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Gypsy Quilter Little Gypsy Gripper Ruler Holder – Protect Fingers While Quilting, Longarm, & Crafts (2-1/4″)




Quilting and crafting can be tedious and even dangerous work. Sharp rotary blades and abrasive materials pose a real threat to fingers and hands. The Little Gypsy Gripper by Gypsy Quilter provides an easy and effective solution to keep fingers safe while ensuring stability and control when working on quilting, longarm, and other craft projects.

This innovative ruler holder grips templates, stencils, rulers, and other small cutting guides between 2.25” to 5” in size so you can keep your hands safely out of harm’s way. The Little Gypsy Gripper measures 2.25” wide x 5” long, making it ideal for most small quilt rulers, templates, and stencils. The width adjusts to grip items between 2.25” to 5” wide.

Protect Fingers from Sharp Blades and Abrasive Surfaces

The Little Gypsy Gripper helps prevent injuries by providing a protective grip on templates and rulers so fingers don’t accidentally slip under rotary cutter blades or abrasive surfaces. The ergonomic handle keeps hands elevated above the work surface for added protection and control.

Whether you’re new to quilting or an experienced quilter with reduced dexterity, the Little Gypsy Gripper gives you the stability and control you need to work safely on any quilting, craft or longarm project using small rulers or templates. The Little Gypsy Gripper is a must-have for quilters and crafters of all ages and skill levels!

Designed for Versatility & Convenience

This innovative quilting ruler gripper handle is specially designed to provide versatility and convenience for a wide range of quilting, craft, longarm and sewing applications.

The non-slip grip handles various materials like acrylic, plastic, metal and wood rulers with ease. The long handle provides added reach for tasks that require an extended grip. Easily grip templates or rulers on any work surface or sewing machine table.

The Little Gypsy Gripper is ideal for both domestic quilting machines and longarm quilting machines. The compact size takes up minimal work space yet delivers maximum stability and injury prevention. Easily transport the lightweight gripper to classes or sew-ins.

User-Friendly Design & Secure Grip

The thoughtful user-friendly design provides a secure grip you can trust:

  • Ergonomic handle comfortably fits your hand
  • Non-slip rubber grip for stability and control
  • Durable plastic construction built to last
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Holds rulers between 2.25″ to 5″ wide
  • Measures 2.25″ x 5″ overall

The adjustable spring-loaded arms flex to safely grip rulers of varying thicknesses with gentle, secure pressure. You’ll gain precise control for accurate cuts and stitching lines.

Enjoy the Freedom to Quilt Hands-Free

The Little Gypsy Gripper gives you back the free use of your hands so you can focus on creating beautiful quilts and crafts.

Gone are the days of struggling to balance and control small rulers with just your fingertips. The gripper securely holds templates in place, allowing you to freely reposition the fabric and quilt with both hands.

Whether you need to line up precisecuts and stitches or want to minimize mistakes from shaky hands, this gripper keeps templates stabilized for added control and accuracy.

With the Little Gypsy Gripper, you can enjoy the freedom to quilt hands-free without the worries of slipping rulers or injured fingers. Your hands are now free to guide the fabric and no longer burdened with maneuvering templates and rulers.

Experience Consistent Results & Boost Quilting Confidence

Inconsistent ruler positioning caused by shaky hands or slippery templates leads to imperfect cuts, wobbly lines, and obvious mistakes. The frustration quickly takes the joy out of quilting. Why spend hours piecing a beautiful quilt only to have the final quilting stitches marred by uneven lines and errors?

The Little Gypsy Gripper finally gives quilters of all skill levels the stability needed for precise, consistent results. The secure grip helps eliminate variability in ruler and template positioning. Create smooth stitching lines with ease. Follow quilt patterns and templates accurately for professionally finished quilting.

By providing much needed stability and control, the Little Gypsy Gripper instills confidence in every quilter’s abilities. Now anyone can achieve expert-level consistency without years of experience. Quilting, longarming and crafting is exponentially easier and more enjoyable using this innovative finger saving tool!

Join Thousands of Happy Quilters & Crafters Worldwide!

Thousands of quilters, longarmers, crafters and sewing enthusiasts around the world already use the Little Gypsy Gripper to make projects safer and easier. This inexpensive yet invaluable tool makes quilting less intimidating and more enjoyable for beginners and gives pros the control they demand. Reduce mistakes and take your skills to the next level with the Little Gypsy Gripper!

We Know You’ll Love It!

We proudly stand behind the quality and performance of the Little Gypsy Gripper. Try it on your next project risk-free. We guarantee you’ll find quilting and crafting is safer and far more accurate and enjoyable thanks to this innovative finger saver gripper.

Don’t suffer through another project struggling with hard to handle templates and rulers. Get the finger protection and cutting control you need to achieve perfection with the Little Gypsy Gripper by Gypsy Quilter!


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