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EPIQUEONE All-Inclusive Craft Supply Set – 750 Pieces for Endless DIY Art Projects




Unleash your creativity and spark imagination with this all-inclusive 750 piece craft supply set! Perfect for art projects at home, school, camp, and more.

This mega set includes:

  • 150 Multicolor Pipe Cleaners
  • 300 Pom Poms
  • 300 Googly Eyes

With versatile chenille stem pipe cleaners, eye-catching pom poms, and quirky googly eyes, you have everything you need to create, decorate, build, shape, and customize an endless array of arts and crafts.

Twist, Bend, and Shape Pipe Cleaner Crafts

The 150 chenille stems come in a rainbow of colors to infuse cheer into all your projects. They’re crafted from a robust combination of wire and fiber that allows kids to twist, bend, and shape them into anything imaginable.

Build sculptures, make jewelry, design wands, customize dolls and action figures, put together flowers, creatures, robots, decorations, and so much more. The pipe cleaners enable endless crafts that exercise creativity and dexterity.

Spark Imagination with Pom Poms and Googly Eyes

Bring your pipe cleaner creations to life with 300 vibrant pom poms and 300 animated googly eyes! Use them to make creatures, characters, dolls, puppets, decorations, jewelry, fashion accessories, and anything you can dream up.

Pom poms add color, texture, and lively decoration to crafts. Googly eyes will make your creatures and characters expressive and full of personality. With this mega 750 piece set, kids can explore art and deliver visual stories with every project.

Develop Creativity and Fine Motor Skills

This all-inclusive set provides open-ended building materials to develop creativity, imagination, dexterity, and problem solving skills. As young artists twist, wrap, and join pieces together, they build cognitive abilities along with art.

The versatile craft supplies allow kids to work independently or collaborate on group projects. At school they enable engaging hands-on lessons and activities. Or use them for fun DIY projects at home on rainy days, holidays, and summertime.

Spark Imagination in Budding Artists

Gift the set to budding crafters and young artists to provide endless inspiration for DIY art and crafts. With such a massive variety of pieces, creativity options are limitless.

Watch as kids build pipe cleaner sculptures, design beaded jewelry, and make pom pom creatures come to life with googly eyes! These craft supplies will spark imagination while building a lifelong love for creating.

Let Creativity Run Wild with Endless Craft Supplies

With 150 chenille stems, 300 pom poms, and 300 googly eyes, crafters of all ages can let their creativity run wild! This all-inclusive 750 piece variety set has everything kids need to imagine, build, and create endless arts and crafts at home, school, camp, and beyond.


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