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Dress to Impress with the Perfect Blazer Button Set – 40 Pieces in 4 Sizes




Elevate your style and pull together the perfect polished look with this 40 piece metal blazer button set. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you’ll have the right buttons for any blazer, suit coat or uniform jacket.

The brilliance is in the details with these bronze tone buttons. At first glance they emanate timeless sophistication, but a closer look reveals delicate textural designs that distinguish true quality tailoring. Never underestimate the difference the right buttons can make. These vintage inspired accents will take your jacket from drab to dashing.

A Button for Every Occasion

A set this substantial means you’ll always have spare buttons on hand for possible emergencies. And with 4 sizes included, you can mix and match to customize different looks.

15mm – Best for more casual unstructured blazers, sportscoats or women’s jackets

18mm – Great middle of the road size suitable for most tailored blazers

20mm – Makes a bold statement on oversized men’s blazers

25mm – Perfect for suit coats, tuxedos or military style uniforms

The versatility can’t be beat. Dress them up or down for everything from important business meetings to laid-back weekend adventures.

Strong and Secure Brass Shanks

While the antique bronze patina seduces the eye, don’t be fooled. These buttons deliver heavy duty holding power thanks to their solid brass shanks. Sturdy enough for repeated wearings and cleanings, they’ll provide reliable service for years to come.

Sewing them onto any garment is a cinch too. Just thread your needle through the central shank hole and securely knot it to the inside of your lapel or cuff. For an extra dash of durability, consider reinforcing with a touch of fabric glue before closing your thread.

With proper care, this heirloom-quality set can even be passed down and enjoyed for generations. The timeless style transcends fleeting fashion fads.

A Sophistication That’s Effortless

Transforming your look is truly effortless with this ready to wear button pack. No more stressful searching through notions stores or fumbling with incompatible sizes. This curated collection brings everything together in one place.

Replace missing or damaged buttons from beloved blazers in your closet. Stock up for future clothing crafts and sewing projects. Or overhaul your current look with a unified set that pulls your entire aesthetic together.

Dress Code: Timeless Elegance

Bring your style into alignment with inspired vintage military and nautical influences. With a versatile neutral bronze shade, they work for both formal black tie affairs and more laid-back khaki and olive attire.

These dimensional buttons make an especially striking statement on traditional navy blazers. For something more edgy and contemporary, sewing them onto a rich burgundy or forest green velvet jacket makes an unexpected fashion-forward choice.

Or keep it classic with a crisp white dress shirt and well-cut charcoal trousers for the boardroom. This versatile set was made for confidently navigating today’s fluctuating and overlapping dress codes.

Occasion-Ready Finishing Touch

Sometimes it’s the accessories that make the outfit. Stay prepared for weddings, graduations, important interviews or impromptu special events. Keeping a spare set of buttons on hand can be a real lifesaver when you need to spruce up last minute.

Well-chosen buttons have the power to pull together mismatched pieces into a unified whole. They add the crowning final polish to any thoughtfully crafted look. So don’t overlook the importance of these deceptively simple finishing touches.

With over 40 brilliant bronze options, you’ll find just the right accent for any occasion or outfit. Make getting dressed each day a joy, with buttons ready to elevate both comfort and style.


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