitch patterns. Each hole provides an exact guide for placements of full cross stitches.

Generous 50cm x 50cm Size

With a spacious 50cm x 50cm (19.69″ x 19.69″) size, our cloth gives you ample room for large, detailed cross stitch designs. Easily complete everything from delicate floral motifs to epic fantasy landscapes.

The large size also allows you to fully display your finished work in a frame or as a wall hanging. Alternatively, trim down the cloth to your desired dimensions for smaller projects.

Deep Black Background

The classic black cotton background provides the perfect neutral foundation for vibrant floss colors to shine. From shimmering golds, to fiery reds, to calming blues, every hue pops against the dark canvas.

Black fabric also hides messy backsides of your work. No need to agonize over keeping backs perfectly neat, so you can fully focus on the front design.

Pre-Washed for Immediate Stitching

Our high-quality cloth comes pre-washed prior to packaging. This prevents shrinkage of your fabric and eliminates the need to wash before starting your project.

Just take it out of the package and begin stitching immediately. The pre-washing also gives the cotton an extra soft, supple drape right from the beginning.

Complete Your Kits and Patterns

Our 14 count black cotton is the go-to choice for completing cross stitch kits. With the right count to match included patterns, simply grab your floss and start stitching.

The cloth is also ideal for stitching designs from cross stitch pattern books or PDF patterns. Just print out the chart, grab your supplies, and create your next masterpiece.

Stitch Up Mini Cross Stitch Gifts

Crafty stitchers love using our cloth for bite-sized cross stitch gifts and ornaments. Simply cut a small section of the cotton to size and stitch up potholders, coasters, bookmarks, sachets, ornaments, and more.

Mini cross stitches also make wonderful personalized presents. Design meaningful patterns featuring initials, names, dates, or inspirational quotes.

Unleash Your Creativity with Cross Stitch

Gather your favorite floss colors and let your imagination run wild. Cross stitching is a relaxing, meditative escape where you create one X at a time.

Challenge yourself with complex lifelike portraits and scenes. Or relax stitching fun modern patterns and pop culture characters. The possibilities are endless for beginners to advanced stitchers.

An Enjoyable Needlecraft for All Ages

People of all ages delight in the simple repetitive motions of cross stitching. The craft helps improve focus, dexterity, and patience making it ideal for children and seniors.

Stitch up whimsical characters and alphabets for a baby’s nursery. Or teach young crafters by starting them off with simple kits. Large spaced patterns are also easier on aging eyes.

Display Your Cross Stitch Creations

After finishing your stitching, put your artistry on display. Frame cross stitches in hoops or under glass to exhibit on walls, tabletops, or bookshelves. The black fabric provides the perfect neutral backdrop for any decor style from modern to traditional.

For a more unique display idea,考虑将交叉针织布粘贴在日常用品上,例如衣服、帽子、抱枕、包和更多的项目。添加个性化的针织图案,创造独特的礼物或改造旧物品。

Premium Quality for Serious Stitchers

We’re serious about cross stitching and know premium materials matter. Our high-thread count cotton canvas is specially designed for flawless stitching and holding details perfectly.

The durable fabric also withstands repeated needle punctures and framing without distortion. When only the best will do, stitch your next project on our outstanding black cross stitch cloth.

Discover the Timeless Joy of Cross Stitching

Grab your needle and floss and enjoy immersing yourself in the craft that’s brought people joy for generations. Let the simple repetitions settle your mind while creating keepsake works of art.

PATIKIL’s premium black cotton cloth makes every stitch a delight. Order your high-quality canvas today and begin stitching your next masterpiece.


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