Keep Track of Your Stitches with SPANSEE Knitting Stitch Markers (8-pack)




Stop searching for lost stitches! SPANSEE knitting stitch markers help you easily mark your place on needles and yarn. The 8-piece set includes colorful silicone huggers to keep stitches in place and lobster clasps for attaching anywhere.

Slip these knitting tools onto needle tips to prevent work from sliding off. Use the handy markers while switching between projects or setting your knitting down. The stretchy huggers fit sizes US 0 – 9 needles, perfect for straights, circulars, DPNs and Flexiflips.

You can also clip a marker onto active yarn to indicate pattern repeats, stitch changes or slipped stitches. No more counting rows again and again!

The non-slip silicone design stays securely in place without snagging yarn. Better than scrap yarn for cleanly keeping your spot. And the bright colors help you track different sections or needle sizes at a glance.

Keep your knitting organized and your place marked with SPANSEE Stitch Markers. These useful accessories make great knitting gifts for travelers and anyone who loves to knit or crochet!


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