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Keep Your Embroidery and Cross Stitch Projects Secure with EXCEART Fabric Clips




Love embroidering and cross stitching but struggle to keep your fabric taut and wrinkle-free? These handy embroidery roll clips from EXCEART are the solution you’ve been searching for! This pack of 5 plastic clips will keep your fabric stretched tight on embroidery hoops and scroll frames so you can focus on creating beautiful designs.

These high quality plastic clips securely grip fabric between the arrows along the length of the clip. The smooth, rounded edges prevent snags, tears or damage to delicate fabrics. The compact size takes up barely any space but provides a super strong hold to keep fabric firmly in place.

The versatile clips work on all types of scroll frames and embroidery hoops up to 1.5 inches wide. Simply slide the clip over the edges and position on the fabric for a wrinkle-free surface. The strong grip holds fabric taut without slipping or loosening over time.

Portable Clips for Crafting On-the-Go

The lightweight plastic clips easily clip onto your embroidery projects to keep them secure. When you’re ready to pack up, the clips slide off just as easily. Measuring just 3.5 x 1 inches, these miniature clips won’t take up much room in your craft bag.

Take your embroidery projects anywhere without worrying about loosening scroll frames or sagging hoops. These strong little clips allow you to craft on-the-go whether embroidering in the car, at the park, on vacation or wherever creativity strikes!

Designed for All Types of Embroidery and Needle Arts

These versatile clips can be used for all kinds of embroidery and needlework projects including:

  • Cross stitch
  • Needlepoint
  • Crewel embroidery
  • Lace making
  • Punch needle embroidery
  • Sashiko

The firm grip keeps any type of fabric taut in the embroidery hoop or scroll frame. Decorative projects stay wrinkle-free so your stitches look neat and even.

The smooth plastic won’t snag delicate fabrics like linen, cotton, silk and more. Protect fine fabrics while keeping them securely fastened for stitching.

Embroidery Supplies for Beginners to Advanced

Whether you’re just learning embroidery and cross stitch or have years of experience, these clips will come in handy. Beginners can ensure their first projects look neat and even. Advanced embroiderers can take on large, intricate designs without shifting fabric.

The affordable 5-pack provides plenty of clips for multiple projects. Many crafters love them so much, they come back to stock up on more!

Keep your inspiration flowing without fighting sagging, loose fabric. These handy embroidery roll clips solve the problem quickly and easily.

Product Details

  • Set of 5 plastic embroidery roll clips
  • Securely grip fabric on scroll frames and hoops up to 1.5″ wide
  • Hold fabric taut without loosening or slipping
  • Smooth, rounded edges prevent fabric damage
  • Lightweight and portable for crafting on-the-go
  • Each clip measures 3.5 x 1 inches
  • Versatile for all types of embroidery and needle arts
  • Suitable for beginner to advanced embroiderers

Embroidery Supplies for Crafters of All Levels

Even if you’re new to embroidery and cross stitch, you’ll appreciate how these clips keep your first projects looking tidy. The strong grip holds fabric smooth and wrinkle-free in the hoop or scroll frame.

For experienced embroiderers working on large, intricate designs, these clips are a time-saving necessity. No more repositioning and straightening fabric mid-project. The firm hold prevents slippage so every stitch stays in place.

Keep your inspiration flowing and creativity neat with the help of these fabric clips. They make embroidering and cross stitching so much easier and enjoyable.

Keep Your Stitches Secure and Wrinkle-Free

Don’t waste time fighting sagging fabric and loosening scroll frames. Let these multi-purpose embroidery roll clips secure your projects in seconds!

The smooth plastic grip will not snag or pull delicate fabrics. Protect fine linens, cottons and silks while keeping them taut for wrinkle-free stitching.

Bring your embroidery everywhere you go without distortion. These miniature clips easily clip on and off hoops and scroll frames. Toss them in your craft bag and embroider anywhere inspiration strikes.

Keep your stitching secure and designs looking their best with this must-have set of embroidery roll clips. Order your pack today and make your next embroidery or cross stitch project the easiest one yet!


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