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IZO Home Goods Polyester Serger Cone Thread for Sewing, Quilting, and Crafting – Black/White




Every sewist knows the frustration of thread breaks and tangled messes while trying to complete a project. Inferior thread that snaps easily or overlocks sloppily can ruin an otherwise perfectly stitched garment or craft. That’s why we created IZO Home Goods Polyester Serger Cone Thread. Formulated specifically for sergers, overlock machines, and standard sewing machines, our thread is designed for smooth, dependable stitching and professional results.

Polyester Filament Thread Prevents Breakage

The IZO Home Goods Serger Thread is made from high-quality polyester filament that is stronger than traditional spun polyester. The continuous filament construction provides excellent strength and durability to prevent frustrating thread breaks, even when sewing at high speeds or using tension for specialty stitches. The silkiness of the filament also allows the thread to glide smoothly through the machine for flawless stitching and minimum snarling.

Versatile Thread for All Sewing Projects

Our polyester serger cone thread was created for versatility. Use it to seam knits or wovens, sew light or heavy fabrics, construct crafts, mend garments, quilt layers, or any other project. The thread is compatible with a wide range of fabrics like cotton, linen, polyester, silk, wool, canvas, denim, chambray, fleece and more. It comes in a rainbow of colors to match any fabric.

Serger Thread Produces Professional Overlock Stitches

The IZO Home Goods Serger Thread is optimized to produce perfect overlock stitches on any serger or overlock machine. The polyester filament construction provides the right amount of stretch and strength to neatly finish seam allowances and prevent puckering on knits. The silkiness allows the cones to feed through loopers smoothly without tangling or shredding at high speeds. Use this thread alone or combine colors for decorative effects.

Single Needle Sewing Thread for All Machines

In addition to serger sewing, the IZO Home Goods Polyester Thread works beautifully for all types of standard sewing machines. Use it for construction and top stitching on both wovens and stretch knits. Combine it with decorative techniques like embroidery, smocking or heirloom sewing. The polyester fiber has minimal linting and won’t shed onto fabrics. The fade-resistant colors stay vibrant through repeated laundering.

Serger Cones for Continual Sewing

Each IZO Home Goods Serger Cone contains over 3000 yards of high-quality thread for miles of stitching. The plastic cones keep the thread neatly wound and easy to load onto loopers or regular sewing machine needles. Cones can be stacked to maximize storage space. Simply snip the thread close to the cone to avoid tangling when stopped between projects. The leftover thread stays protected so it’s ready for next time.

Experience the difference of quality with IZO Home Goods Polyester Serger Thread. The reliably smooth finish will make sergers and sewing machines sing. Order a rainbow of colors now for your next project!


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