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Elevate Your Crafts with 400 Vibrant Yellow Wooden Beads




Add a pop of sunshine to your next craft project with this set of 400 yellow wooden beads. These natural wooden beads have a smooth stained finish and vivid 12mm yellow color that will make your homemade jewelry, garlands, wreaths and more shine.

The beads are made from natural lotus wood and stained with a long-lasting yellow paint that won’t fade over time. Each bead has a 3mm hole so you can easily string them onto the included 33ft hemp rope or your own beading wire.

With 400 beads in the set, you’ll have plenty to work on multiple projects. Use them to make boho jewelry pieces like bracelets, necklaces, anklets and earrings. Or string them together into long garlands and bunting to decorate for spring, summer, graduation, weddings and parties.

These happy little yellow beads would also make great additions to holiday crafts and decor. Use them to add sunshine accents to wreaths, gnomes, pumpkins and trees during spring and summer. Or mix them into fall leaf garlands and harvest displays. Their vibrant hue pops against natural wood and greenery.

Endless Jewelry & Craft Possibilities

The versatility of these yellow wood beads makes them a crafter’s must-have. Here are some more ways to use them:

  • Boho bead bracelets, necklaces and anklets
  • Dreamcatcher decorations
  • Keychains and lanyards
  • Macrame wall hangings
  • Tassel and pom pom embellishments
  • Woven coasters and placemats
  • Suncatchers and windchimes
  • Kids’ arts and crafts projects

Mix and match these sunny yellow beads with other colors like white, orange, red, brown, green, blue and purple. The color combinations are endless for all your beading and jewelry making projects.

The set includes everything you need to start crafting right away. You get 400 yellow wooden beads, 2 beading needles and 33ft of natural hemp rope to string your creations onto.

High Quality Natural Crafting Beads

These wooden beads are made from natural lotus wood and stained with premium long-lasting yellow paint. The paint colors the beads in a rich, vivid yellow that won’t fade over time.

The round shape and smooth finish gives the beads a consistent look when strung together. Each bead has a precisely drilled 3mm hole so they’ll slide onto most beading wire with ease.

At 12mm in diameter, the beads have a great versatile size. They’re large enough to stand out yet still mix well with smaller and larger beads. The size also makes them easy to handle for crafting.

Made from natural materials, these wooden beads have an earthy, bohemian style perfect for jewelry and nature-inspired décor.

Create One-of-a-Kind Handmade Gifts

Make memorable gifts from the heart with these vibrant yellow beads. The set provides enough to share with family and friends.

Package them in a jar or pouch tied with ribbon to give as a gift to a jewelry-making friend. Or use the beads to create custom pieces like:

  • Beaded necklace or bracelet for mom on Mother’s Day
  • Pet collar and leash for a favorite furry friend
  • Spell out someone’s name in beads
  • Bridesmaids jewelry set as a wedding party gift
  • Coasters, suncatchers or keychains for graduates
  • A beaded garland that spells “Happy Birthday”

Handmade gifts using these beads will be treasured for years to come. The yellow color spreads sunshine and positivity wherever it goes.

Get Creative with Endless Yellow Bead Crafts

This set of 400 natural wooden yellow beads opens up infinite crafting possibilities. Use them to add a splash of summer sunshine and positive energy to all your jewelry, decorations and handmade gifts. Their vivid color and versatile size make them perfect for any project.


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