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Elastic Braided Cord for DIY Bracelets Making – Black Nylon String Jewelry Supplies (2 Packs)




Add a chic touch to your handmade jewelry designs with this 2 pack of quality elastic braided cord. Each spool contains 131 yards of durable and flexible 0.8mm black nylon string, perfect for all your beading and jewelry making projects.

Jewelry Making Supplies for All Your DIY Crafts

This elastic nylon cord is the ideal jewelry making supply for crafters. With 262 yards of string total, you’ll have plenty of materials for all your handmade jewelry and craft projects. The small 0.8mm width works great for wrapping, stringing beads, knotting, braiding, and more. Use it to create unique bracelets, necklaces, anklets, headbands, lanyards, keychains, and other accessories. The solid black color gives a classic and sleek look.

Durable, Flexible & Easy to Work Nylon Braided Cord

These spools of jewelry elastic are crafted from high quality nylon that is designed for jewelry making and crafting. The synthetic nylon material provides excellent strength and durability to hold up to daily wear without stretching out, fraying or breaking. It has a smooth satin finish and soft texture that is comfortable against skin. The cord is also odorless and resists fading overtime.

Despite its strength, the nylon is highly flexible with enough stretch and give to allow for knotting, braiding, and wrapping without kinking. It has excellent memory to retain crimps and hold wrapped loops in place. The suppleness makes it easy to string beads and make other jewelry components like tassels and pom poms.

Endless Jewelry Making Possibilities

Get creative with this versatile nylon beading cord! Here are some ideas to inspire your next DIY jewelry project:

  • Stackable bead bracelets
  • Braided friendship bracelets
  • Boho wrap bracelets with charms
  • Macrame woven cuffs or chokers
  • Pearl and gemstone necklaces
  • Hand-knotted mala prayer bead strands
  • Hemp and bead anklets
  • Pet collars and leashes
  • Keychains with initial charms
  • Lanyards for badges and IDs

The elasticity makes it perfect for stretchy bracelets. Simply string beads onto the nylon cord and tie ends together. For extra security, add crimp beads or glue inside knot.

DIY Crafting Made Easy

This nylon beading cord couldn’t be easier to work with! The suppleness allows for knotting, braiding, and weaving by hand without use of any tools. It is strong enough to hold most standard crimp and clamp beads to finish jewelry ends.

Cutting the cord is simple with just a pair of scissors. Heat sealing the ends can help prevent unraveling and frays. The black color hides dirt and oils well for low maintenance jewelry. For extra shine, rub a tiny amount of beeswax over the strands.

Clean projects easily with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the nylon material. Store unused cord in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Jewelry Making Supplies for Everyone

This versatile nylon beading cord is perfect for jewelry makers of all experience levels. Young crafters can create fun DIY projects and handmade gifts. Beginners can easily learn basic jewelry making techniques like knotting, crimping, and stringing. More advanced artisans can incorporate the elastic cord into complex designs with gemstones, found objects, and more.

The black color works well for jewelry designs for men, women, and children. It’s also budget-friendly, so you can stock up for all your upcoming craft projects!

Add this nylon beading cord to your jewelry making toolbox and let your creativity run wild!


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