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Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesive – Archival Quality for Bookbinding, Paper Crafts, and Mounting Photos




Preserve your cherished memories and documents for generations to come with the Lineco Books by Hand Adhesive. As crafters and archivists know, the right adhesive is crucial for longevity. This acid-free glue dries crystal clear and pH neutral to protect your heirlooms. The professional quality formula bonds paper, photos, and fabrics for scrapbooks, albums, framing, and bookbinding. Lineco, a leading brand trusted by museums and galleries worldwide, specially formulates this adhesive to meet archival standards.

Designed for Archival Projects

Ordinary white glues contain acid that causes paper to deteriorate over time. But the Lineco Books by Hand Adhesive is pH neutral and acid-free to prevent yellowing or embrittlement. It dries clear as glass without discoloration. The adhesive creates long-lasting flexible bonds so your projects can withstand being opened and closed without cracking or flaking. You can trust this glue to preserve family photo albums, scrapbooks, memory books, and more for generations.

Fast Drying and Water Soluble Formula

This adhesive provides a combination of fast drying time and repositionability perfect for paper crafting. It sets up quickly, so elements stay put immediately without shifting. Yet when wet, the glue dissolves in water. So you can thin it to extend the open time and make adjustments. Once dry, the crystal clear bond is permanent and moisture resistant. The professional quality formula is ideal for precision paper projects.

Ideal for Bookbinding and Repairs

Book lovers will find this adhesive perfect for binding books and repairing beloved volumes. Apply a thin coat along the book spine before clamping the pages together. Use the glue for hinge repairs and reattaching loose pages, bookplates, or endsheets. This archival adhesive creates flexible bonds that allow the book to be opened and shut without re-cracking. It also works beautifully to adhere book cover fabric.

Non-Warping for Photos and Documents

Mounting photos and ephemera? This adhesive won’t warp or discolor delicate papers. The acid-free formula is safe for irreplaceable documents like old letters and records. Scrapbookers will appreciate how the glue dries clear and flat for mounting photos and memorabilia in albums. Framed photos and prints stay flat against the glass when mounted with thiswarp-resistant glue.

Trusted Brand for Archival Quality

Lineco has been producing top-quality adhesives, storage supplies, and framing materials for over 60 years. Their products are trusted by archives, libraries, museums, and galleries across the country to preserve historical documents and artifacts. When you select Lineco acid-free adhesives, you know your projects will stand the test of time. Add this bookbinding glue to your crafting toolbox to create heirlooms.

How to Use

Apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to one surface. Press surfaces together immediately. For more open time, thin with a few drops of water and mix well before applying. Let dry completely, at least 30 minutes. Dried adhesive is permanent. Store capped at room temperature.

Product Details

– Size: 16 fluid ounces

– Made in the USA

– Acid-free and pH neutral

– Dries clear and transparent

– Washes up with water while wet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this self-adhesive or do I need a separate glue applicator?

This is a liquid adhesive that you apply with a brush, roller, or applicator bottle for bookbinding, paper crafts, decoupage, and other projects.

How is this glue different from Elmer’s white glue?

Elmer’s contains acid which can damage paper over time. This acid-free formula dries archival safe for documents and photos.

Can I use this for photo mounting in frames?

Absolutely! APPLY a thin coat to mount photos and prevent warping or discoloration.

What is the open time?

The adhesive dries quickly, in 1-2 minutes. Adding a bit of water extends the open time if needed.

Is this glue toxic?

No, it is non-toxic when dry. However, keep out of reach of young children.

Give your paper craft and preservation projects an archival advantage with Lineco’s Books by Hand Adhesive! This pH neutral glue dries acid-free and crystal clear for long-lasting flexible bonds. Order today for your bookbinding, scrapbooking, and mounting projects.


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