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Discover Your Inner Artist with this All-Inclusive 72-Piece Painting Set for Kids & Adults




Calling all budding painters and art enthusiasts! This thoughtfully designed 72-piece painting set has everything you need to explore your creative side and make a mess with color. Perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels, it includes six wooden easels, six packs of mixed brushes, and six paint palettes – quality art supplies for countless painting projects.

Jam-Packed with Premium Painting Essentials

At the heart of this set are six sturdy, 11.8” triangular easels that provide a stable base for canvas, paper, and board. The easels feature an A-frame design that folds down for easy storage and portability. With six easels included, the whole family can create together!

To stock your painting toolbox, this set includes 360 brushes in a range of shapes and sizes for every technique. The brushes feature nylon bristles, nickel ferrules, and wooden handles – built to withstand repeated use. With 10 styles in each pack, you’ll have flat, angle, fan, filbert, and round brushes for blending, detailing, dry brushing, and more.

The six white plastic palettes offer plenty of space for mixing paints and washes. Their shallow well and smooth surface allow you to quickly prepare watercolors, temperas, acrylics, and oils.

Everything arrives organized in a durable case, making this painting set easy to store and perfect for painting on-the-go.

High-Quality Supplies to Unleash Your Creativity

Every component in this set meets the highest standards for youth and adult painters alike. The triangular easels provide a stable base for canvas up to 16” tall, keeping your artwork secure as you paint bold strokes. The beveled brushes ensure perfect color pickup and smooth release of paint onto the surface. And the palettes resist staining while giving you ample space for mixing custom colors.

With this robust painting kit, experiment with a variety of artistic techniques and mediums. Practice color blending, brushwork, and composition on canvas and paper. Use the fan brushes for textured acrylic paintings. Try dry brushing with the filberts. Paint expressive watercolors using wet-on-wet and glazing methods. The possibilities are endless!

Everything Needed to Progress Your Artistic Abilities

Whether you’re a parent looking to encourage your child’s creativity or want to rekindle your own inner artist, this set contains everything required to build skills.

The six easels allow multiple people to paint together while learning techniques like brush control, color theory, perspective, and more. The variety of brushes teach proper brush handling as you explore different mark-making effects. And the palettes introduce color mixing to create new hues and values.

With regular practice, beginners will gain confidence working with art materials. Intermediate painters can further develop their style. And advanced artists can experiment with new mediums and subjects. Make the most of your creative potential with this all-in-one painting set!

Product Details:

  • Complete 72-piece painting set includes 6 easels, 6 brush packs, and 6 palettes
  • Set includes 360 nylon brushes in 10 assorted sizes and shapes
  • Six 11.8” premium wooden A-frame easels for stability
  • Six white plastic palettes with a thumb hole and mixing wells
  • Durable zippered case keeps all supplies neat and organized
  • Versatile for watercolor, tempera, acrylic, oil, and more
  • Perfect for artists of all skill levels and great for kids
  • Ideal for painting parties, classrooms, lessons, workshops, and home studio
  • Fosters creativity, learning, and exploration through hands-on painting

Ignite your creative spark with this all-inclusive 72-piece painting set. Order today and let the fun begin!


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