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LitEnergy Ultimate Diamond Painting Storage Case – Keep All Your Sparkling Supplies Neat, Organized & On-The-Go!




Tired of your diamond painting supplies rolling around loose in a bag, getting spilled, damaged, or lost? Then you need the ultimate diamond painting organizer by LitEnergy!

This all-in-one diamond painting kit is specifically designed to keep all your sparkling embellishments, tools, and accessories protected yet easily accessible. With 60 screw-top bottles, specialty diamond crafting tools, storage trays, and more, it’s the perfect solution for keeping your diamond painting hobby neat and organized!

60 Labeled Bottles + Handy Carrying Case = No More Messy Supplies!

The best feature of this diamond painting kit is the 60 clearly labeled bottles with screw-on lids. Each bottle safely stores your drills so they never spill or get lost again. The bottles come neatly packed in a custom foam base inside a convenient carrying case, making it super simple to keep your supplies organized at home or on-the-go.

The compact portable case means no more rummaging through disorganized baggies or tackle boxes. Just grab your organizer case and all your diamond embellishments are right at your fingertips!

Designed for Avid Diamond Painters

Serious diamond painting enthusiasts will appreciate the well-thought-out design:

  • 60 labeled transparent bottles keep drills of all sizes neatly divided
  • Screw lids prevent messy spills in your bag or at home
  • Foam base keeps bottles secure so they don’t shift and spill
  • Handy zippered carrying case for ultimate portability
  • Mesh accessory pocket stores tools and non-spill essentials
  • Color-coded bottle labels make it easy to identify each container’s contents

With a storage case designed specifically for the needs of diamond painters, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your supplies without it!

Bonus Diamond Painting Accessories Included

In addition to the well-designed storage bottles and case, this kit also includes handy tools and accessories every diamond painter needs:

  • 4 ergonomic diamond painting pens – essential for picking up and placing drills
  • 4 diamond painting trays – keep your project contained as you work
  • 12 diamond glue dots – secure loose embellishments on your canvas
  • Full set of numeric labels – easily identify each bottle’s contents

With this diamond painting organizer kit, you get everything you need for tidy, on-the-go projects in one complete set!

Perfect for All Your Small Treasures

While specially designed for diamond painting, the storage bottles and carrying case are also ideal for keeping all your tiny trinkets and embellishments organized in one place:

  • Craft beads
  • Sequins
  • Rhinestones
  • Glitter
  • Mini charms
  • Jewelry making findings
  • Collage pieces
  • And so much more!

Any tiny treasures you want to keep sorted, protected, and portable will stay neat and organized in this premium storage case.

High-Quality Materials Built to Last

Unlike flimsy or fragile options, the LitEnergy diamond painting organizer is crafted from durable high-quality materials designed to provide years of service:

  • Bottles made from thick, crystal clear plastic
  • Lids screw on tightly for secure closure
  • Strong zippered carry case withstands frequent use
  • Dense foam base keeps bottles neatly in place
  • Superior to low-cost organizers that break easily

Designed for longevity by crafters who understand quality, this is the last diamond painting organizer you’ll ever need!

Make Diamond Painting Fun, Not Frustrating

Is disorganization making your hobby feel more like work? Then make diamond painting fun again with this premium organizer kit!

  • Always have the exact drills you need at your fingertips
  • Save time searching through a jumbled mess
  • Take your projects anywhere – parties, travel, gatherings
  • Never lose a single precious drill or tool again
  • Reduce stress by decluttering your diamond painting work area

With everything neatly sorted in one place, you can relax and enjoy the meditative bliss of diamond painting wherever you go.

Make every sparkling moment shine brighter and shop now!


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