Keep Your Sewing Machine Humming Smoothly with the Ultimate Bobbin and Thread Set – 36 Pieces




Tired of hunting down compatible bobbins or running out halfway through projects? End the frustration with this all-in-one 36 piece bobbin and thread set. With handy storage case included, you’ll stay fully stocked for seamless sewing sessions.

With a rainbow of vibrant thread colors and durable plastic bobbins, this collection has everything you need to keep your sewing machine running like a dream. No more hunting for that one oddball spool rattling around in your drawer somewhere. This matching set helps you finally get organized.

The compact clear storage case makes it easy to see bobbin and spool options at a glance. Finding the perfect color coordination is a cinch. Just flip open the lid and get to work, with no time wasted sorting and searching.

Built for Reliability From Top to Bottom

From the sturdy transparent bobbins to the premium polyester sewing thread, each component was designed for flawless performance and longevity.

The high impact plastic bobbins feature smooth rounded edges to prevent snagging or jamming. An inner aluminum core adds stability and just the right amount of weight for smooth even spinning.

Meanwhile the polyester thread boasts extra strength and just the right amount of give. The precision evenness resists tangling or breaking, even during intricate sewing maneuvers. Get ready to power through projects with fewer annoying pitstops.

Precisely Tailored for Brother, Singer and Janome

This set was specially designed with popular sewing machine brands in mind, including Brother, Singer and Janome models.

The SA156 standard sized bobbins fit seamlessly into designated bobbin cases. And the vibrant all-purpose thread handles like a dream through tension discs and guides.

Whether you’re sewing delicate fabrics or heavyweight canvas, these components glide effortlessly with no snags or snaps. Experience the satisfaction of uninterrupted sewing time.

These may fit select machines by other manufacturers too, so it doesn’t hurt to give them a try if you’re unsure. But you can buy with total confidence knowing they’re guaranteed for the major brands named above.

Vibrant Color Options to Match Any Project

With 36 bobbins and matching spools of thread included, you’ll have plenty of each color on hand for complex projects with multiple fabric types and hues involved.

The versatile spectrum includes:

– Classic black and white
– Warm neutrals like taupe, beige and gray
– Energizing brights including pink, turquoise and purple
– Primary colors red, yellow and blue
– Sophisticated accents like burgundy, navy and olive

With a full palette at your fingertips, you’ll effortlessly achieve perfect color coordination in your stitches. No more wasting precious sewing time mixing and matching mismatched spools.

Maximum Convenience Built In

Clever design features make keeping this set organized a pleasure, not a chore. The clear plastic bobbins make colors easy to differentiate at a glance. Just pop them neatly into the slide-out storage tray compartments until needed.

The compact portable case means no more hunting for supplies in craft room clutter. Simply grab and go, and this self-contained set will be there whenever inspiration strikes.

Take it along to sewing classes or craft gatherings to keep your working materials in order. The slim space-saving design fits easily into your sewing basket or tote bag. Wherever your creative adventures take you, these bobbins and threads are ready to tag along.

Engineered for the Long Run

While the price is pleasing, the quality is anything but cheap. Made from solid durable materials, each component is built to stand the test of time.

The precisely molded bobbins maintain their perfect round shape through years of wear. The kink-resistant thread resists fading or fraying over countless stitches. This is a set meant to last you for many projects to come.

Over time you may accumulate newer specialty threads and techniques. But you’ll always need these basics on hand for timeless garment construction, mending jobs or quilting.

Consider this set a long-term investment in hassle-free sewing for beginners and experts alike. The convenience and reliability will never go out of style.

Sew Fearlessly with a Complete Set

Never let a lack of bobbins or thread bring your imaginative projects to a grinding halt again. With this matching 36 piece set, you’ll have the versatile colors you need for any sewing scenario right at your fingertips.


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