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HONEYSEW Diagonal Sewing Guide Tapes – 4 Rolls




Sew Perfect Diagonal Seams Effortlessly with HONEYSEW Basting Tape

Tired of struggling to sew precise diagonal seams and lines? Our set of 4 high-quality basting tapes from HONEYSEW makes it easy to achieve expert results.

These adhesive sewing guide tapes allow you to seam and hem at perfect 45-degree angles. Just stick them onto your sewing machine and use the printed guides to seam allowances up to 1/4″.

With HONEYSEW’s diagonal sewing tapes, you can:

– Sew diagonal seams without marking fabric
– Keep seam allowances accurate and consistent
– Create symmetrical details on clothes and crafts
– Follow the printed stitching line guides easily
– Remove tapes cleanly after sewing is done

Say goodbye to crooked lines and misaligned corners! With HONEYSEW tape, get professionally finished diagonal seams in a fraction of the time.

Precision Diagonal Sewing in 3 Easy Steps
Frustrated trying to sew precise diagonal lines freehand? HONEYSEW’s diagonal stitching tape takes the guesswork out of it.

Just follow these 3 simple steps for expert results:

1. Stick the adhesive tape onto your sewing machine bed, aligning the red center line with the needle.

2. Position your fabric with the planned seam line under the red line.

3. Sew, using the red line as your stitch guide and the black lines as 1/4” seam allowances.

The red center line marks the exact sewing line for your needle to follow. The black outer lines on each side represent a 1/4″ seam allowance guide.

By keeping the fabric edge aligned between the red and black lines as you sew, your seam allowances will be accurate on both sides of the stitching.

The result? Perfect diagonal seams in a fraction of the normal sewing time. No more crooked corners or mismatched seams!

Key Benefits:

– Adhesive tapes stick securely to sewing machine bed
– Red center line guides needle precisely
– Black outer lines mark 1/4” seam allowances
– Creates accurate 45 degree seams and hems
– Sew diagonal details faster and easier
– Removes cleanly after sewing without residue

Versatile Uses for Diagonal Seaming
The design possibilities are endless with seam tapes for diagonal sewing! Use these adhesive guides to sew custom details like:

– Angled pockets, flaps, appliques
– Diagonal skirt panels, ruffles
– Mitered corners on quilts
– symmetrical v-necks and collars
– Chevron stripes and binding
– Equal side garment details
– Straight hems at an angle

Anything you can imagine with straight diagonal seaming, you can sew easier and more precisely with HONEYSEW tape.

Decorate and repair clothes, accessories, quilts, crafts, and more. The uses are unlimited!

Premium Sewing Tape Quality
HONEYSEW diagonal sewing tape is specially engineered to make your stitching projects easier.

The tape features:

– Flexible, thin material that contours to surfaces
– Strong adhesive that sticks securely while sewing
– Bright red stitch line for easy needle alignment
– Black 1/4″ seam allowance guides on either side
– Precision 45 degree angles printed on tape
– Clean removal after sewing is complete

The thin tape material sticks smoothly onto any sewing machine surface without getting in the way. Yet it’s durable enough to stay in place through entire projects without shifting.

Once your diagonal sewing is done, the tape peels off easily without leaving a sticky residue behind. It’s designed for quick, non-permanent use rather than long-term application.

With 4 full rolls included, you’ll have plenty of HONEYSEW tape to tackle any project on your wish list! Share extras with sewing friends too.

Upgrade Your Sewing Skills Now
Take the struggle out of diagonal seams with guiding tape made for precision sewing. HONEYSEW’s adhesive DIY sewing tape helps both beginners and experts achieve expert-level results.

Forget crooked lines and mismatched corners. With helpful seam guides right on your machine, you can sew angled details faster and more accurately than ever.


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