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Gutermann Sew-All Thread 110 Yards Willow Green




Experience the quality and versatility of Gutermann Sew-All thread. With 110 yards on each spool, this all-purpose polyester thread is ideal for both hand and machine sewing on a wide variety of fabrics. The soft, lustrous finish beautifully complements any project while providing durable strength and flexibility.

Sew garments, crafts, quilts and more with ease using Gutermann Sew-All. This high-quality thread is designed for superior performance on your sewing projects. The fine diameter easily glides through the eye of the needle while the strong polyester fiber composition resists shrinking, stretching, abrasion and chemicals.

Key Features:

  • Versatile all-purpose sewing and construction thread
  • 110 yards on each spool
  • Made of durable polyester for strength and flexibility
  • Soft, brilliant finish complements fabrics
  • Ideal for both hand and machine sewing
  • Resists shrinking, stretching, abrasion and chemicals
  • Fine diameter for easy feeding through the needle
  • Available in a wide range of colors

Sewing Perfection

Gutermann has been producing the finest threads since 1848. With centuries of experience and state-of-the-art production processes, each spool delivers impeccable quality and performance. This Sew-All thread upholds Gutermann’s unwavering standards for colorfastness, strength and smooth feeding in the sewing machine or serger.

The Willow Green color has a soft, natural tone that adds a subtle pop of color for any sewing project. Use it as an accent or seam thread and enjoy the smooth, tangle-resistant feeding. It has a rich, vibrant color that will retain its hue through countless washings.

For All Your Sewing Projects

Keep your sewing room stocked with the versatile Gutermann Sew-All thread. The polyester fiber and quality construction makes it the go-to thread for sewing, construction, quilting, embellishing, crafting and more. Use it to sew garments, home decor items like pillows and curtains, tote bags, stuffed animals and dolls.

Sew-All is also excellent for topstitching and decorative stitching to add interest to any fabric surface. Let your creative ideas shine by combining threads colors for beautiful effects. This thread is a true workhorse that every sewing enthusiast should have on hand.

Superior Performance

This high-quality thread offers smooth performance and durability to match high-end apparel manufacturing. The precision winding prevents tangling, knots and thread breaks. The glide through fabric is superb, allowing sewers to work at top speed while maintaining tight, balanced tension.

Enjoy frustration-free sewing that brings out your creative best. Gutermann Sew-All is colorfast and maintains its rich hue even after repeated washings. It is a thread you can trust for any sewing application.

For the Color Collector

The Willow Green shade is universally flattering and pairs beautifully with neutrals like white, tan and gray as well as other rich tones. Add a touch of color to your sewing projects with this vibrant green that evokes the colors of nature.

Collect all the colors of Gutermann Sew-All thread available to suit any palette. The fine diameter allows the colors to blend seamlessly when topstitching or sewing visible seams. Keep your sewing room equipped with this premium quality thread.

Bring Gutermann precision and performance to your next sewing project. Sew garments, crafts, quilts and more with ease using this high-quality, versatile thread in the brilliant Willow Green color.


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