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Handy Hands Clear Blue Shuttle Case for Aerlit Bobbins – Portable Bobbin Organizer




The Must-Have Travel Case for Aerlit Bobbin Lovers

Keep your Aerlit bobbins neatly organized and easily portable with the Handy Hands Clear Blue Shuttle Case. Designed specifically for Aerlit brand bobbins, this clear plastic case allows you to quickly identify and select needed bobbins while protecting them in transit.

Holds 21 Aerlit Bobbins

The case features individual slots to hold up to 21 Aerlit brand bobbins, keeping them upright and separated to prevent tangling and unwinding. The clear design allows you to instantly see all your wound bobbins and choose the one you need for your current project.

Ideal Size for Portability

Measuring just 2.75 inches wide by 8.5 inches long and 1.25 inches deep, this shuttle case is perfectly sized to tuck into your handbag, backpack or suitcase so your bobbins are always at hand. The compact rectangular shape with snap closure ensures your bobbins stay securely contained.

Durable Construction

Made from sturdy yet flexible plastic, the case is durable enough for frequent use and travel while still being gentle on your bobbins. The smooth interior protects bobbins from scratches while the snap closure keeps the case tightly closed.


– Holds up to 21 Aerlit brand bobbins
– Clear plastic lets you identify bobbins at a glance
– Measures 2.75 x 8.5 x 1.25 inches for easy portability
– Durable plastic construction with snap closure
– Organizes and protects bobbins for travel
– Allows convenient access to bobbins when needed
– Does not include bobbins

The Perfect Travel Companion for Needle Tatting

If you enjoy needle tatting on-the-go, then this shuttle case is sure to be your new favorite accessory! The compact size effortlessly fits into any bag or tote you’re carrying. Keep it stocked with your most-usedcolors and yardages so you’ll always be prepared when the tatting bug strikes.

Easily keep multiple projects separated by winding different colors on your bobbins. And never worry about tangling again thanks to the individual storage slots. Just pop open your case, select a bobbin, and start tatting!

You can also neatly store any extra thread ends, small scissors, needles, or other small notions inside. Transport your tatting toolbox everywhere in one tidy package!

Organized Bobbins for Easier Creativity

Tatters know having organized supplies is essential for creativity and productivity. This shuttle case helps keep your Aerlit bobbins accessible and untangled, so you can instantly find the one you want. No more digging through messy bags or boxes that jumble everything together!

The clear case makes it easy to see all your wound bobbins in their assigned slots at a glance. Use it to separate colors, yardages, metallic threads, regular threads, and anything else you want. Go from chaos to order in seconds for stress-free tatting on the go or at home.

Makes a Thoughtful Gift

Every devoted tatter and Aerlit bobbin user will appreciate this purpose-designed shuttle case. Its convenience and portability make it an extremely useful accessory.

Give one to your tatting friends and family to show you understand and support their unique hobby. It demonstrates you want to help them keep their passion organized and accessible. A tatting shuttle case is sure to make anyone’s eyes light up with excitement!

Get a Handy Hands Shuttle Case for Your Aerlit Bobbins Today

If you’re tired of tangled, lost, and disorganized bobbins, then this case is the solution. Get your essential tatting supplies in order and ready for any project with this must-have for needle tatters!


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