Learn the Art of Crochet with HBNS All-Inclusive Beginner’s Kit – Stitch Cute Plants for Family Bonding




Crocheting allows you to stitch fabulous creations while enjoying quality time with loved ones. But hunting down supplies and learning the basics can be complicated for beginners. That’s why we’ve created the HBNS Crochet Starter Kit for Beginners – an all-in-one set with everything you need to start crocheting cute amigurumi plants for the whole family to enjoy!

Our comprehensive kit takes the guesswork out of gathering materials so you can start hooking immediately. It includes:

– 8 balls of 100% acrylic yarn in 8 bold, vibrant colors (with 40% extra yarn)
– Ample polyester fiberfill stuffing
– 1 plastic crochet hook (3.5mm)
– 1 pair of scissors
– 8 movable safety eyes (4mm)
– 5 stitch markers
– A 32-page beginner’s crochet manual
– Printed instructions for crocheting adorable cactus and succulent plants
– 10 step-by-step tutorial videos

With the ample yarn supply, you can mess up and start over without running out of materials. The ergonomic hookoffers comfortable crocheting for hours, while the sharp scissors make quick work of yarn and threads. Safety eyes add cute facial details to your amigurumi critters. Stitch markers help you track rows and rounds.

The included guidebook covers all the essential techniques like making a slip knot, chain stitches, single crochet, double crochet, and more. Illustrated diagrams demonstrate proper hook grip, yarn tensioning, and stitching methods. With clear instructions suitable for left and right-handed crafters, you’ll create your first project in no time!

Then, follow along with the 10 online video tutorials to stitch your own potted cactus and succulent collection. Each 5-10 minute video focuses on a specific step like making the pot, shaping the cactus body, adding arms, and more. Mimic the on-screen moves to build your skills.

Watch your amigurumi plants come to life with each stitch! The sense of satisfaction and pride from finishing your first project is so rewarding. Display your handmade creations as chic decor around the home or give them as gifts for loved ones.

Our beginner crochet kit is thoughtfully designed to provide an enjoyable, frustration-free introduction to this rewarding hobby. The included materials, guides, and video lessons empower first-timers to gain a useful lifelong skill.

Crocheting offers many benefits beyond making cute decor. Follow this wholesome hobby to:

Bond with Family

Learn together as a family by crocheting matching blankets, scarves, hats, and amigurumi toys. Enjoy lighthearted conversations as you stitch side-by-side.

Relieve Stress

The repetitive motion of hooking and counting stitches has a calming, meditative effect that melts away tension.

Make Unique Gifts

Personalize hats, scarves, decorations, and dolls for friends and relatives. Handmade gifts show how much you care.

Practice Mindfulness

Completely immerse yourself in the moment as you master new techniques. Crochet provides a mind-clearing escape from digital screens.

Express Creativity

Make fun amigurumi creatures, lacey apparel, tapestries, and more. Crochet allows unlimited creative freedom.

Learning crochet has never been easier, more enjoyable, or rewarding thanks to our kit’s outstanding value. All supplies are eco-friendly and meet CPSIA safety standards. Give the gift of crocheting to a crafty friend, child, or yourself!


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