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Keep Your Embroidery Floss Organized and Tangle-Free with These Reusable Storage Cards




Embroidery and cross stitch projects require many different colors of floss, which can quickly become a tangled mess if not properly stored. Avoid embroidery frustration with this set of 8 embroidery floss storage cards, the perfect solution for keeping your floss organized and knot-free.

These reusable thread holder cards are designed to keep your embroidery floss neatly in place and easily accessible for your next project. Each sturdy plastic card contains 10 slots to hold 10 different floss skeins, with a total storage capacity of 80 skeins between all 8 cards. The floss threads fit snugly in the slots to prevent tangling, but can still be pulled out smoothly when needed. No more spending time untangling knots before you can even start stitching!


  • Set of 8 floss organizer cards, each with 10 slots to hold 10 floss skeins
  • Total storage capacity of 80 skeins between all 8 cards
  • Keeps floss organized by color family or project
  • Prevents floss tangling, knotting, and twisting
  • Allows floss to pull out smoothly without snagging
  • Reusable cards are durable and long-lasting
  • Sturdy plastic material won’t bend or warp
  • Compact size for portability and storage

Organize by Color or Project

The 8 included cards allow you to organize your floss selection however you prefer. Sort your most-used colors together, keep floss for specific projects on designated cards, or separate by color family – the options are endless! Group brights, pastels, darks, and neutrals however fits your embroidery needs.

You can even write the floss color numbers or names directly on the cards with a permanent marker so you know exactly what each one contains. The blank white cards are ready for your own personalized organizing system.

High Quality and Reusable

These embroidery floss organizer cards are crafted from durable plastic that maintains its shape without bending, warping, or cracking over time. The premium material and quality construction allow for repeated use – you can store your floss on the cards, remove skeins for your project, and then return leftover floss back to the cards when you’re done.

The floss cards generate just the right amount of tension to keep your threads taut and prevent tangling, but still allow for easy removal. Unlike paper storage options, these plastic holders won’t rip or tear with use. And when it’s time to switch out colors, the cards can easily be cleaned off for holding new floss selections.

Great for Travel and Storage

The compact, slim design takes up minimal space, so these floss cards are perfect for storage and portability. Keep your current project’s card right next to you in your embroidery basket for quick access. Store cards not in use in a drawer, craft box, or plastic bag to keep floss protected.

The organizers are also great for transporting floss safely when crafting on the go. Toss them in your bag or kit without worrying about tangles and knots. Wherever your creativity takes you, your floss will stay neat and organized.

No More Knots and Tangles!

Tired of fighting knots, kinks, and messy strands before you can even start stitching? This set of 8 floss organizer cards is the solution you’ve been searching for. Simply wind your floss onto the cards to keep threads smoothed out and untangled for your next embroidery session. You’ll save time not having to detangle and spend more time doing what you love – stitching beautiful designs!

The cards eliminate wasted floss by preventing dirt and dust from Embedding into kinked threads. Keep your unused floss clean for your upcoming cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, and other needlework projects.

Makes a Thoughtful Gift

Do you have an avid embroidery or cross-stitcher in your life? Surprise them with this useful set of floss organizers! From birthdays to holidays, it makes a thoughtful gift for the crafter who seems to have everything.

New embroiderers will appreciate keeping their workspace organized as they build their floss collection. And experienced stitchers will love being able to downsize bulky boxes and bags to these slim stacking cards. It’s a practical gift sure to make any crafter’s life easier.

Embroidery Made Simple

Quit struggling with messy, tangled floss and order this embroidery floss storage card set today. The quality construction and smart design provide the ultimate solution for smooth, kink-free threads. With your floss neatly organized in one place, you can focus on what really matters – creating beautiful cross stitch projects and embroidery works of art!


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