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JARLINK 40 Pack 10 Colors Zipper Mesh Pouch Storage Pouches Multipurpose Travel Bags for Office Supplies Cosmetics Travel Accessories Multicolor




Organize Your Life with Colorful Mesh Pouches!

Stay organized at home, work, and on-the-go with this 40 pack of assorted color zipper mesh pouches from JARLINK. With 10 vibrant colors to choose from, you’ll never lose track of your belongings again.

These multi-functional pouches are perfect for storing office and school supplies, art and craft materials, makeup and toiletries, electronic accessories, and so much more. The see-through durable nylon mesh makes it easy to identify contents at a glance while still protecting them from dust and spills.

10 Vibrant Colors

This set comes with 4 pouches in each of the following fun colors:

– Black – classic and sophisticated
– Red – lively and energetic
– Yellow – cheerful and optimistic
– Green – natural and peaceful
– Purple – creative and imaginative
– Blue – reliable and professional
– Light Blue – calm and refreshing
– Pink – playful and affectionate
– Orange – bold and confident
– White – simple and clean

With so many color options, it’s easy to designate pouches for different categories or people. For example, assign red pouches for art supplies, green for office items, and blue for tech accessories. Or give each family member their own color pouch for travel toiletries and medications. The possibilities are endless!

Durable and Roomy Construction

These zipper pouches are crafted from high-quality extra-durable nylon mesh that provides protection without adding bulk. The see-through material makes contents clearly visible but is thick enough to prevent rips and tears.

Measuring 9 x 4.7 inches (23 x 12 cm), the pouches offer ample space for organizing an array of items. The zipper closure keeps belongings securely contained, while the flat design takes up minimal space when closed. Whether tossed in a bag or stacked on a shelf, the slim pouches maximize portability and storage efficiency.

Multipurpose Organization Solutions

This versatile set is a must-have for neatly arranging all areas of life!

In the Office:
Store pens, highlighters, sticky notes, memos, paper clips, spare batteries, calculators, and more. Use different colored pouches to separate supplies by person or type.

For School Supplies:
Corral pencils, erasers, rulers, protractors, glue sticks, scissors, flashcards, and other essentials. Designate a pouch for each subject to keep your locker or backpack neatly organized.

For Toiletries and Makeup:
Pack cotton swabs, facial tissue, lotions, razors, cosmetics, hair ties, and beauty tools sorted by category or family member. ideal for suitcase and gym bag organization.

For Arts and Crafts:
Sort coloring books, construction paper, paints, crayons, stickers, beads, pom poms, googly eyes, and other fun materials by color or project. Makes craft time prep and clean up a breeze!

For Snacks and Lunch:
Separate nuts, crackers, granola bars, fruits, and other goodies to pack healthy homemade lunches and road trip snacks.

For Electronics and Cords:
Store cords, chargers, batteries, memory cards, headphones, USB drives, and other gadget gear. Use pouches to prevent tangled cables in bags and drawers.

For Travel Items:
Organize medicines, first aid items, travel documents, headphones, phone chargers, neck pillows, eye masks, and other on-the-go essentials. Ideal for carry-on luggage and backpacks.

For Small Items:
Prevent tiny things like earrings, buttons, batteries, rubber bands, thumbtacks, and paper clips from getting lost in junk drawers. Use pouches to neatly corral and instantly see small items.

For Kids’ Items:
Sort toys, art supplies, stickers, trading cards, erasers, party favors, and other items into neat categorized pouches to tame toy room and backpack clutter.

As Storage Bins:
Use pouches to neatly divide cupboard and pantry foods like snacks, spices, tea bags, drink mixes, baking ingredients, and other dry goods. Easy to identify contents!

As Gift Bags:
Fill pouches with treats, gift cards, coupons, jewelry, bath salts, soaps, candies, sewing kits, and other presents to create inexpensive DIY gift bags.

And So Much More!

The possibilities are endless with these flexible storage pouches. Use them anywhere you need portable organization. The mesh construction provides visibility while keeping items securely contained.

Premium Quality You Can Trust

JARLINK pouches are carefully constructed from premium thick nylon mesh that is made to last. The fabric is designed for long-term durability and daily use while remaining lightweight enough for travel.

The zipper closure glides smoothly and keeps contents securely contained. Flat stitching prevents irritating rough seams. With proper care, these pouches can serve your organizing needs for years to come.

For versatility, quality, and value, the JARLINK 40 pack multi-color zipper pouches are a smart solution for keeping your life neat and tidy in style. Order a set today to simplify organization and add color to your everyday routines!


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