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Knit Picks Options 2-3/4″ Short Tip Interchangeable Wood Knitting Needle Set




The Knit Picks Options Short Tip Interchangeable Needle Set is the ultimate tool for versatile knitting. This kit contains everything you need to create a wide variety of needle configurations for any project.

Interchangeable Tips and Cables For Total Flexibility

The interchangeable design allows you to mix and match needle tip sizes and cable lengths. 7 pairs of smooth wood tips range from US size 4 to 10 (3.5mm to 6mm). With the included 16″ cables, you can make straight needles or circulars in small circumferences perfect for socks, sleeves, hats, mittens, and more.

Changing needle configurations is a breeze – simply attach the tips and cables together securely with the help of the tightening keys. The flexibility means you’ll always have the right size needle for the job. No more buying fixed circulars in every length and diameter!

Precise Knitting With Short 2 3⁄4” Tips

The short 2 3⁄4” tips are specifically designed for using with 16” cable lengths. The shortened tips provide more precision and control, ideal for knitting small circumference projects like socks, gloves, and hat crowns.

The shorter tips are also great for travel knitting. They take up less space in your bag and are less likely to catch and snag than full length tips.

Smooth Polish Wood Construction

The interchangeable tips are crafted from quality laminated birch wood that has been carefully machined and polished to a smooth, glossy finish. The seamless join between tip and cable means no snags or splits in your yarn.

Wood has the perfect amount of grip to keep stitches in place without slowing you down. The tips glide smoothly with just the right amount of friction – not too slick and not too sticky. The lightness of wood also helps reduce hand fatigue for comfortable knitting.

Flexible, Kink-Free Cables

The set includes two 16” long stainless steel cables that provide flexible magic as you knit. The swivel joins allow the cable to twist and bend with your motions without kinking up. Stitches won’t get distorted or stretched out of shape.

The smooth stainless steel construction doesn’t have any drag. It won’t catch and split delicate yarns like some cables with plastic coatings.

Secure Connections For Reliable Performance

Simply line up the tip and cable, and give the join a tight turn with one of the included tightening keys. The unique wave washer inside applies even pressure all around to lock pieces together solidly. There’s no worrying about tips loosening mid-row.

The flat and streamlined join passes smoothly through your stitches without snagging or interrupting your rhythm. You can knit confidently knowing your needles won’t come apart accidentally.

Protective Carrying Case Keeps Everything Together

The vinyl carrying case has individual padded compartments to hold tips, cables, and accessories. Pockets on the interior lid provide extra storage. The snap closure keeps all your needle parts neatly in one place and prevents anything from rolling away.

The slim, flexible case takes up minimal space in your knitting bag. Bring your knitting anywhere and keep this interchangeable needle kit by your side.


  • 7 pairs of 2 3⁄4” laminated birch wood tips from US size 4 to 10 (3.5mm to 6mm)
  • 2 16″ interchangeable stainless steel cables
  • 4 end caps
  • 2 tightening keys
  • 1 cable connector
  • Vinyl carrying case

With this all-inclusive interchangeable set, you’ll be ready to tackle any knitting project! The Options kit offers excellent value for money and unlimited possibilities. Knit one-of-a-kind creations exactly the way you imagined them.

Love Knit Picks Quality or Your Money Back

All Knit Picks interchangeable needle sets come with a try it, love it, or exchange it guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with this item for any reason, return it for a full refund or exchange. We want you to have an outstanding experience with our knitting tools.

Our friendly Wisconsin-based customer service team is always ready to answer questions and help you pick the perfect needles. Get in touch online or by phone anytime!

Take Your Knitting possibilities to the Next Level!

Unlock unlimited knitting potential with the Knit Picks Options Short Tip Interchangeable Needle Set. The interchangeable design, short tips, and smooth yarn glide provide versatility for all your projects. Get ready to knit anything you can imagine!


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