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GISMTR Magnetic Seam Guide Set – Straight Stitch Hemmer for Sewing Machines




Achieve Perfectly Straight Seams and Hems with This Upgraded Magnetic Sewing Guide Set

Sewing straight lines and hems can be tricky, but not with the GISMTR Magnetic Seam Guide Set! This innovative seam guide uses strong magnets to securely adhere to your sewing machine, allowing for perfect alignment and straight stitching every time.

The GISMTR Magnetic Seam Guide Set includes two high-quality stainless steel seam guides, each with two embedded neodymium magnets. The powerful magnets keep the guides firmly in place during sewing, while the smooth stainless steel glides fabrics and projects easily beneath the presser foot.

Whether you’re new to sewing and need help stitching straight, or an experienced seamstress working on advanced projects, this magnetic sewing guide is a must-have accessory! The strong magnetic hold prevents shifting, slippage, and wonky lines, giving you the accuracy and precision needed for professional results.

Upgraded Design for Easier Use

This 3rd generation GISMTR magnetic seam guide features an improved magnetic design for even easier use. The strong neodymium magnets provide a super secure hold to any sewing machine needle plate while also allowing you to reposition the guides smoothly as needed.

The hassle of non-magnetic seam guides that fall off or shift while sewing is eliminated! The ergonomic stainless steel guides glide fabrics perfectly under the needle and presser foot as you sew.

Key Benefits:

– Strong magnets adhere securely to sewing machines to prevent slipping and shifting

– Allows perfectly straight stitching, hems, quilting lines, and more

– Smooth stainless steel won’t snag fabrics; glides smoothly as you sew

– Easily reposition the guides on any sewing machine needle plate

– Provides excellent stitching accuracy for beginners and experts alike

– Suitable for all sewing project types – garments, crafts, quilting, home decor, and more!

Versatile Use for All Sewing Machines

This universal magnetic seam guide works with virtually any home sewing machine – computerized or mechanical! The ultra-strong magnets adhere firmly to metal needle plates.

Whether you own a Bernina, Brother, Singer, Janome, Kenmore, or other machine brand, this seam guide set will secure firmly in place and provide outstanding stitching accuracy. The guides attach in seconds without tools, clamps, or adhesive tapes needed.

The GISMTR Magnetic Seam Guide Set is also perfect for overlock/serger machines, letting you achieve straight neat seam finishes as you sew.

Simple Installation in Just Seconds

Attaching the GISMTR Magnetic Sewing Guides takes just seconds! Simply place one of the magnetic guides onto the needle plate of your sewing machine, lining it up with the presser foot to the desired position. The strong neodymium magnets take hold firmly to the metal plate.

Slide your fabric underneath the foot and glide it along the guide edge for perfect straight stitching. Reposition the guides whenever needed for hems, quilting lines, etc. It’s so quick and easy! No more pins, tape, or clamping devices required.

The GISMTR Magnetic Sewing Guides provide precision and consistency for all types of sewing and quilting tasks:

– Sewing straight seam lines & edges
– Perfect 5/8” seams for quilting
– Straight hems on pants, skirts, curtains
– Quilting lines & grid work
– Precise topstitching lines
– And so much more!

With this magnetic seam guide set, you can have confidence tackling any project and knowing your stitching will turn out straight and accurate every time. The guides improve sewing skills for beginners while also saving time for advanced sewers.

Order the GISMTR Magnetic Seam Guide Set today and achieve expert-level precision on all your sewing projects! Your new secret weapon for professional stitches and seams awaits.


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