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JOFOOK 2 Pack x 150ml Art Masking Fluid for Watercolor Painting – Easy Peel Drawing Gum to Reserve White Areas for Ink, Gouache and Other Painting Mediums




Unlock Next-Level Watercolor Techniques with JOFOOK’s Masking Fluid – The Artist’s Secret Weapon for Crisp, Professional Results!

Take your watercolor paintings to the next level with this 2-pack of 150ml masking fluid bottles. Say goodbye to messy edges and let your creativity shine by reserving white spaces with ease.

JOFOOK’s masking fluid is a watercolorist’s secret weapon! Simply apply it before painting to cover areas you want left white. It dries quickly into a rubber film that blocks paint from absorbing into the paper or canvas underneath.

When your masterpiece is complete, just peel or rub away the masking fluid to reveal crisp white lines, highlights, or spaces. The removable latex effortlessly lifts off once dried without harming your work.

This gives you the freedom to layer washes and splatter confidently, without worrying about staying inside the lines. Mask off key details, then play with vibrant color blending and textures.

Our premium masking fluid formula goes on smoothly for precise application. Use the nib applicator or paint it on with a brush. The thick, easy-to-control gel consistency prevents messy dripping.

See how magical the results are! Outlines appear sharply defined, whites stay pristine, and your focus pops. Take watercolors to new levels of dimension and vibrancy.

JOFOOK’s masking fluid is safe for use on paper, canvas, cardboard, and more. It’s compatible with watercolor, ink, acrylics, tempera paint, airbrush, alcohol markers, pastels and more. The possibilities are endless!

Masking fluid opens up stunning techniques:
– Create dramatic lifts by layering bold strokes over masked areas
– Maintain highlights and white accents for eye-catching contrast
– Outline elements cleanly instead of painting inside lines
– Develop textures – try spritzing or splattering paint over masking fluid
– Save whites to add fun details later like falling snow or stars

Take Your Artistry to New Heights!
– Achieve sharp edges and depth instantly
– Guide the viewer’s eye through creative use of white space
– Show off technical skill with fine details and control
– Correct mistakes easily instead of starting over
– Speed up the artistic process

Our masking fluid is made in a state-of-the-art lab to JOFOOK’s high standards. The durable, flexible mask won’t become brittle and flake over time like cheap brands.

We’re artists too and formulate our products to perform flawlessly under real studio conditions. Experience the JOFOOK difference!

This set offers incredible value with 2 large 150ml bottles. Mask off large areas with ease and always have extra on hand.

Watercolorists of all levels need this in their toolkit. Both pros and beginners will unlock new creative possibilities. Give the gift of effortless whites!


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