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IZEYNO Acrylic Diamond Painting Storage Box – The Ultimate Organizer for All Your Sparkling Diamonds and Craft Essentials




Diamond painting is an immensely enjoyable craft, but keeping those tiny colorful diamonds organized can be a challenge. Our premium diamond painting storage case is the perfect solution for keeping your diamonds sorted and untangled – making your diamond painting projects easier and more fun!

This large acrylic organizer contains 60 individual removable containers to separately store your diamonds by color, shape or project. The clear lidded boxes allow you to easily see your diamond inventory while keeping them secure and dust-free. No more fishing around in messy bags or trays trying to find the right diamonds!

Keep Your Diamonds Organized and Untangled

The 60 grid storage system in this acrylic box is perfect for organizing all your diamond embellishments. Each mini storage container has a screw-on lid to prevent spillage and keep your diamonds protected.

Simply sort your sparkling diamonds by color family or current project into the different compartments. The containers are the ideal size for holding a good amount of drills securely. No more tangled messes!

The see-through lids make it easy to identify colors so you can quickly grab the right diamonds when needed for your crafts. Having your diamonds neatly organized saves so much time and frustration.

Portable for Crafting On-The-Go

This plastic organizer case is designed to be lightweight and portable so you can take your diamond painting supplies anywhere!

The compact 10.9″ x 6.5″ size takes up minimal space on your work table at home, but also fits nicely into your bag for diamond painting on vacation, road trips, or wherever you feel inspired. The sturdy acrylic construction ensures your diamonds remain protected and organized during transport.

Craft your dazzling paintings on the patio, at the park, in waiting rooms or wherever you can imagine with this convenient diamond carrying case. Your diamond painting hobby can go wherever you do!

Premium Quality Acrylic Case

Constructed from durable, crystal clear acrylic plastic, this diamond organizer provides a sturdy home for your precious diamonds and other small craft essentials.

The scratch-resistant acrylic material looks beautiful on your craft table but also keeps your diamonds dust-free. The transparent design allows you to easily see all your stored contents without having to open each lid.

Unlike flimsy plastic containers, this acrylic case is made from quality materials that will retain its shape and last for years. The strong yet lightweight design also makes this the perfect portable diamond painting tool.

Keep All Your Craft Supplies Organized

This versatile storage box isn’t just for diamond painters! The compartmentalized design is also ideal for organizing and separating other small craft supplies like:

  • Beads, gems and sequins
  • Jewelry making findings
  • Nails art supplies
  • Buckle blanks
  • Seed beads
  • Rhodochrosite drills

Crafters of all kinds will love using this acrylic organizer to neatly sort and store their embellishments by color, style or project. The containers keep everything easily accessible when inspiration strikes.

Key Benefits:

  • 60 individual removable storage containers
  • Crystal clear acrylic material – scratch resistant and durable
  • Secure screw-on lids prevent spillage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Keep diamonds organized and untangled
  • Find diamonds easily by color
  • Versatile for all craft enthusiasts

Bring order to your diamond painting passion and take convenience on-the-go with this acrylic storage box! Your diamonds will be securely stored yet easily visible so you can grab the exact drills you need for flawless designs.


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